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Featured items

In this section are featured some of the most popular pages from the site relating to Irish names and other names found in Ireland:

Ancient Irish Proper Names examines the meanings of old Irish forenames and gives anglicised (or English) equivalents.

Irish clan names: “Besides personal names, our Irish ancestors had from an early period, and even from pre-historic times, a complete system of fixed clan-names by which each family-group and its subdivisions had its own distinct name.”

Principal Surnames in Ireland: The top 100 surnames as registered in the indexes of births in 1890.

Over the centuries settlers from other races and nations introduced a variety of new names into Ireland:

Huguenot Names: an overview from a ‘Special Report on Surnames in Ireland’, but with links to more in-depth coverage in Huguenot Settlers in Ireland from ‘Irish Pedigrees’.

German Palatine Names is another section from a ‘Special Report on Surnames in Ireland’ and also has more further coverage in The Palatines in Ireland from ‘Irish Pedigrees’.

Welsh Names in Ireland looks at the Welsh immigrants who made their way to Ireland and, in particular, the colony that settled in the baronies of Forth and Bargy, County Wexford.

In Varieties and Synonymes of Surnames and Christian Names in Ireland especially (see “book” section below) can be found evidence of how difficult the job of an Irish registrar was in the past and why it can be particularly difficult to trace some Irish relatives:

Names applied to both sexes gives some unusual cases of female Christian names applied to boys and vice versa.

Curious English Surnames is a light-hearted look at English names found in old directories.

Books on Irish names

Irish Names and Surnames by Rev. Patrick Woulfe, 1923

Special Report on Surnames in Ireland by Robert E. Matheson, 1909

Varieties and Synonymes of Surnames and Christian Names in Ireland by Robert E. Matheson, 1901

Some Anglicised Surnames in Ireland by Patraig Mac Giolla Domhnaigh

Articles on Irish names

Celtic Surnames by Tomas O Flannghaile, 1896

The Muls and Gils: Some Irish Surnames by Eugene O'Growney, 1898

The Revival of Irish Names from The Irish Fireside, 1886

Surnames: Their Past and Present Forms by James MacGrady, 1853

Sir James Ware on the Surnames of the Ancient Irish, from The Cabinet of Irish Literature, 1880