An Illustrated History of Ireland

By Margaret Anne Cusack (Sister Mary Frances Clare)


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To My Countrymen in America

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Celtic LiteratureAntiquity of our AnnalsMooreHow we should estimate TraditionThe Materials for Irish HistoryList of the Lost BooksThe CuilmennThe Saltair of Tara, &c.The Saltair of CashelImportant MSS. preserved in Trinity CollegeBy the Royal Irish AcademyIn Belgium.


Tighernach and his AnnalsErudition and Research of our Early WritersThe Chronicum ScotorumDuald Mac FirbisMurdered, and his Murderer is protected by the Penal LawsThe Annals of the Four MastersMichael O'CleryHis Devotion to his CountryWardColganDedication of the AnnalsThe Book of InvasionsProofs of our Early Colonization.


First ColonistsThe Landing of Ceasair, before the FloodLanding of Partholan, after the Flood, at Inver SceneArrival of NemedhThe FomoriansEmigration of the NemeniansThe Firbolgs—Division of Ireland by the Firbolg ChiefsThe Tuatha De DanannsTheir Skill as ArtificersNuada of the Silver HandThe Warriors Sreng and BreasThe Satire of CairbréTermination of the Fomorian Dynasty.


The Scythians ColonistsTestimony of JosephusMagog and his ColonyStatements of our Annals confirmed by a Jewish WriterBy HerodotusNennius relates what is told by the "Most Learned of the Scoti"Phoenician Circumnavigation of AfricaPhoenician Colonization of SpainIberus and HimerusTraditions of PartholanEarly Geographical Accounts of IrelandEarly Social Accounts of Ireland.


Landing of the MilesiansTraditions of the Tuatha De Dananns in St. Patrick's timeThe Lia Fail, or Stone of DestinyThe Milesians go back to sea "nine waves"They conquer ultimatelyReign of EremonLanding of the PictsBede's Account of IrelandFame of its Fish and GoatsDifficulties of Irish ChronologyImportance and Authenticity of Irish PedigreesQualifications of an OllamhMilesian GenealogiesHistorical Value of PedigreesNational Feelings should be respectedHistoric TalesPoems.


TighearnmasHis DeathIntroduces Colours as a Distinction of RankSilver Shields and Chariots first usedReign of Ugaine MorThe Treachery of CobnthachRomantic TalesQueen MabDispute which led to the celebrated Cattle SpoilThe Story of the Tain bo ChuailgneThe Romans feared to invade IrelandTacitusRevolt of the AttacottiReign of TuathalOrigin of the Boromean Tribute.

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