From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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95 miles from Belfast.
Maritime City.
Has large Shirt Factories, Distilleries, Tanneries, Flour Mills, and Tobacco Manufactories.
Market days, Wednesday and Saturday.
Fair days, first Wednesday in each month.
Population, 39,892

GENERAL POST OFFICE, Custom-House Street

—James M'Mullan, Postmaster; Robert Bell, Chief Clerk


St. Columb Cathedral, founded by the London Corporation, 1628—The Right Rev. Dr. Chadwick, Lord Bishop of Derry and Raphoe; Rev. Canon Hayes, B.D., rector of the parish of Templemore; Very Rev. George Galbraith, M.A., Omagh, Dean of Derry; Rev. William Hayes, M.A., Rev. W. G. Murphy, B.A., and Rev. W. Fleming, B.A., curates. Parish Clerk and Apparitor of Bishop's Court—George Wylie, Artillery street

St. Augustine's Church (entrance on Mall Wall)—Rev. Wm. Cowan, incumbent

Christ Church, Great James street—Rev. J. F. M. Cox, incumbent

All Saints' Church, Waterside—Rev. Canon J. M. Goold-Adams, incumbent; Rev. W. F. H. Garstin, curate

Glendermott Parish Church—Rev. William Colquhoun, M.A., Glendermott, Archdeacon of Derry

First Presbyterian Church, Magazine street—Rev. James M'Granahan. Second, Strand—Rev. W. J. Lowe, D.D. Third, Great James street—Rev. James Thompson, B.D. Fourth, Carlisle road Rev. John Huey, M.A., B.D; Claremont—Rev. D. G. Miller. Clooney—Rev. John Stuart, LL.D. Ebrington—Rev. Leslie Rankin

Reformed Presbyterian Church, Clarendon street—Rev. R. H. Davidson

Congregational Church, Great James street—Rev. B. M. Eason, M.A.

Methodist Church, Carlisle road—Rev. Thomas Salter and Rev. Albert E. Carson, B.A.

Methodist City Mission—Rev. Robert Byers and Rev. John Wright, superintendents

Baptist Church, Fountain street—S. J. R[?]

St. Eugen's Roman Catholic Cathedral—-Most Rev. Charles M'Hugh, D.D., Bishop; Rev. W. B. M'Feely, B.D., Adm.; Rev. Lawrence Hegarty, C.C.; Rev. John L. M'Gettigan, C.C.; and Rev. John Doherty, C.C.

Roman Catholic Church, Long Tower—Rev. W. Doherty, Adm.; Hugh Boyle, C.C.; and Francis M'Geown

Waterside Roman Catholic Church—Right Rev. Monsignor M'Faul, P.P., V.G.; Rev. Patrick Devlin, C.C.; Rev. Denis Quigley, C.C.; and Rev. J. Connolly, C.C.

Salvation Army Hall, Carlisle road and Spencer road—11 a.m., 3 and 7-15 p.m.


His Majesty's Lieutenant of the City of Londonderry—His Grace the Duke of Abercorn, Baronscourt, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone

Member of Parliament for the City—Marquis of Hamilton, Baronscourt

Mayor of the City—Alderman John M'Farland, Aberfoyle, Strand road

Recorder of the City—Thomas G. Overend, K.C., Imperial Hotel, Bishop street

City Magistrate—C. D. H. Jephson, R.M. (for the city and district)


Albert Market, Bishop street—For the sale of flax, hay, &c. Open daily. Horse market, Bishop street, open on fair days. Horse fair—First Wednesday in every month

Cattle Market, Rossville street—For the sale of black cattle, sheep, pigs, &c. Open every Wednesday

Foyle Street Market—For the sale of butter in firkins, butts, crocks, boxes, barrels and lumps. Open daily

Sir Edward Reid's Markets, Linenhall street and New Market street—For the sale of butcher's meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, &c. Open daily

Slaughter-house, Longbog street—For the slaughter of cattle, &c. Open daily

Victoria Market, Strand road—For the sale of oats, wheat, barley, &c. Open daily. Principal market days, Wednesday and Saturday

Victoria General Market—For the sale of hay, straw, turf, bogwood, grass, clover, &c. Open daily

Waterside Market—For the sale of the several commodities to be sold in the Victoria and Victoria General Markets—Open for the sale of grain and other farm produce on Wednesdays and Saturdays


Agent for Lloyd's and for the Liverpool Association of Underwriters—T. H. Corbett, Shipquay street

Agent for Hon. the Irish Society—B. H. Lane, solicitor, Limavady, and St. Columb's court, Derry

City and County Analyst—Professor Leebody, M.A., D.Sc, F.I.C., Magee College

Collectors of City Rates—Hardress E. Waller and W. S. M'Dermott, Castle street

Commissioner for taking Affidavits for his Majesty's High Court of Justice in Ireland—-W. J. Donnell, Castle street; R. J. Aiken, Shipquay street; Joseph Alexander, LL.D., Castle street; Thomas Holland, Carlisle rd.; Philip O'Hagan, East Wall; George J. Scott, Guildhall

Commissioner for taking Acknowedgments of Married Women—Wm. Stevenson, solicitor, Carlisle road

Consuls—France, John M'Devette, J.P., Foyle street; Russia and Greece, Alex. Noble, Prince's quay; Spain, Patrick O'Kane, J.P., Foyle street, vice-consul; Turkey, Chas. M. MacLellan, Prince's quay; Denmark, T. H. Corbett, Shipquay street; Italy and the Netherlands, Austria, and Portugal, J. MacDevette, J.P., Foyle street; Sweden, John M'Devette, J.P., Foyle street; Norway, Wm. M'Donnell, Foyle street, vice-consul; German Empire, William M'Donnell, Foyle street; United States of America, P. T. Rodger, J.P., Waterloo place

Guildhall (containing municipal office), Shipquay place—W. J. Hunter, keeper

Coroner—Thomas Lindsay, Pump street

Constabulary—-County inspector, Wm. John Greene; district inspector, Patrick M'Hugh; head constable, Cornelius O'Donohue and Richard Barrington

District Registrar of the Probate and Matrimonial Division of the High Court of Justice, Bishop street—District registrar, Howard A. Nelson

District Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, W. L. Perry, Londonderry Workhouse; deputy registrar, David S. Irvine, Waterloo street

District Registrars of Births and Deaths—No. 1, H. W. Cunningham, M.D.; office, Dispensary, William street; deputy, John Thompson. No. 2, Dr. James Craig, Carlisle road; deputy, John Foster, William street. Water- side—Dr. Alfred Malseed; deputy, Alex. Perry; office, Waterside Dispensary

Distributor of Stamps—Derry district, Jas. Greer, collector of Inland Revenue, Custom house, Princess quay; Waterside district, Robert M'Farland, sub-distributor

Bridge Commissioners—Chairman, John Cooke, D.L.; secretary and superintendent, James Stewart

Port and Harbour Commissioners—Chairman, T. F. Cooke; secretary, James Dawson

Custom House, Ship quay—A. C. Saunders, R.N.R.

Inland Revenue, Custom house, Prince's quay—W. S. Sterling, collector

Income Tax Office, Custom house, Prince's quay—C. Jennings, surveyor

City Fire Brigade—Station, Hawkins st.—Superintendent, George P. Findlay

County Infirmary, head of Great James street—J. G. Cooke, house surgeon; James Stewart, secretary

Union Workhouse, Waterside—The Board meets every Saturday at 12 o'clock noon. Chairman, Dr. Thos. M'Loughlin; vice-chairman, Joseph Alexander, LL.D.; deputy vice-chairman, Hugh Barr; clerk and returning officer, W. L. Perry; medical officer, D. J. Browne, M.D.; chaplains, Rev. Canon Goold-Adams, Church of Ireland; Rev. Jos. Corkey, Presbyterian; Very Rev. Mon. M'Faul, Roman Catholic; treasurer, Belfast Banking Co., Ltd.; master, Samuel M'Curdy; matron, Miss M'Cay; schoolmaster, T. F. Mullan; schoolmistress, Marion M'Curdy; relieving officer, John Foster

City of Derry Dispensary, William street—Medical officers—No. 1 district, H. W. Cunningham, M.D.; No. 2 district, James Craig, M.D. Committee meets at one o'clock on the first Thursday of every month

Glendermott Dispensary, Waterside—Medical officer, Wm. Hamilton Elliott, A.B., M.D., T.C.D.

Lunatic Asylum, Strand road—Charles E. Hetherington, M.D., Ch.M., A.B., T.C.D., physician superintendent; V. J. Rutledge, M.D., assistant medical officer; Walter Bernard, M.D., visting physician; Miss Mary M. Skipton, matron; Samuel Haire, clerk; chaplains, Rev. J. F. M. Cox, Church of Ireland; Rev. J. Edgar Henry, D.D., Presbyterian; Rev. W. B. D. MacFeely, Roman Catholic. Monthly meetings of the committee of management are held alternately at the Asylum and in Town Hall, Coleraine, on the third Friday in each month at one o'clock

H.M. Prison, Bishop street Without—Capt. C. A. Munroe, governor; Lawrence Power, chief warder; Miss Catherine O'Rourke, matron; chaplains, Rev. Canon Haves, Church of Ireland; Rev. Samuel Patton. Presbyterian; Rev. Wm. Doherty, Roman Catholic

Londonderry and North-West of Ulster Women's Home, Hawkins street (established 1829)—Matron, Mrs. Windrum

Londonderry Cemetery, Lone Moor—Superintendent and registrar of burials, Wm. Lindsay (residence at cemetery), who will furnish all necessary information relative to burials. Hours of burial, sunrise to sunset

Savings Bank, Bank place—Belfast Banking Co., Ltd., treasurers; James A. Williams, secretary and actuary; R. G. Morrison, accountant. Open on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Gas Company—Offices and works, Lecky road and Mill street, Waterside; secretary and manager, R. J. Skinner

Government Emigration Officer and Board of Trade Surveyor—George Shott, Custom house, Prince's quay. Medical Inspector of Emigrants—Joseph Byrne, M.D., F.R.C.S.I., Pump street

Portal Veterinary Inspector (under the Department of Agriculture)—John B. Moore, V.S., Bayview terrace; ship inspectors, John M'Ilhargy, Wm. Knox, and Michael Kelly

Poor Rate Collectors for the City and Liberties—Hardress E. Waller and W. S. M'Dermott, Castle street

Inspectors of National Schools—Senior inspector, J. Ross, M.A.; district inspector, W. Kyle

Income Tax Collectors—W. S. M'Dermott, Castle street; H. E. Waller, Castle street; F. A. Guy, East Wall; and W. J. Aiken, Shipquay street

Inspectors of Weights and Measures—P. M'Hugh, D.I. for the borough and rural district; Joseph Smyth, D.I., Limavady, for the county; Sergeant Edward Maguire, ex-officio; office, Butter market

Notaries Public—Philip O'Hagan, East wall; R. J. Aikau, Shipquay street

Petty Sessions and Mayor's Clerk—G. J. Scott; office, Guildhall

Harbour Master—-William Hamilton, Harbour offices

Registrar of Marriages—William L. Perry, Bond's hill

Relieving Officer—John Foster, William st.

Assistant Secretary for Diocese of Derry and Raphoe—Rev. John M'Adam, Diocesan office, Synod hall, Artillery street

Receiver of Wrecks—H. Saunders, R.N.R., collector of customs

Surveyor for City—Wm. Robinson; office, Guildhall

Walker's Pillar—Caretaker, David Norrey, Society street

Apprentice Boys' Society—Memorial Hall, Society street and Magazine street—Governor, M. C. Hime, LL.D., J.P.; deputy governor, William Elliott; secretary, Thomas Dane; treasurer, John Ferguson

City of Derry Boating Club—Captain, Jack Mitchell; secretary, H. Craig, Erin Factory; treasurer, T. M'Murray

City of Derry Building Society (Mutual and Permanent)—Offices, 3 London street; secretaries, Bible and Simmons

City of Derry Presbyterian Working Men's Institute—Secretary, D. Hayes; caretaker, William Johnston

Londonderry Provident Building Society (Permanent & Mutual)—Offices, Castle street; J. Gilbert Magee, secretary

Unionist Registration Society—Office, Carlisle road

Londonderry Church of Ireland Working Men's Club, Pump street—Secretary, John W. Thompson

Northern Counties Club, Bishop street—Harold Chambers and T. F. Cooke, joint hon. secretaries

The City Club, Shipquay street—Hon. secretary, J. G. M'Vicker

Protestant Friendly Society—Rooms, Memorial Hall; president, Samuel M'Guinness

Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Londonderry Branch)—Sec- retary, John S. M'Millan, Ferryquay street; inspector, Robert Booth, 5 Fairman street

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (Derry Branch)—Secretary, Charles W. Gordon, Bishop street; inspector, J. Wedlock, 5 St. Columb's court

Young Men's Christian Association, East wall—Secretary, A. T. Goligher

Newsrooms and Libraries—Derry & Raphoe Diocesan Library,. Synod Hall—The Diocesan Library is open for reading to persons of all denominations at a Christian Association, East wall; Presbyterian Working Men's Institute, Diamond; Church of Ireland Working Men's Club, Pump street; Lending Library, Shipquay street—James Hempton; St. Columb's hall, Orchard street

Colleges and Schools—Magee College—Office-bearers of Faculty—President, Professor Leebody; vice-president, Rev. Professor Graham; secretary, Rev. Professor Dickey, D.D.; curator of library and museum, Professor M'Master. Professors—Metaphysics and ethics, Rev. Hugh C. Graham, M.A. (Dill Professor); Latin and Greek, J. MacMaster, M.A., D.Lit., F.R.U.I; Logic Belles Lettres, and Rhetoric, Rev. Geo. Woodburn, M.A.; Mathematics, R. J. Leebody, M.A., D.Sc, F.I.C. (Irish Society's Professor); Hebrew and Criticism, Rev. R. H..F. Dickey, M.A., D.D. Church History and Pastoral Theology—Rev. J. E. Henry, M.A., D.D. Theology—Rev. Francis Pettigrew, M.A., D.Lit, D.D. (Dill Professor). Natural Philosophy—Alexander Larmour, M.A., late Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge (M'Crea Professor). Elocution—-Rev. F. Chambers, B.A. Music—Rev. W. J. Young, B.A. Classics—Rev. J. B. Armour, M.A. Chemistry—J. Carr

St. Columbkille's College, Londonderry—President, Very Rev. B. O'Kane, B.A., D.D.

Foyle College and Londonderry Academical Institution (Amalgamated)—Headmaster, John C. Dick, M.A.; mistress of preparatory school, Miss Wright

Gwyn and Young Endowments—Founded for the education, clothing, and maintenance of orphans of the humbler classes—Henry J. Cooke, secretary; David Caldwell, superintendent of boys; Miss A. Galbraith, superintendent of girls

Municipal Science, Art & Technical School—In connection with the Science and Art Department and the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction—Board of Management consists of Corporation sub-committee and private citizens—Chairman, Sir Wm. M'Learn, J.P.; secretary, J. A. Williams; principal, G. E. Armstrong, N.Sc.

Christian Brothers' School, Brow-of-the-hill—Rev. Brother Ryan, director

Bennett Street National School (Male and Female)—Teacher, Mrs. M'Caughey

Bishop Street Cathedral School—Teacher, Miss Norman

Convent School, Pump street and Artillery street—Teachers, The Sisters of Mercy

Derry Cathedral Male National School, Pump street—Teacher, Hamilton Tate

St. Laurach's College, Northland road—Principal, Miss Kerr

Derry Cathedral National School, Pump st. (Female)—Miss M'Cauley, teacher

National Female School (St. Eugen's), Middle rd.—Teachers, Sisters of Mercy, with monitresses

National School R.C. Church, Long tower—Teachers, W. Ferguson and Miss M'Closkey

Victoria High School, Crawford square—Principals, the Misses MacKillip, assisted by a large class of highly qualified teachers

Strand House Ladies' School, Queen street —Principal, Miss M. E. Deane, B.A., with capable staff of teachers

National Schools—Reformed Pres. Church, Waterside, Paul Harper, teacher. Clooney terrace, David Caldwell, teacher; female asistants, Miss Watson and Miss Mawhinney. First Derry National School, Mall wall, Mr. David Bayne, master, and assistants; Strand (male and female), R. Gray, teacher; Mrs. Gray, mistress; Model Schools, Northland road; male school, Samuel Barber, head master, with assistants; female, Miss Hill, mistress, with assistants; infant school, Miss Coulter, with assistants. Rosemount (male and female), John J. Harpur, teacher. Waterside (male and female)—Teachers, male, George Conaghan, principal; female, Miss E. F. Heaney, mistress

Stewart Memorial School, Waterside—Teacher, John Eagleson; female assistants, Miss Norman and Miss Moore

Carlisle Road Male and Female—Teachers, William Patterson and Mrs. Patterson

Craig Memorial Hall National School—Teacher, Robert M'Ilroy; assistants, Miss Elizabeth A. Price, Miss Chadwick, and Mr. James Gillespie

Hughes's Civil Service (shorthand and speed[?]-writing) Academy, Baltic buildings, Foyle street

Civil Service Institute, The Strand—Principal, F. T. Connell

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