An Illustrated History of Ireland - Contents (6)

By Margaret Anne Cusack (Sister Mary Frances Clare)


(Chapters XXXI. to XXXVII.)

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The Irish transported as Slaves to BarbadoesThe Three Beasts who were to be hunted: the Wolf, the Priest, and the ToryOrigin and Causes of Agrarian OutragesCases of Individual WrongsLord RocheMr. LuttrelAccession of Charles II.His Base Conduct towards the Irish LoyalistsGross Injustice towards the Irish Catholic LandownersThe Remonstrance opposed by the ClergyA Quarrel in the House of LordsThe Popish PlotOrmonde's DifficultiesSeizure and Imprisonment of the Archbishop of DublinImprisonment and Execution of the Most Rev. Dr. Plunkett, Archbishop of Armagh.


Glimpses of Social Life in the Seventeenth CenturyLiterature and Literary MenKeatingthe Four MastersColganWardUsherWareLynchTradeCommerce depressed by the EnglishFairsWaterford RugsExportation of Cattle forbiddenState of Trade in the Principal TownsPopulationNumbers employed in different TradesLearned ProfessionsPhysiciansEstablishment of their College in DublinShopkeepersBooksellersCoffee-housesClubsNewspapersFashionable ChurchesPost-houses and Post-offices establishedCustomhouseExchangeAmusementsPlays at the CastleThe First Theatre set up in Werburgh-streetDomestics Manners and DressFoodA Country Dinner Party in Ulster.


Accession of James II.Position of Public AffairsBirth of an HeirLanding of William of OrangeArrival of King James in IrelandThe Siege of DerryCruelties of the EnniskillenersDisease in Schomberg's CampThe Battle of the BoyneJames' Defeat and Disgraceful FlightThe Siege of AthloneThe Siege of LimerickMarlborough appears before CorkWilliam raises the Siege of Limerick and returns to EnglandThe Siege of Athlone, Heroic Valour of its DefendersThe Battle of AughrimSurrender of Limerick.


Formation of the Irish BrigadeViolation of the Treaty of LimerickEnactment of the Penal LawsRestrictions on TradeThe Embargo LawsThe Sacramental Test introducedThe PalatinesThe Irish forbidden to enlist in the ArmyDean Swift and the Drapier's LettersAttempts to form a Catholic AssociationIrish Emigrants defeat the English in France, Spain, and AmericaThe WhiteboysAn Account of the Cause of these Outrages, by an English TouristMr. Young's Remedy for Irish DisaffectionThe Peculiar Position and Difficulties of Irish PriestsThe Judicial Murder of Father Nicholas SheehyGrattan's Demand for Irish IndependenceThe VolunteersA Glimpse of Freedom.


Celebrated Irishmen of the Eighteenth CenturyBurkeHis School and College LifeEarly Hatred of OppressionJohnson's Estimate of BurkeEssay on the Sublime and BeautifulCommencement of his Political CareerOpinions on the American QuestionEnglish Infatuation and InjusticeIrishmen Prominent Actors in the American RevolutionIts Causes and EffectsBurke on Religions TolerationCatholic EmancipationHis Indian PolicyMooreHis Poetry and PatriotismCurranSwiftLucasFloodGrattanEarl of CharlemontIrish Artists, Authors, and ActorsSheridanScene in the House of Lords during the Impeachment of Warren HastingsGoldsmith.


The Volunteers deserted by their LeadersAgrarian Outrages and their CauseFoundation of the United IrishmenCruelties of the OrangemenGovernment Spies and InformersLord Moira exposes the Cruelty of the Yeomanry in ParliamentMr. Orr's Trial and DeathDetails of the Atrocities enacted by the Military from a Protestant HistoryTom the DevilCruelties practised by Men of RankLicentiousness of the ArmyDeath of Lord Edward FitzGeraldThe RisingMartial Law in DublinThe Insurrection in WexfordMassacres at Scullabogue House and Wexford-bridge by the InsurgentsHow the Priests were rewarded for saving Lives and PropertyThe Insurrection in UlsterThe State PrisonersThe Union.


The State of Ireland before and after the UnionAdvancement of Trade before the UnionDepression after itLord Clare and Lord Castlereagh in the English ParliamentThe Catholic Question becomes a Ministerial DifficultyThe VetoThe O'Connell SeptEarly Life of Daniel O'ConnellThe Doneraile ConspiracyO'Connell as Leader of the Catholic PartyThe Clare ElectionO'Connell in the English House of ParliamentSir Robert PeelGeorge IV. visits IrelandDisturbances in Ireland from the Union to the year 1834, and their CausesParliamentary EvidenceThe "Second Reformation"—Catholic EmancipationEmigration, its Causes and EffectsColonial Policy of EnglandStatistics of American Trade and PopulationImportance of the Irish and Catholic Element in AmericaConclusion.


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