Nealan family genealogy - Irish Pedigrees

Arms: Sa. two unicorns pass. in pale ar. horned and hoofed or. Crest: A dexter hand erect, couped at the wrist, grasping a dagger all ppr.

COLLA-DA-CRIOCH, who is No. 85 on the "O'Hart" pedigree, had a son named Fiachra Casan, who was the ancestor of O'Niallain; anglicised Nallin, Nealan, Neiland, Neylan, Neillan, Neyland, Newland, Niland, Nally, and MacNally.

85. Colla-da-Crioch, the first king of Orgiall.

86. Fiachra Casan: his son.

87. Felim: his son.

88. Feich: his son.

89. Niallan ("niall:" Irish, a champion): his son; a quo O'Niallian.

90. Eoghan ("ogan:" Irish, a youth): his son; a quo MacEoghain, of Ulster; anglicised MacOwen, McEwen, Ewing, McCune, McKeowen, MacKeown, MacKeon, Keon,McGeown, Keown, Owens, Owenson, and Johnson.

91. Muireadach: his son.

92. Baothain ("Baoth:" Irish, simple; Heb. "baha," was vain): his son; a quo O'Baothin, anglicised Boytan, Boyton, and Batten.

93. Ronan ("ron:" Irish, hair), meaning "the man with a profusion of hair:" his son; a quo O'Ronain, anglicised Ronan, and Ronayne.

94. Subhaneach: his son.

95. Colga: his son.

96. Eiginneach: his son.

97. Subhaneach (2): his son.

98. Cosgrach: his son.

99. Dermod: his son.

100. Anluaneach: his son.

101. Flann Line: his son.

102. Aodh: his son.

103. Dermod: his son.

104. Flaithertach: his son.

105. Dermod O'Niallain: his son; first assumed this sirname. Had a brother named Hugh, who was the ancestor of Neylan, of England: the first of whom, named Edmund O'Neylan, went there A.D. 1120.

106. Teige: son of Dermod.

107. Cathal Caomh: his son.

108. Thomas: his son.

109. Dermod (3): his son.

110. Donoch: his son.

111. Teige (2): his son.

112. David: his son; a quo Slioght Daibhidh ("sliochd:" Irish, posterity), meaning the posterity of Davy: his son; a quo O'Daibhidh, of Orgiall, anglicised Davy, Davies, and Davis.

113. Connor: his son.

114. Thomas (2): his son.

115. David (2): his son.

116. William: his son.

117. John: his son.

118. Denis O'Neylan, of Slioght David: his son.