An Illustrated History of Ireland - Contents (2)

By Margaret Anne Cusack (Sister Mary Frances Clare)


(Chapters VII. to XII.)

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TuathalConn "of the Hundred Battles"The Five Great Roads of Ancient ErinnConn's HalfConairé II.The Three CairbrésCormac Mac AirtHis Wise DecisionCollects LawsHis Personal AppearanceThe Saltair of Tara written in Cormac's ReignFinn Mac CumhaillHis Courtship with the Princess AilbhéThe Pursuit of Diarmaid and GrainnéNial "of the Nine Hostages"Dathi.


St. PatrickHow Ireland was first ChristianizedPagan Rome used providentially to promote the FaithThe Mission of St. PalladiusInnocent I. claims authority to found Churches and condemn HeresyDisputes concerning St. Patrick's BirthplaceIreland receives the Faith generouslyVictoriousSt. Patrick's VisionHis Roman Mission clearly provedSubterfuges of those who deny itAncient Lives of the SaintSt. Patrick's CanonsHis Devotion and Submission to the Holy See.


St. Patrick visits TaraEaster SundaySt. Patrick's HymnDubtach salute himHe overthrows the Idols at Magh SlechtThe Princesses Ethnea and FethlimiaTheir ConversionBaptism of AengusSt. Patrick travels through IrelandHis Success in MunsterHe blesses the whole country from Cnoc PatrickThe First Irish MartyrSt. Patrick's DeathPagan PropheciesConor Mac NessaDeath of King LaeghaireThe Church did not and does not countenance Pagan SuperstitionOilioll MoltDeath of King AengusFoundation of the Kingdom of ScotlandSt. BrigidShrines of the Three SaintsSt. Patrick's Prayer for Ireland, and its Fulfilment.


The Religion of Ancient ErinnThe Druids and their TeachingThe Irish were probably Fire-worshippersThe Customs of Ancient ErinnSimilarity between Eastern and Irish CustomsBeal FiresHunting the Wren"Jacks," a Grecian game"Keen," an Eastern CustomSuperstitionsThe Meaning of the WordWhat Customs are Superstitious and what are notHoly WellsThe Laws of Ancient ErinnDifferent kinds of LawsThe Lex non Scripta and the Lex ScriptaChristianity necessitated the Revision of Ancient CodesThe Compilation of the Brehon LawsProofs that St. Patrick assisted thereatLaw of DistressLaw of SuccessionThe Language of Ancient ErinnWriting in pre-Christian ErinnOgham WritingAntiquities of pre-Christian ErinnRound TowersCromlechsRathsCrannoges.


Pestilence of the BlefedThe Cursing of Tara by St. RodanusExtent and Importance of Ancient TaraThe First Mill in IrelandThe Lia FailCormac's HouseThe Rath of the SynodsThe Banqueting HallChariots and SwordsSt. ColumbaSt. Brendan and his VoyagesPre-Columbian Discovery of AmericaThe Plague againSt. Columba and St. ColumbanusIrish Saints and Irish SchoolsAengus the Culdee.


Christianity improves the Social State of IrelandA Saxon Invasion of IrelandDomestic WarsThe English come to Ireland for InstructionA Famine and TempestsThe First Danish InvasionCruelty of the DanesThe Black and White GentilesKing Cormac Mac CullinanCashelAmlaff the DanePlunder of the TownsArrival of SitricDeath of Nial GlundubhThe Circuit of IrelandMalachy the SecondEntries in the Annals.

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