Lisnaskea, County Fermanagh

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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76 ¼ miles from Belfast.
Market Town. Market Day—Saturday.
First Saturday each month—Young pigs; Pork Market third Wednesday each month and every Wednesday winter months (October to April)
Fair Day—Third Wednesday of each month


—Samuel W. Wilson, postmaster. Mails arrive at 5-45, 9-30, 11 a.m., and 2-5 p.m.; and are despatched at 6-45 and 9-15 a.m. and 1-30 and 5-25 p.m.

Magistrates who attend Petty Sessions—George Arnold, Major Haire, W. G. Henderson, J. Gray, R.M.; Jeremiah Jordan, M.P.; Thomas Maguire, James Murphy, James Mulligan, James Tierney, James M'Caffrey, Thomas Gavin, and Andrew Maguire Clerk of Petty Sesions—S. M. Huggard


Church of Ireland—Rev. J. Lapham, incumbent
Methodist Church—Rev. J. M'Caffery
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. T. Duffy, P.P.
Presbyterian Church—Rev. Smith


Bank of Ireland (sub-office)—Hours—Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.; on Wednesday during pork and flax markets, from 10 to 1-30, and on fair days. Manager, Mr. H. E. Swayne, of Clones branch
Ulster Bank—James Currie, manager; R. H. Stephens, cashier; S. Henderson, clerk
Crighton Loan Fund—Thomas Beresford and W. Patten, clerks
National School, No. 1—J. F. Costello; Miss Murtagh, assistant
National School, No. 2—John Benson, principal; Miss Charlton, assistant
Methodist School—Mr. M'Kimm
Board of Guardians—James O'Donnell, vice-chairman; Peter Heslin, deputy-vice-chairman; J. O. R. Huey, clerk; Miss M'Brine, matron; J. Lunny, master; Dr. T. Knox, medical officer


Adams, E., wine and spirit merchant and druggist
Adams, J. J., horse dealer
Adams, Thomas, wine and spirit dealer
Armstrong, James, hardware merchant
Armstrong, John, coachbuilder
Armstrong, John, shoemaker
Armstrong, Robert, carpenter
Armstrong, William J., Commercial Hotel, and grocer
Arnold, George, J.P., draper
Beresford, Thomas, loan fund clerk
Birney, Noble, draper
Birney, Noble, wine and spirit merchant and undertaker
Blair, John, blacksmith
Blakely, Samuel, saddler
Bredin, Mrs.
Brown, Mrs., grocer and delph warehouse
Bryson, John, grocer & provision merchant
Carey, Miss A. G.
Carolan, Thomas, head porter
Cassidy, Mrs., boot and shoe shop
Cassidy, Mrs., wine and spirit dealer
Connolly, J. E., wine and spirit merchant and undertaker
Conway, James, blacksmith
Costello, M., grocer
Courtney, F., tinsmith
Curran, William
Currie, James, Ulster Bank
Devers, Robert, clothier
Devers, William, clothier and butcher
Doonan, Mrs., wine and spirit dealer
Dowd, Tom, farmer
Dunne, Mrs., hardware and leather merchant and undertaker
Durnian, Thomas, carpenter & house painter
Elliott, Mrs., farmer
Faussett, Mrs., fancy warehouse
Fennell, Hugh J., grocery and hardware
Flanagan, E. M., lodging house
Foster, James
Foster, R., postman
Gallan, George, watchmaker and jeweller
Gamble, James, stationmaster
Gannon, wine and spirit dealer
Gardiner, William, grocer
Gavin, Patrick, wine and spirit dealer
Gavin, Thomas, J.P., draper
Gibbons, John, horse dealer
Goggins, William, cycle mechanic
Graham, Miss, grocer
Gunn, John, tailor
Haire, The Misses
Hall, Joseph
Harron, Patrick, tailor
Howell, Mrs., boot and shoe shop
Hogg, T., boot and shoe shop, &c.
Huggard, S. M., Roseville, clerk petty sessions
Hunter, James, tailor
Husbands, William, saddler
Irvine, Christopher, baker
Irvine, Miss
Jenkins, William, baker
Kerrigan, Mrs., ladies' nurse
Knox, T., M.D., The Cottage
Lavelle, Miss, confectioner
Lawe, James, whitewasher and chimney sweeper
Lee, Mrs.
Liddy, Thomas, postman and barber
MacMahon, Miss S.
Magee, John
Magovern, Anthony, wine and spirit dealer
Maguire, Anne, confectioner and newsagent
Maguire, John, draper
Maguire, Thomas, tea dealer
Moan, Charles, cattle dealer
Moan, Patrick, cattle dealer and butcher
Montgomery, G., veterinary surgeon
Moore, J., manager of the Lisnaskea Cooperative Dairy and Agricultural Society
Moreton, Miss, grocer
Murnane, D., district inspector R.I.C.
M'Brien, James
M'Caffery, Thomas, railway carter
M'Calden, David, draper
M'Caul, Miss Mary, dressmaker
M'Coy, David, cooper
M'Donald, Mrs., lodging house
M'Donagh, Mrs., grocer
M'Donnell, Robert, mail car owner
M'Keen, Sergeant, R.I.C.
M'Mahon, Mrs. M. J., publican and grocer
M'Mahon, Patrick
M'Nulty, Miss Mary, grocer and fruit dealer
Neeson, John, fowl dealer
Noble, Archibald, Royal Arms Hotel, and grocer
Noble, Archibald, poor rate collector
Phair, James
Richardson, Robert, law clerk
Richardson, Samuel, clerk
Richardson, William, auctioneer
Robinson, The Misses S. & K. C, delph and fancy shop and newsagents
Robinson, William, shoemaker
Ross, Miss
Rowe, William, & Son, stonemasons
Stephens, R. H., cashier Ulster Bank
Stewart, The Misses, Clifton lodge
Surplus, W., draper
Thompson, Mrs.
Wilson, John H., Ulster Hotel, grocer,
hardware merchant, newsagent & draper
Wilson, Samuel W., postmaster
Winslow, B. Leslie, solicitor


Abraham, J., Carahoney
Allen, A., Killypaddy
Allen, Mrs., Carnthrone
Armstrong, W., Innisrash
Arnold, Mrs., Mullinascorthy
Birney, Mrs., Macnagh
Birney, N., Whitepark
Brady, B., Ennisroosk
Brady, P., R.I.C.
Breslin, A., Drumcon
Bryans, R., Derryadd
Bryans, W., Moorlough
Bullock, F., Lisaderney
Campbell, A., Killypaddy
Caithness, Rev. F. St. Clair, Sallaghy Rectory
Clifford, T., Farnascolluge
Clifford, T., Corradiller
Collins, J., Derryanny
Collins, P., Derryanny
Collins, P., Curragh
Collins, W., Dorris
Connolly, J., Drumbroughas
Costello, James, Farncourkey, N.S. teacher and farmer
Crawford, R., Derryadd
Crudden, Peter, Drumbroughas
Dickson, Miss, Hollybrook
Ebbett, James, Farnascolluge
Fair, J., Tully
Foster, R., Croghan
Fyffe, J. W., Killynamph
Fyffe, T., Shanaghy
Gallen, Charles, Cornamoney
Gavin, P., Ohill
Gavin, F., Drumbrachas
Glass, John, Coolarn
Graham, The Misses, grocery and lodging house
Graham, Mrs., Lisaderney
Graham, R., Forfey
Graham, Noble, Drumack
Graham, J., Rossgade and Eaglemount house
Graydon, J., Lisnagole
Hall, R., Killynamph
Hanna, George, Ballindarra
Hanna, W., Drumbrachas
Hogg, W., Attybarn
Huggard, S. M., Roseville
Irvine, A., Tattagar
Johnston, W., Killynamph
Kerr, J. W., Aughamore
Kettyle, William, Coolarn
Kirkpatrick, Hugh, auctioneer, Drumhack
Leslie, S., Forfey house
Lynch, J., Carahoney
Maguire, F., Drumcaw
Maguire, J., Aughamore
Maguire, Thomas, J.P., horse dealer, Munville
Maguire, Miss K., Carrick house
Marshall, Francis, Drumcrew
Martin, H., Tranis
Martin, P., Ennisturk
Mitchell, James, Castlebalfour
Moore, George, Moorlough
Moore, M., Cunaghroe house
Morrison, A., Castlebalfour
Morrison, George, Cornashee
Morrison, H., Derryadd
Morrison, J. A., Manorwater house
Morrison, S., Derryadd
Morrison, Mrs., school teacher, Tully N.S.
Murphy, H., Ennisroosk
Murphy, H., Aughnish
Murphy, T., Drumhose
Murtagh, Saml., insurance agent, Attybarn
M'Brien, J., Carahoney
M'Caffrey, John, Slushill
M'Caffrey, J., Derrychan
M'Caffrey, J. J.P., Shishhill
M'Caffrey, P., Crummey
M'Clelland, Samuel, Kingston house
M'Cormick, J., Mulnaburtlin
M'Corry, P., Tranish
M'Elgun, J., Innishore
M'Manus, E., Coradiller
M'Manus, Mrs., grocer and farmer
M'Manus, Knox, grocer and farmer
M'Manus, James, shoemaker, Eshnagor
M'Nulty, E., Farnacurkey
Nixon, J., Drumleagues
Nixon, R. G., Lislough
Noble, A., Glassdrummond house
Noble, A., collector of rates and taxes, Glassdrummond
Noble, J., Munville
Noble, W., Drumcunny
Parker, R., Fairview house
Patterson, W. H., Castlebalfour
Plunkett, Mrs., Derryadd
Plunkett, T., Derryadd
Prunty, E., gardener, Whitepark
Reihill, F., Ennisroosk
Reihill, P., Edergole
Reihill, P., Derryasna
Rooney, J., Ennisturk
Ryans, Fred, Moughley
Shields, J., Deputy General Inspector R.N.
Steen, M., Clonmacfelmy
Swindle, Francis
Tisdall, H. M., millowner, Manorwater house
Wiley, Miss M., school teacher, Ballindarra N.S.
Wilson, Irvine, Kilmore
Wilson, Mrs., Glenross house
Woods, J., Tullynevin
Woods, Robert, Tullynevin
Woods, J. & A., Tullynevin

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