An Illustrated History of Ireland - Contents (5)

By Margaret Anne Cusack (Sister Mary Frances Clare)


(Chapters XXV. to XXX.)

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Creation of the Earls of Thomond and ClanrickardeHow the King procured MoneyPrayers in EnglishOpposition of Dr. DowdallAccession of Queen MaryJoy of the IrishThe Catholic Service restored PubliclyAccession of Queen ElizabethShane O'Neill obtains his DominionsParliament assembledUnfair DealingMartyrs in the Reign of ElizabethThe Protestant Archbishop advises PersecutionCruelties enacted by English OfficersShane O'NeillThe Deputy tries to get him Poisoned or Assassinated, with the Queen's ConcurrenceHis Visit to EnglandHe refuses to Dress in the English Fashion.


Spenser's CastleSidney's Official Account of IrelandMiserable State of the Protestant ChurchThe Catholic Church and its Persecuted RulersThe Viceroy's AdministrationA Packed Parliament and its EnactmentsClaim of Sir P. CarewAn Attempt to plant in UlsterSmith's Settlement in the ArdsHis Description of the Native IrishHe tries to induce Englishmen to join himSmith is killed, and the attempt to plant failsEssex next tries to colonize UlsterHe dies in DublinSidney returns to IrelandHis Interview with GranuaileMassacre at MullamastSpenser's Account of the State of Ireland.


FitzMaurice obtains Help from Spain and from RomeThe Martyrs of KilmallockDeath of FitzMauriceDrury's Cruelties and DeathArrival of San JoseHis TreacheryMassacre at the Fort del OreO'Neill shows Symptoms of DisaffectionTreacherous Capture of O'DonnellInjustice to TenantsO'Donnell attempts to EscapeO'Neill's Marriage with Mabel BagnalO'Donnell Escapes from Dublin CastleCauses of DiscontentCruel Massacre of Three PriestsTortures and Death inflicted in Dublin on Bishop O'HurleyO'Neill's InsurrectionHis Interview with EssexHe marches to the SouthHis Fatal Reverse at KinsaleThe Siege of DunboyO'Neill's SubmissionFoundation of Trinity College, Dublin, on the Site and with the Funds of a Catholic Abbey.


Accession of King JamesJoy of the Irish CatholicsTheir DisappointmentBishops, Priests, and Laity imprisoned for the FaithPaul V. encourages the Catholics to ConstancyPlot to entrap O'Neill and O'DonnellFlight of the EarlsUlster is left to the Mercy of the English NationThe Plantation commencesChichester's Parliament, and how he obtained MembersDeath of James I., and Accession of CharlesThe Hopes of the Catholics are raised againThey offer a large sum of Money to obtain "Graces"It is accepted, and the "Graces" are treacherously refusedThe Plantation of ConnaughtHow Obedience was enforced and Resistance punishedConspiracy to seize DublinSir Phelim O'NeillMassacre of Island Magee.


English Adventurers speculate on Irish DisaffectionCoote's CrueltiesMeeting of Irish Noblemen and GentlemenDiscontent of the PeopleThe Catholic Priests try to save Protestants from their furyA National Synod to deliberate on the State of Irish AffairsThe General Assembly is convened at KilkennyA Mint is establishedA Printing-Press set upRelations are entered into with Foreign States, and a Method of Government is organizedDifferences of Opinion between the Old Irish and Anglo-IrishA Year's Treaty is madeArrival of RinucciniHe lands at KenmareHis Account of the Irish PeopleHis Reception at KilkennyHis Opinion of the State of AffairsDivisions of the ConfederatesOrmonde's IntriguesThe Battle of BenburbDivisions and Discord in Camp and SenateA Treaty signed and published by the Representatives of the English KingRinuccini returns to Italy.


Cromwell arrives in IrelandHe marches to DroghedaCruel Massacre of the Inhabitants after promise of QuarterAccount of an EyewitnessBrutality of the Cromwellian SoldiersLadies are not sparedCromwell's LettersHe boasts of his CrueltiesMassacre and Treachery at DroghedaBrave Resistance at ClonmelCharles II. arrives in ScotlandThe Duplicity of his Conduct towards the IrishSiege of LimerickIreton's Cruelties and Miserable DeathThe Banishment to ConnaughtThe Irish are sold as Slaves to BarbadoesGeneral Desolation and Misery of the People.

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