Lurgan, County Armagh

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Twenty miles from Belfast.
The chief industries are Damask and Linen Weaving.
Market day, Thursday.
Fair day, second Thursday of each month.
Population, 11,782


—J. H. Baird, postmaster, Hill street


Church of Ireland—Parish Church, Church place—Rev. R. S. O'Loughlin, D.D., rector; 11-30 a.m., 7 p.m.; A. J. J. Beatty, organist; Rev. D. Patterson, Rev. F. H. Wilkinson, and Rev. Ingham, curates
Presbyterian Church—First, High street—Rev. W. B. Sproule, B.A.
Second Hill street—Rev. James Haire, M.A.; 11-30 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Methodist Church, High street—Rev. Henry Ball and Rev. Massey. Queen street—Rev. Elliott
Baptist Church, Windsor avenue
Friends' Meeting-house, Queen street
Salvation Army Hall, Union street—11 a.m., 3 and 7 p.m.—Captain Walsh
Roman Catholic Church, North street—Revs. M. B. M'Conville, P.P.; H. J. M'Evoy, C.C.; P. J. M'Evoy, C.C.; A. Lowry, C.C.


Registrar of Marriages—Mr. Jas. Calvert, Clerk of Union

Registrar of Births and Deaths—Dr. S. Agnew, Dispensary, Union street

Lurgan College—This splendid school (under Watts endowment) stands off Lough Neagh road—Headmaster, Mr. James Cowan, M.A.

Model School—Headmaster, Jos. Harrison; first assistant, W. J. Keatley; head mistress (girls' school), Miss Mary Cairns; first assistant, Miss E. Mullen; head mistress (infants' school), Miss Greer; first assistant, Miss Smith

Municipal Fire Brigade Station, Union st.—Superintendent, W. J. Long; resident deputy superintendent, David Douglas

National Schools, Windsor avenue—Patron, Rev. W. Sproule, B.A.; Mr. J. Kyle

National School, North street—Patron, Rev. Dr. R. S. O'Loughlin; teachers, Mr. Smith and Miss Evans

George's Street National School—Patron, Rev. Jas. Haire; teacher, W. Shields; assistant, Samuel M'Callum

National School, John street—-Patron, Rev. Dr. O'Loughlin; teachers, Mr. Francis Sloan, B.A.; Mr. W. M'Conkey, Miss S. Bunting, Miss S. Walker, and Miss M. Livingston

School Attendance Committee—Rev. Dr. O'Loughlin, chairman; officer, Robert M'Geown; secretary, John W. Pollock. Meets in the council chamber, Town Hall, third Wednesday every month at 4 p.m.

St. Peter's National School, North street—Patron, Rev. M. B. M'Conville, P. P.; teacher, John M'Conville

National School, Victoria street—Patron, Mr. James Johnston, J.P.; teachers, Mr. Kyle, Miss Mercer, and Mrs. Kyle

National School, Queen street—Mrs. Herbert

National (Methodist) School, Queen street—Teachers, Mr. M'Cann and Miss Mullen

Lurgan Technical School, Union street—W. J. Lark, Whit. Exhr., principal; J. W. Pollock, assistant surveyor

Convent National School, Edward street

Industrial School (Boys)

Convent Technical School

Banks—Belfast, High street—J. H. W. Hamilton, manager. Northern, Market street—J. W. M'Clatchie, manager. Ulster, Market street—N. G. Leeper, manager

Gas Works, William street—W. Tallentire, manager; Fred W. Meagahan, secretary. Board of directors meet on the first Monday of each month

Railway Station, William street—J. M'Alister, stationmaster

Mechanics' Institute, Market street—-President, James Malcolm, D.L.; secretary, C. Johnston; librarian, Wm. Carson. Reading-room open from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. daily, Sunday excepted

Free Library—Charles M'Guigan, librarian; Francis Sloan, B.A., secretary

I.O.G.T.—Britain's Hope (No. 8) meets every Friday at 8 p.m., Shankill Buildings—Charles Morrow, chief templar

Shankill Buildings—Parochial hall and refreshment rooms, Church place; Church of Ireland Young Men's Society meets every Monday night during the session

Lurgan Catholic Young Men's Association, Church place

Constabulary Stations—There are three constabulary stations in Lurgan, the principal being situated in Church place and the others in Queen street and Edward street. They are occupied by a force of about thirty men, commanded by District Inspector Owen Mahony

Union Workhouse—-Clerk, James Calvert; master, John H. O'Neile; matron, Mrs. O'Neile; rate collectors, Robert Jones, John Taylor, and C. Stevenson; medical officers, Dr. Darling and Dr. Mitchell. Board of Guardians meets every Thursday at 11 o'clock; William J. Fleming, J.P., chairman

Courthouse, William street

Petty Sessions Office, Courthouse—F. W. Magahan, clerk

Rural District Councils—There are three Rural District Councils in this Union, viz.:—Lurgan, Moira, and Aghalee. Lurgan and Moira Councils hold their monthly meetings in Lurgan, and Aghalee Council meet at Aghalee. Their respective chairmen are—Thos. Faloon, J.P., Lurgan; James L. Douie, J.P., Moira; and F. L. Turtle, J.P., Aghalee


Agnew, Samuel, M.D., High street
Allen, Wm. James, C.C., Linwinny house
Allen William, William street.
Allen, W. J., Esq., J.P., Windsor factory
Anderson, George, seedsman, Market street
Anderson, George, jun., seedsman, Church place
Anderson, G. A., stationer and tobacconist, 8 High street
Anderson, Mrs., milliner, Market street
Armstrong, Miss, William street
Baird, Charles, carpenter, Union street
Baird W. F. B., manufacturer, Hill street
Ballance, Miss, drapery warehouse, High st
Ballentine, Wm., tailor, Union street
Barr, Mrs., grocer, Queen street
Beatty, A. J., organist Parish Church, William street
Bell, Samuel, J.P., Bellvue
Bell, S. A., & Co., manufacturers, Bellvue
Belshaw, William, Avenue road
Berwick, Edward, Great Northern Hotel, William street
Berwick, James, publican, Queen street
Best, William Robert, fancy boxmaker and handkerchief finisher, Queen street
Bingham, Clement, bootmaker, Church pl.
Black, Hugh, shoemaker, Castle lane
Black, John, chemist, 56 Church place
Black, Robert, carowner, Hill street
Black, Thomas, Church place
Black, Wm., shoemaker, Castle lane
Bleakley, J. T., cycle agent, High street
Boston, Francis, pawnbroker, High street
Boston, Thomas, William street
Boyce, W. H., machine maker, Union st.
Braken, George, M.D., High street
Bratty, Mrs., delph merchant, High street
Breen, Peter, grocer, North street
Briggs, George, Church place
Brown, W. H., Circular road
Brown, William, saddler, William street
Brownlee, W. H. M., clerk, Avenue road
Buckley, T. J., carowner, Union street
Bullick & Douglas, coachbuilders, Queen st
Bunting, Anthony, Lough Neagh road
Bunting, Francis, Garland avenue
Burnison, Samuel, tenter, Brownlow ter.
Burns, Wm., carpenter, George's street
Byrne, T., tobacconist, Edward street
Calvert, James, clerk of Union, Lynahurst, Avenue road
Calvert, John, Avenue road
Campbell, Henry, tailor and clothier, Church place
Carrick, John S., merchant, High street
Carson, James, merchant, Market street
Carson, Mrs., sub-postmistress, Hill street
Carson, Samuel, fowl dealer, Union street
Carson. Wm. J., painter, &c, Queen street
Casey, Edward, victualler, William street
Casey, Robert, victualler, Church place
Caulfield, William, grocer, Queen street
Charles, Samuel, watchmaker, jeweller, and
cycle agent, Excelsior house
Cherry, Andrew, auctioneer, Market street
Clarke, Walter, victualler, Church place
Clendinning, James, & Sons, manufacturers, High street
Clendinning, John, J.P., High street
Cole, Thomas L., chemist, Market street
Combe, J. C., clerk, Queen street
Corner, W. J., clerk of Rural Councils, North street
Cowan, James, M.A., Lurgan College
Craig, James, signalman, Frederick place
Crawford, W. H., & Co., bottling works, William street
Crooks, Samuel, agent, Edward street
Cullenan, Mrs., & Co., drapers, Market st
Cully, James, Salvation Army insurance agent, Victoria street
Cumming, James, manufacturer, Queen st.
Cummins, Joseph, contractor, Union street
Cummins, Joseph, carpenter, Victoria st.
Curran, John, bootmaker, Hill street
Cunningham, Hugh, postman, Church walk
Darling, John S., M.D., High street
Davis, Miss, Brownlow terrace
Denny, Michael, physician, 22 Church pl.
Dewart, Mrs., confectioner, Market street
Dillon, Miss, dressmaker, William street
Dobson, Mrs., publican, Queen street
Donnelly, Andrew, Commercial Hotel.
Donnelly, Andrew, 23 Church place
Donnelly, Charles, publican, Church place
Douglas, George, manufacturer, William st
Douglas, Henry, manufacturer, Avenue road
Douglass, Matthew, blacksmith, Castle lane
Douie, William, Lough road
Doyle, Patrick, publican, Market street
Drennan, Daniel, factory overseer, William street
Drummond, William, boxmaker, Charles st
Duffy, John, painter, Union street
Duff, Robert, press correspondent, Brownlow terrace
Duke, Joseph, manufacturer, Union street
Elliott, John, mechanic, Garland avenue
Elliott, Richard, town sergeant, Union st.
Emerson, William, clerk, North street
English, Hugh, rent collector, Frederick pl.
English, James, manufacturer, Oakley
English, Thomas, grocer, Edward street
Esdale, Mrs., publican, Market street
Evans, Miss, teacher, William street
Ewart, Samuel, clerk and house agent, Windsor avenue
Fairley, Thomas, assistant clerk of petty sessions, Windsor avenue
Faloon, Thomas, C. C., J.P., Circular road
Faloon & Co., hemstitching factory, Victoria street
Ferguson, Edward, boot warehouse, Church place
Ferguson, G., agent, Union street
Filbin Bros., bakers, Lurgantarry
Finlay, Matthew, Sunnyside
Fitzsimmons & Co., drapers, Market street
Fleming, John, J.P., Brooklyn house
Fleming, W. J., agent, Mourne view house
Fleming, W. J., jun., solicitor, Market st.
Forsyth, Hill, commercial traveller, High street
Foster, Alex., boot warehouse, Market st.
Freeburn, John, coal merchant, Union st.
Gallagher, Mrs., publican, Edward street
Geddis, Alex., bootmaker, High street
Gibson, W. J., weighmaster, Corcreaney
Gilchrist, John, & Sons, Ltd., drapers, Market street
Gilmore, Edward, delph merchant, High street
Gilmore, William, publican, Market street
Gilpin, Thomas, leathercutter, Market st.
Girvan, jeweller, &c, Market street
Girvan, James, blacksmith, Edward street
Glenn, J., tailor and draper, Church place
Gracey, Daniel, grocer, Edward street
Gracey & M'Carter, drapers, &c, Market street
Graham, Robert, Alexander terrace
Green, Ernest, Sunnyside, Silverwood
Green, W. J., coal merchant, Kinnego
Greer, Captain J. W., The Wilderness
Greer, Mrs., coachbuilder and smith, High street
Greer, Miss, William street
Greer, Mrs., Woodville
Haire, Rev. James, M.A., B.D., P.M., The Manse
Hall, James M., grocer, Market street
Halliday, James, bootmaker, Church walk
Hamilton, Wm., tenter, Brownlow terrace
Hamilton, W. J., painter, William street
Hamilton, J. H. W., manager Belfast Bank
Hanna, William, confectioner, William st.
Hare, Mrs. A. J., postmistress, Queen st.
Hare, W. H., grocer, Hill street
Harrison, Joseph, teacher, Sunnyside house, Silverwood
Harveston, Thomas, photographer, Windsor avenue
Hazelton, Robt., pawnbroker and jeweller, Market street
Hasley, Matthew, Scripture-reader, James street
Herbert, James, fish dealer, Church, place
Herbert, Joseph, draper and furnisher, North street
Hewitt, Adam, coal merchant and pawnbroker, William street
Higgins, James, spirit grocer, Queen st.
Hill & Co., linen manufacturers, Market street
Hobbs, James, cattle dealer, Queen street
Hopps, John, provision merchant, Hill st.
Houston, Robert, bootmaker, North street
Hughes, John, grocer, North street
Irwin, William, victualler, Market street
Irwin, Robert, pawnbroker, Edward street
Jackson, William, Gilford road
Jennings, Wm., reedmaker, William street
Johnston, Allen & Co., manufacturers, Woodville Factory, Victoria street
Johnston & Allen, yarn merchants, High street
Johnston, Andrew, relieving officer, Queen street
Johnston, C, solicitor, High street
Johnston, James, brewer, Market street
Johnston, James, J.P., High street
Johnston, John, J.P., High street
Johnston, John, jun., Lough road, Annadale
Johnston, T. B., Florence villa
Johnston, Wm., ironmonger, &c, High st
Jones, Robert, rate collector, Hill street
Jordan, James, J.P., North street
Jordan, Thomas, & Son, manufacturers, Edward street
Kelly, Henry, grocer, North street
Kelly, John H., clerk, Union street
Kelly, P., fruit and fish store, William st
Kennedy, Mrs., baker and grocer, High st
Kennedy, Richard, grocer, Edward street
Kerr, T. J., tailor, High street
Kinkade, Thomas, manufacturer, Sunnyside
Knox, Andrew, grocer, Edward street
Kyle, D. J., teacher, Windsor avenue
Kyle, John, teacher, Windsor avenue
Lark, W. J., teacher, Queen street
Lauder, James, clerk, Frederick place
Leathern, Joseph, Garland avenue
Leeper, Nathaniel G., bank manager, Market street
Lindsay, Mrs., ex-postmistress, William st.
Lipton, Ltd., Church place
Livingston, Richard H., factory manager, Hill street
Livingston, R. H., boot warehouse, High street
Livingston, W., linen manufacturer, Annesborough
Livingston & M'Endoo, general drapers and outfitters, Market street
Long, Wm. J., plumber and gasfitter, Market street
Lonsdale, Robert, manufacturer, William street
Lonsdale, Wm., carpenter, Avenue road
Lunn, Edward, bootmaker, Edward street
Lunn, George, jun., secretary Lurgan District L.O.L., Hill street
Lyle, John, boot warehouse, High street
Lyness & Hayes, solicitors, High street
Lynn, Samuel, plumber, High street
Lyttle & Campbell, Church place
Lyttle, John, tenter, Frederick place
MacGeagh, H. G., J.P., managing director of Lurgan Weaving Co., High street
Magahan, Frederick W., clerk of petty sessions, Church place
Magee, Jack, postman, Frederick place
Magee, Patrick, publican, Union street
Magee, Robert, poulterer, William street
Magowan, Samuel, clothier, Union street
Maguire, Wm., painter, decorator, and paperhanger, glazing, and glass-cutting establishment, High street
Magurran, James, hardware store, Market street
Mahaffy, John, income tax collector, Church place
Mahony, Owen, D.I., R.I.C., Church place
Malcolm, James, J.P., D.L., Bengali place
Malcolm, S., grocer, Victoria street
Malcolmson, Albert, merchant, Market st.
Malcolmson, D., & Sons, family grocers, ironmongers, seed merchants, and auctioneers, 22 Market street
Malcolmson, John, & Co., undertakers, Market street
Mann, Alfred W., chemist and druggist, Market street
Marron, P., boot warehouse, Church place
Martin, Thomas, carpenter, North street
Martin, W. J., carpenter,. Union street
Mathers, Robert, laundryman, James street
Mathers & Bunting, manufacturers, Mary street
Matier, Henry, & Co., linen manufacturers, High street
Matthews & Co., drapers, William street
Mawhirt, R. T., coal merchant, James st.
Megarry, Henry, insurance agent, High st.
Megarry, Henry, jun., insurance agent, Hill street
Menary Bros., drapers, Market street
Menary, Thomas, Hill street
Menary, T. G., solicitor, Church place
Mercer, James, Circular road
Mercer & Brown, sewing factory, Union st.
Mercer, Mrs., coal merchant, Garland av.
Metcalfe, Samuel, 81 North street
Miller, William, poulterer
Moffett, Brown, grocer, William street
Moffett, Thomas, shoemaker, Market street
Moffat & Co., grocers, Queen street
Moffett & Co., photographers, Windsor av.
Molloy, Thomas, laundryman, Queen street
Molloy, Elizabeth, cafe, North street
Moore, Dr. J. M., High street
Morrow, Andrew, insurance agent, Victoria street
Morrow, Charles, postman, Frederick place
Moore & Johnston, solicitors, High street
Mullan, Edward, postman, Brown street
Murphy, Lawrence J., grocer, Church place
Murphy & Stevenson, manufacturers, High street
Murray, A., painter and glazier, William street
M'Collum, James, caretaker Orange hall
M'Cabe, Stephen, tailor, William street
M'Cann, John H., clerk, William street
M'Cann, M., builder and contractor, William street
M'Caughey, James, Church place
M'Cauley, Wm. R., bicycle and newsagent, High street
M'Clatchie, J. W., manager Northern Bank
M'Clatchie, Samuel, Albert street
M'Climmond, James, J.P., grocer, High st.
M'Connell, David, grocer, William street
M'Conville, Daniel, clothes dealer, North street
M'Conville. J., auctioneer, Edward street
M'Crory, J., watchmaker, Windsor avenue
M'Crory, Miss, confectioner, High street
M'Cusker, P., butcher, Church place
M'Entee, Michael, publican, Church place
M'Geown, Mrs., publican, Church place
M'Geown, Robert, school attendance officer, Union street
M'Guigan, Charles, librarian, Union street
M'Guigan, Hugh, butcher, Edward street
M'Greevy, Hugh, tinsmith, Castle lane
M'Ilwaine, J., hairdresser, Windsor avenue
M'Ilwaine, Solomon, contractor, Aughnacloy
M'Kee & Son, boot warehouse, Market st.
M'Keown, Mrs., newsagent, Castle lane
M'Neice, Joshua, George's street
M'Veigh, James, publican, Edward street
Pinkerton, Mr., Inland Revenue officer, High street
Neill, Charles, bootmaker, Edward street
Neill, C. W., solicitor, Haddington house
Neil, Robert, school teacher
Nelson, William R., manufacturer, William street
Newell Bros., drapers, &c, Market street
Orr, James, bootmaker, Charles street
Owens, Mrs., manageress of Shankill Buildings Cafe
O'Hanlon, Hugh, rent agent, Union street
O'Hara, Jas., agent and publican, Edward street
O'Hara, Henry, publican, Edward street
O'Loughlin, Rev. R. S., D.D., The Rectory
O'Neill, Mary, publican, Church place
O'Reilly, John C., solicitor, North street
Patton, George, contractor, Windsor avenue
Patton, Miss, boot warehouse, Market st.
Pedlow, David, publican, Church place
Pedlow, Dr., Market street
Pedlow, Robert, William street
Pedlow, W., company manager, Alexander terrace
Pentland, Robert H., tailor, William street
Phillips & Ayre, The Misses, Brownlow Arms Hotel, Market street
Plenderleith, Peter, clothier, Market street
Pollock, F. W., town clerk, Florence villa
Ramsay, Thomas, draper, Market street
Reid, Miss, babylinens, Market street
Richardson, Louis, printer, stationer, and proprietor "Lurgan Mail," High street
Richardson, Sons, & Owden, Ltd., manufacturers, William street
Rippon, Arthur, Shankill cottage
Robinson, Samuel, clerk, Hill street
Rocks, Bernard, tailor, Edward street
Ross, John, & Co., hemstitching factory, High street
Ross, Thomas, manufacturer, High street
Ruddell, George, butcher, Church place
Scott, Thomas J., grocer, Queen street
Seawright, Douglas, & Co., finishers, Avenue road
Shields, William, teacher, James street
Sloan, Francis, B.A., teacher, Windsor av.
Sloan, Samuel, publican, Church place
Soye, J., property owner, Victoria street
Soye, Richard, The Farmyard
Strothers, Jackson, High street
Sturgeon, John, civil bill officer, George's street
Sullivan, Mrs., grocer, Queen street
Sun Fire and Life Offices—Agents, Lyness & Hayes, solicitors
Symington, Robert, hairdresser, William st.
Tallentire, W., manager gas works, William street
Taylor, John, Union street
Thompson, J. A., V.S., Church place
Thompson, Maxwell, clothier, William st.
Thompson, Robert, confectioner, High st.
Thompson, Thos., auctioneer, etc., William street
Thompson, W. J., reedmaker, Church place
Thornton, Mrs., refreshment rooms, Church place
Thornton, James, pork store, Church place
Turkington, George, baker, Church place
Uprichard, Robert, manufacturer, Union street
Ward, George, publican, Castle lane
Warren, Miss, music teacher, Hill street
Watson, Adam, station constable
Watson, James, merchant, High street
Watson, Joseph S., Lakeview
Watson, Robert, & Sons, manufacturers, Flush Works
Watson & Neill, solicitors, William street
Wetherall, Richard, George's street
White, William, printer, stationer, and proprietor "Lurgan Times," William street
White, William, cabinetmaker, Queen st.
Wilson, Mrs., Derry lodge
Woods, Arthur, plasterer, Charles street


Abraham, Henry, Ardmore
Adamson, T. L., J.P., Ballydugan
Allen, William John, J.P., Donegreagh
Bailie, George, Annaghanoon
Bateman, Henry, Feney
Best, W. E., The Cairn, Aghalee, Inspector
Irish Land Commission
Blaney, Patrick, Aghacommon
Bleakley, Thomas, Bleary
Bridget, John H., Monbrief
Brownrigg, Dr. T. H., J.P., Moira
Bullick, Ralph, Ballymacranell
Bunting, Thomas, Fairview, Aghagallon
Cairns, James, Ballynamoney
Clarke, Thomas, Springfield
Craigmore Home and Methodist Boys' Orphanage—Matron, Miss B. Gordon; treasurer, T. F. Shillington, Esq., J.P., 152 Albertbridge road, Belfast
Cummings, John, Moyraverty
Dobson, George, Gaskin's Grove, Bleary
Douie, James L., J.P., Moira
Duff, Dr. W. W., Aghalee
Eccles, W. R. P., LL.D., Turmoyra
Elliott, Thomas, Kilmore
Ellis, George, Kilmore
Ellis, Robert, Kilmore
Ellis, Thomas, Aghagallon
Ellis, Wm. John, Drumaleet
Ferris, Alexander, Aghalee
Fforde, Miss, Tanaghmore lodge, Tanaghmore north
Friar, Dr. William, Waringstown
Gaskin, W. J., Kilvergan
Gilbert, James, Aghagallon
Gilbert, Jonathan, Aghagallon
Gracey, John, Legahorry
Green, Samuel, Aghalee, general merchant, Aghalee P.O.
Harrison, James, Corcreaney
Hewitt, Joe., Knockramer
Hewitt, Ralph, Tegnavin
Irwin, George, Corcreaney
Irwin, James, Corcreaney
Jebb, Charles H., Deerpark
Johnson, M., Knockmenagh
Jones, Samuel, Moyraverty
Kerr, John, Tullygally
Kerr, Wm. G., Kilminogue
Knox, George, Kilmore
Knox, James, Wederholmer, Aghalee
Lavery, Henry, Kilvergan
Lavery, John, Kilvergan
Lennon, Thomas, Derryadd
Liddell, R. M.,.Banogue house, Donacloney
Lyness, Archibald, Aghagallon
Lyness, Thomas, Lismain
Magenniss, James, Ballymacrandle
Magowan, John, Corcreaney
Martin, Thomas, Kilvergan
Mathers, Henry, J.P., sewing factory, Maralin
Maxwell, Alexander, Bleary
Moffett, Wm., Aghagallon
Moore, W. H. D., M.A., Tegnavin
Murphy, Robert, Derryadd
Murray, Joseph, Ballynary
M'Cartan, W., Corcreaney
M'Carten, Rev. J., P.P., Aghagallon
M'Conville, James, Ballynamoney
M'Corry, Francis, Whitehall
M'Gowan, Joseph, Kilmore
M'Gowan, Thomas, Kilmore
M'Kay, Arthur, Kilmore
M'Keown, Mrs. Harriet, spirit merchant
M'Kinstry, J., Tullygally
M'Kittrick, George, J.P., Kilmore
M'Nabb, Charles, Drumgor
M'Stravick, Henry, Kilmore
Patterson, Hugh, Drumnakerne
Reid, Dr. Hugh, Derryadd
Robinson, Robert, Ardmore
Ruddell, Nelson, Aghacommon
Scott, Rev. Douglas, Rectory, Aghagallon
Spence, George, Corcreaney
Spence, Lewis, Drumnagoon
Stevenson, C, Derrytrasna
Stevenson, John, Corcreaney
Stevenson, Joseph, Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Joseph, Sandbank, Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Wm. Henry, Derryadd
Taylor, Wm., Clanrolla
Taylor, Wm., Kilfullert
Turtle, Augustus, Aghalee
Turtle, John, Aghagallon
Turtle, W. T., Kilmore
Turkingron, Stevenson, Derrytrasna
Uprichard, James H., Tanaghmore west
Uprichard. James, Corcreaney
Waring, Holt, J.P., Waringstown
Watson, Hugh, solicitor, Beechpark
Wells, Charles, Bleary
Wells, James, Bleary
Wells, John, Corcreaney
Wilson, James, Derryinver
Wright, James, Corcreaney

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