An Illustrated History of Ireland - Contents (3)

By Margaret Anne Cusack (Sister Mary Frances Clare)


(Chapters XIII. to XVIII.)

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The Battle of DundalkThe Danes supposed to be ChristianizedBrian Boroimhé and his Brother MahounThe Dalcassians fight the DanesMahoun is assassinatedBrian revenges his Brother's MurderMalachy's Exploits against the DanesMalachy and Brian form a Treaty and fight the DanesMalachy wins "the Collar of Gold"Brian's "Happy Family" at KincoraHe usurps the Supreme Power, and becomes Monarch of IrelandRemote Causes of the Battle of ClontarfGormflaith is "grim" with BrianBlockade of DublinThe Danes prepare for a Fierce ConflictBrian prepares alsoThe Battle of ClontarfDisposition of the ForcesBrian's DeathDefeat of the Danes.


Distinguished Irish Scholars and ReligiousDomestic FeudsO'Brien's Illness caused by FrightPestilence and Severe WintersContentions between the Northerns and SouthernsMurtough's Circuit of IrelandThe Danes attempt an InvasionAn Irish King sent to the Isle of ManDestruction of KincoraSt. Celsus makes PeaceThe Synod of Fidh AengussaSubjects considered by the Synod: (1) The Regulation of the Number of Dioceses, (2) the Sacrament of Matrimony, (3) the Consecration of Bishops, (4) Ceremonies at BaptismSt. MalachyThe Traitor DermodSynod at Mellifont AbbeySt. Laurence O'Toole.


Social Life previous to the English InvasionDomestic HabitationsFortsGranard and StaigueCrannoges and Log-housesInterior of the HousesThe HallFood and Cooking UtensilsRegulations about FoodThe Kind of Food usedAnimal FoodFishGameDrink and Drinking VesselsWhiskyHeath BeerMeadAnimal ProduceButter and CheeseFireCandlesOccupations and amusementsChessMusicDressSilkLinenAncient Woollen GarmentsGold OrnamentsTradeGeneral Description of the Fauna and Flora of the Country.


The English InvasionDermod's Interview with Henry II.Henry grants Letters-patentDermod obtains the assistance of Strongbow, Earl de ClareHe returns to IrelandArrival of English Forces under FitzStephenFatal Indifference of Roderic, the Irish MonarchHe is at last roused to action, but acknowledges Dermod's Authority almost without a StruggleStrongbow's GenealogyHe obtains a Tacit Permission to invade IrelandHis Arrival in IrelandMarriage of Strongbow and EvaDeath of Dermod Mac MurroughStrongbow proclaims himself King of LeinsterDifficulties of his PositionSiege of DublinStrongbow's RetreatHe returns to England.


Arrival of Henry II.Some of the Native Princes pay him HomageHis CharacterDublin in the time of Henry II.His Winter PalaceNorman LuxuriesKing Henry holds a CourtAdrian's BullTemporal Power of the Popes in the Middle AgesConduct of the ClergyIrish Property given to English SettlersHenry II. returns to EnglandThe Account Cambrensis gives of the Injuries done to Ireland by his CountrymenRaymond, Montmarisco, and StrongbowThe latter is defeatedHe recalls Raymond from WalesTreaty between Roderic and HenryDeath of Strongbow.


FitzAldelm appointed ViceroyDe Courcy in UlsterArrival of Cardinal VivianHenry II. confers the Title of King of Ireland on his son JohnIrish Bishops at the Council of LateranDeath of St. Laurence O'TooleHenry's RapacityJohn Comyn appointed Archbishop of DublinJohn's Visit to IrelandInsolence of his CourtiersDe Lacy's DeathDeath of Henry II.Accession of Richard I.An English Archbishop tries to obtain Justice for IrelandJohn succeeds to the CrownCathal CrovdergMassacres in ConnaughtDe Courcy's Disgrace and DownfallHis Death.

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