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Irish Music in the Fifteenth Century, from A History of Irish Music by William H. Grattan Flood
... himself died of a pestilence in May, 1408. The lovely song'"Deirdre deag-gnuireac"— Englished "The Blooming Deirdre"— was composed, in ...
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A short biographical account of R. D. Joyce, taken from The Cabinet of Irish Literature
... . In 1876 appeared the finest and most successful of his poems. This is Deirdrè, a free poetical version of one of the old romances of Ireland, ...
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Index to 'A Smaller Social History of Ancient Ireland', by P. W. Joyce, 1906
... . Degads or Clanna Degad, 42 . Degrees in Irish colleges, 180 . Deirdre, Naisi's wife, 376 . Dela, five sons of, 13 . ...
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Dress and Personal Adornment, from A Smaller Social History of Ancient Ireland, by P. W. Joyce, 1906
... , circular, crimson nails"; and ladies sometimes dyed them this colour. Deirdre, uttering a lament for the sons of Usna, says:— " ...
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The biographical entry for Saint Ita, from 'A Compendium of Irish Biography', by Alfred Webb, 1878
... which she had,"[234] flourished in the 6th century. "Deirdre was her first name," she was also known as Mide. She ...
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The full text of 11 adresses by William O'Brien on subjects such as the Irish Language, tenant evictions, etc, in Ireland
... , is vindicated in the soft, clinging affection, stronger than death, of Deirdre for her lost Naisi; and for the matter of friendship between man and ...
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A list of Irish baptismal names, with origins or meanings, and a guide to pronunciation
... ), truly fair unspecified Devnet, Damhnait corrupted into Dymphna unspecified Derval unspecified unspecified Deirdre alaom[?] Derd-rye Dil fond D-yeel Dudeasa, Dubdeas dark-haired beauty Dhoodhos ...
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