Loughbrickland, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Three statute miles from Banbridge and Scarva Railway Stations.
Post Office, Money Order, Savings Bank, and Telegraph Departments.
Population 275


—Mr. James Davis, Postmaster.

Mails arive at 6-50 and at 10-10 a.m. Mails despatched at 12-35 and 7-10 p.m.


Church of Ireland, Aghaderg—Rev. Canon H. W. Lett, M.A., rector. Sunday services, 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Presbyterian Church—Rev. Andrew Boyd, B.A.; service at 12 noon
Covenanters Church—Rev. Gawn Douglas; service at 12 noon
Presbyterian Church, Glascar—Rev. J. B. Lusk
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. M. M'Polin and Rev. E. M'Crorey; services at 8, 11, and 6 p.m.


Aghaderg National School—Miss Thompson, teacher
No. 1 National School—John Byrne, teacher
No. 2 National School—Joseph S. Boyd, teacher
Meenan National School—Samuel J. Dodds, teacher
Glascarmore National School—James A. Brown, teacher
Glaskerbeg National School—Mrs. C. Byrne, teacher
Brague National School—Mr. Tweedy, teacher


Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society—President, Rev. J. B. Lusk; manager, Mr. Robert Hyde

Orange Hall, Mission Hall, R.I. Constabulary Barracks, Masonic Hall, Catholic Hall and Recreation Rooms


Anderson, Wm., farmer, Cascum
Barclay, Nathaniel, farmer,. Derrydrummuck
Beck, James, farmer, Cascum
Black, Matthew, fowl dealer
Boggs, Hans, farmer, Creevy
Boggs, W., farmer, Clover hill
Boyd, Joseph, school teacher
Boyd, Rev. Andrew, B.A.
Brady, Sergeant, R.I.C.
Brown, William G., farmer, Drumnahar
Bryson, Arthur, farmer, Carrick house
Bryson, Andrew
Byrne, John, school teacher
Campbell, Hugh, grass seed dealer
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, Patrick, well sinker
Carswell, James, farmer, Shankill
Carswell, Joseph, farmer, Rockmount
Craney, Patrick, Esq., J.P., The Fort, Lisnatierney
Conaby, Constable
Cupples, Samuel, farmer, Bovenett
Cupples, Samuel, district councillor, proprietor of flax, corn, and flax mills
Davidson, John
Davis, Jas., postmaster, general merchant, newsagent, and assistant registrar of births, deaths and marriages
Devlin, H. James, fowl dealer
Douglas, Rev. Gawn
Dunnigan, Mrs. A., grocer
Farnon, Andrew
Fleming, D., farmer, Drumsallagh
Fleming, Joseph, farmer and cattle dealer
Fletcher, John, J.P., Glascar hill
Fulton, Samuel J., farmer, Drumsallagh
Gailey, Joseph, carpenter
Geoghegan, John, farmer, Legananny
Gordon Samuel, farmer, Shankill
Harvey, Hugh, farmer, Drummahar
Hudson, Mrs., boarding house
Hyde, Robert, manager of creamery
Ingram, R. J., farmer, Colenacran
Kearney, Henry, road contractor
Kidd, J. Samuel, farmer and district councillor, Derrydrummuck
Kinney, John, coachman
Knox, Alex. R., grocer, Emdale
Ledlie, W., farmer and dairyman, Lakeview farm
Lett, Rev. Canon H. W., M.A., M.R.I.A.
Maguire, Eugene & Son, spirit dealers, Sign of the Seven Stars
Maguire, E., Lake Hotel
Mahaffy, James, farmer, Drumsallagh
Mahaffy, James, jun., farmer, Drumsallagh
Maxwell, David, farmer, Derrydrummuck
Moag, Dr. J. H., medical officer, registrar of births, deaths and marriages
Moorehead, R. W., farmer, Shankill
M'Allister, Wm., farmer, Glaskermore
M'Auley, David, farmer Loughend
M'Avoy James, dairyman
M'Bride, Edward, flaxdresser
M'Bride, George, sexton Parish Church
M'Clean, C, blacksmith
M'Clory, John, bootmaker
M'Clory, William, seed merchant and fowl merchant and exporter
M'Cullough, Francis M., farmer, Creevy house
M'Crorey, Rev. Edward, C.C.
M'Kean, James, farmer and publican, Lisnagonnell
M'Knight, Alex., farmer
M'Knight, Andrew, draper
M'Meehan, Samuel
M'Meekan, William
M'Nally, Felix, carpenter
M'Nally, John, teacher of music
M'Polin, Rev. M., P.P.
M'Roberts, John A., D.C., Shankill
Porter, John, farmer, Drumnahare
Porter, John, farmer, Cascum
Quinn, Bernard, gardener
Ramsay, D., R.I.C.
Rogers, T. C, farmer, Fort view
Ross, Charles
Ross, John, proprietor of greyhound kennel
Ruddock, John, bootmaker
Sands, Bernard, fowl dealer
Sands, David
Sands, M., fowl dealer
Sands, Mrs., publican, Ballinaskeagh
Senior, Mrs., grocer and sewing agent
Shannon, James & Samuel, farmers and dairymen, Shankill
Shannon, Robert, D.C., Shankill
Shields Bros., fowl dealers
Shields, Patrick, fowl dealer
Shiels, Henry, posting establishment
Shiels, James, posting establishment
Short, John
Small, Samuel J., farmer, Legananny
Spiers, W., Shankill
Sproule, W., R.I.C.
Strain, James, farmer, Creevy
Taggart, J., farmer, Edenderry
Taggart, S., contractor road works
Taggart, W., farmer, Lisnagade
Thompson, Andrew and James, farmers, Greenan house
Thompson, Miss, school teacher
Thomson, Hugh, farmer, Drumnahare
Todd, John, farmer, Glasker
Watson, Isaac
White, Eliza, grocer & lodging house keeper
Whyte, J. J., D.L., J.P.

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