O'Connor (No.1) family genealogy

Kings of Connaught

Arms: Ar. an oak tree eradicated ppr.

BRIAN, the eldest brother of Niall Mór, who is No. 87 on the "O'Neill" (Princes of Tyrone) pedigree, was the first King of Connaught, of the Hy-Niall Sept, and ancestor of O'Conchobhair, of Connaught; anglicised O'Connor, O'Conor, Connor, Conor, and Conyers.

87. Brian: eldest son of Eochaidh Muigh-Meadhoin [Moyvane], the 124th Monarch of Ireland.

88. Duach Galach: his youngest son; the first Christian King of Connaught. His brothers, who left any issue, were Conall Orison, Arca-Dearg, and Aongus, etc.

89. Eoghan Sreibh: son of Duach; the fifth Christian King of that province.

90. Muireadach: his son.

91. Fergus.: his son.

92. Eochaidh Tiormach: his son. Had two younger brothers—1. Feargna, who was the ancestor of O'Rourke, etc.; 2. Duach-Teang-Umh, who was the ancestor of O'Flaherty, and MacHugh (of Connaught), etc.

93. Aodh (or Hugh) Abrad: son of Eochaidh; was the eighth Christian King.

94. Uadach: his son; the ninth King. Had a brother named Cuornan.

95. Raghallach: son of Uadach; was the 11th King.

96. Fergus: his son.

97. Muireadach Maolleathan: his son; the 16th King.

98. Inreachtach: his son; was the 17th King. Had two brothers—1. Cathal, 2. Conbhach.

99. Murgal: son of Inreachtach. Had a younger brother named Aodh Balbh.

100. Tomhailtach (or Timothy): his son.

101. Muirgheas (or Murias): his son; d. A.D. 815. Had a brother Diarmaid Fionn, who was the ancestor of Concannon, Fahy (of Connaught), etc.

102. Teige Mór: son of Murias; had a brother named Cathal.

103. Conchobhar: his son.

104. Cathal: his son. Had a younger brother Maolclothach, who was the ancestor of O'Tomhailtaigh ("tomhailt:" Irish, wasting, consuming), anglicised Tomalty, and Talty; and of MacMorrissy.[1]

105. Teige: his son; d. 956. He married Creassa, dau. of Arca, lord of West Connaught. (Arca's other dau. Beavionn was the mother of Brian Boru, the famous Monarch of Ireland.)

106. Conchobhar ("concobhar: Irish, the helping warrior): son of Teige; a quo O'Conchobhair. Had a brother named Maolruanaidh [Mulroona] Mór; and another brother Teige, who was the ancestor of O'Taidhg (anglicised Tighe), who were collectors to the King of Connaught. This Conchobhar [connor] was the 40th Christian King; he d. 973.

107. Cathal: his son; the 42nd Christian King.

108. Teige an Each [ogh] Ghal (or Teige of the White Steed): his son; the 43rd Christian King.

109. Aodh an Gath Bearnaigh: his son; the 44th King.

110. Ruadhri [Rory] an Saight heach Buidhe: his son; the 46th King.

111. Tirloch Mór: his son; the 48th King of Connaught, and the 181st Monarch of Ireland; d. 19th May, 1156, at Dunmore, co. Galway, aged 68 years; bur. at Clonmacnoise. Married three times: 1st, to Talteina, dau. of Murtogh O'Melaghlin, King of Meath; 2ndly, to Dervorgilla, dau. of Donal O'Melaghlin, Prince of Meath; 3rdly, to Dubhcola, dau. of Mulroona MacDermott, Prince of Moylurg.

112. Cathal Craobh-Dearg: his son by Dubhcola; the 51st King; d. 1224. This Cathal (or Charles) had seventeen younger brothers—1. Roderick O'Connor, the 183rd Monarch of Ireland, who d. 1198; 2. Brian, who was the ancestor of O'Connor (Sligo); 3. Donal Mór; 4. Hugh Dall, ("dall:" Irish, blind or near-sighted), a quo O'Doille, anglicised Doyle;[2] 5. Muirceartach,[3] a quo MacMuirceartaih, anglicised MacMorrisy, and MacMoriarty; 6. Maoliosa, Bishop of Roscommon, who had a son named Maol Eoin (meaning a devotee of St. John), a quo O'Maoil Eoin, anglicised Malone; 7. Manus, a quo Mac Manus of Tir Tuathail; 8. Connor, who was King of Meath, and the ancestor of Cuniffe. According to O'Dugan this Connor was the ancestor of Nugent, Earls of Westmeath; 9. Teige; 10. Brian Oge; 11. Donoch; 12. Malachi; 13. Teige Oge; 14. Cathal Oge; 15. Dermod; 16.Donal Oge; 17. Murios.

113. Aodh (or Hugh): son of Cathal Craobh-Dearg; King of Connaught; d. 1228; had a brother Felim.

114. Roderick: son of Aodh; Lord of Connaught. Had five brothers; and a sister Una, who m. Robert de Gernon.

115. Eoghan [Owen]: his son; lord of Connaught; killed 1274; had one brother.

116. Hugh: his son; lord of Connaught, 1293—1306; had two brothers.

117. Felim: his son; lord of Connaught. Had two brothers—1. Tirloch, who was the ancestor of O'Connor Don; 2. Cathal.

118. Hugh: son of Felim.

119. Tirloch Ruadh ("ruadh:" Irish, red): his son; a quo the O'Connor Roe is so called.

120. Teige O'Connor Roe: his son.

121. Charles O'Connor Roe: his son.

122. Teige Buidhe O'Connor Roe: his son.

123. Tirlogh Ruadh O'Connor Roe: his son. Had three sons—1. Hugh; 2. Teige;[4] 3. Cairbre.

124. Hugh O'Connor Roe: eldest son of Tirlogh.

125. Charles Oge O'Connor Roe: his son.

126. Teige O'Connor Roe: his son.

127. Hugh O'Connor Roe: his son,

128. Charles O'Connor Roe: his son; died without issue.


[1] MacMorrissy: See the "Morris" pedigree, for another MacMorrissy Genealogy.

[2] Doyle: This family of O'Doille is distinct from O'Doilbhe (or "Doyle") of North Decies See No. 91 on the "Felan" pedigree, ante.

[3] Muirceartach: See the "Moriarty" (of Connaught) Genealogy, for another family of this name, of the Line of Heremon.

[4] Teige: This Teige, the second son of Tirlogh Ruadh, was the father of Diarmaid and Teige Caoch: said Diarmaid was the father of Brian, who was father of another Diarmaid; and said Teige Caoch was the father of another Diarmaid. And Teige's youngest brother, Cairbre, was the father of Felim, who was father of Tirlogh, who was father of Tirlogh Oge; and said Felim was also the father of Hugh, who was father of Brian Ballach, who was father of Dermod, who was father of Cairbre.