O'Connor Faley (No.8) family genealogy

Lords of Offaley

Arms: Ar. on a mount in base vert an oak tree acorned ppr.

LAEGHAIRE LORC, an elder brother of Cobthach Caol-bhreagh who is No. 60 on the "Line of Heremon," was the ancestor of O'Connor Faley.

60. Laeghaire Lorc, the 68th Monarch of Ireland: son of Ugaine Mór; began to reign, B.C. 593.

61. Olioll Aine: his son.

62. Labhradh Longseach: his son.

63. Olioll Bracan: his son.

64. Æneas Ollamh: his son; the 73rd Monarch.

65. Breassal: his son.

66. Fergus Fortamhail, the 80th Monarch: his son; slain B.C. 384.

67. Felim Fortuin: his son.

68. Crimthann Coscrach: his son; the 85th Monarch.

69. Mogh-Art: his son.

70. Art: his son..

71. Allod (by some called Olioll): his son.

72. Nuadh Falaid: his son.

73. Fearach Foghlas: his son.

74. Olioll Glas: his son.

75. Fiacha Fobrug: his son.

76. Breassal Breac: his son. Had two sons—1. Lughaidh, 2. Conla, between whom he divided his country, viz.—to his eldest son Lughaidh [Luy], who was ancestor of the Kings, nobility, and gentry of Leinster, he gave all the territories on the north side of the river Bearbha (now the "Barrow"), from Wicklow to Drogheda; and to his son Conla, who was ancestor of the Kings, nobility, and gentry of Ossory, he gave the south part, from the said river to the sea.

77. Luy: son of Breassal Breac.

78. Sedna: his son; built the royal city of Rath Alinne.

79. Nuadhas Neacht: his son; the 96th Monarch.

80. Fergus Fairgé: his son; had a brother named Baoisgne, who was the father of Cubhall [Coole], who was the father of Fionn, commonly called "Finn MacCoole," the illustrious general in the third century of the ancient Irish Militia known as the Fiana Eirionn, or "Fenians of Ireland."

81. Ros: son of Fergus Fairgé.

82. Fionn Filé (" filé:" Irish, a poet): his son.

83. Conchobhar Abhraoidhruaidh: his son; the 99th Monarch of Ireland.

84. Mogh Corb: his son.

85. Cu-Corb [1]: his son; King of Leinster.

86. Niadh [nia] Corb: his son.

87. Cormac Gealtach: his son. Had a brother named Ceathramhadh.[2]

88. Felim Fiorurglas: his son.

89. Cathair [cahir] Mór [3]: his son; the 109th Monarch of Ireland. Had a younger brother named Main Mal, who was the ancestor of O'Kelly, of Cualan (of Wicklow, etc.); and another, Eithne.

90. Ros Failgeach: son of Cahir Mór; a quo Hy-Failgeagh ("failgeach:" Irish, abounding with rings), meaning the descendants of this Failgeach, and afterwards the name of the territory itself which they possessed, which has been anglicised Offaley, and which is the origin of the epithet applied to the O'Connors of this territory—namely, the O'Connors "Faley," signifying the O'Connors of Offaley. Ros Failgeach had a brother named Dairé, who was the ancestor of O'Gorman; and a brother Comthanan, who was the ancestor of Duff, of Leinster.

91. Nathi: son of Ros Failgeach.

92. Eoghan: his son.

93. Cathal (or Cathair): his son.

94. Maolumha: his son.

95. Foranan: his son.

96. Congal: his son.

97. Diomusach ("diomusach:" Irish, proud, haughty, arrogant): his son; a quo O'Diomusaigh, anglicised O'Dempsey, and Dempsey.

98. Flann (or Florence) Da Conghal: his son.

99. Æneas: his son; one of whose brothers, Cairbre, was the ancestor of MacCarbery; and another brother, Ceallach, was the ancestor of Mulkeeran.

100. Mugron: son of Æneas.

101. Ceneth: his son.

102. Flannegan (or Flanchadha): his son.

103. Conchobhar ("conchobhar:" Irish, the helping warrior): his son; a quo O'Conchobhair Failge; anglicised O'Connor Faley.

104. Maolmordha: his son.

105. Fionn: his son.

106. Congallach: his son.

107. Conchobhar: his son.

108. Braorban: his son.

109. Dunsleibhe: his son.

110. Congallach: his son.

111. Murtagh: his son.

112. Conaibhneach: his son.

113. Donoch: his son.

114. Murtagh: his son.

115. Maolmordha: his son.

116. Murtagh (of Kilkenny): his son. Had five brothers—1. Flaitheartach; 2. Tumaltach; 3. Inreachtach; 4. Irgalach; 5. Cathasach.

117. Murtagh (of Dublin): his son.

118. Murtagh (of Carrig): his son.

119. Murtagh Oge: his son.

120. Moroch: his son.

121. Calaoch: his son.

122. Conn: his son; had a brother named Dermod.

123. Cahir: son of Conn; had a brother named Tirloch.

124. Patrick: son of Cahir; had two brothers—1. Cahir, 2. Brian.

125. Teige: son of Patrick.

126. Patrick O'Connor Faley: his son; living in 1691.


[1] Cu-Corb: This Cu-Corb had four sons—1. Niadh Corb. 2. Messincorb, a quo Dal Messincorb. 3. Cormac, a quo Dal Cormaic, and who was the ancestor of Quirk. 4. Cairbre Cluitheachar, who was the ancestor of Donegan (lords of Dal Aracht); of O'Dwyer (lords of Killnamanagh); of O'Urcha (which has been anglicised Archer); of O'Cooney, O'Kearnan, O'Conalty, O'Hartley; O'Arrachtan (modernized Harrington); O'Skellan (modernized Skilling); O' Congal, Clan Brian, O'Dubhcron, MacLongachan, O'Trena, O'Aodhan, O'Brangal, O'Corban, O'Dunedy, etc.

86. Messincorb: second son of Cucorb.

87. Eochaidh Lamhdearg: his son.

88. Fothach: his son.

89. Garchu: his son; ancestor of O'Concuan, O'Tuatan, O'Cosney, O'Cearda, O'Conatta, O'Rappan, O'Hechinn, O'Broin (of Deilgne or Delgany), O'Ceallagh, O'Dubhan, O'Gobham (O'Gowan), O'Marcan (Marks), etc. This Garchu had two brothers—1. Naspre, who was ancestor of O'Fallan, O'Dinachar, O'Conag, O'Dubhcron, O'Donnan, O'Saran, O'Briony, Clan Ciaran, O'Teachtar, O'Convoy, O'Monay, etc.; and 2. Nar, who was ancestor of O'Birinn, O'Deman, etc.; all of these being Leinster families; but many of whom are now extinct.

[2] Ceathramhadh: According to some authorities Cormac Gealtach had a brother named Crimthan Culbuidh, who, in succession to his grand-nephew Cathair Mór, was by the Monarch Conn Ceadcathach made King of Leinster. This Cormac Gealtach is supposed to be the "Galgacus" of Tacitus, who led an army to Alba, to aid the Scots and Picts against the Romans, and was defeated by Agricola at the Grampion Hills.—See O'Halloran's History of Ireland, p. 217.

[3] Cahir Mór: This Monarch was King of Leinster in the beginning of the second century. He divided his great possessions amongst his thirty sons, in a Will called "The will of Cahir More," contained in the "Book of Leacan" and in the "Book of Ballymote." His posterity formed the principal families in Leinster: namely, the O'Connor "Faley," Princes of Offaley; O'Dempsey, O'Dunn, O'Regan, MacColgan, O'Harty, MacMurrough, Kings of Leinster; Cavenagh, O'Byrne, O'Toole, O'Murphy, O'Mulrian, or O'Ryan, O'Kinsellagh, O'Duffy, O'Dowling, O'Cormac, O'Muldoon, O'Gorman, O'Mullen, O'Mooney, and O'Brenan, chiefs in Kilkenny, etc.—CONNELLAN.