From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Austin, William, & Co., Foyle street
Campbell Bros., North quay
Ballantine, M. & J., Ardlough
Christy, John, Ltd., Foyle street
Howatson, G., & Co., Abercorn quay
Mitchell, William, Foyle street
M'Corkell, William, & Co., Strand
M'Cormick & King, William street
M'Farland, G., & Co., quay
M'Corkell, William, & Co., Ltd., Strand
Smyth, Robert, Prince's quay
Stewart, Samuel, Prince's quay
Watson, J. & R., Foyle street
Wilson, A., & Co., Lome street


Anderson, William, & Co., Waterloo place
Anderson & Co., Butcher street
Barr, Hugh, Great James street
Best, David, Sackville street
Best, John, Argyle terrace
Black & Dane, Sackville street
Black, Robert J., Foyle street
Boal, David W., & Co., Strand road
Boggs, John, Hawkins street
Borland, M., & Co., Great James street
Boviard, Wm., William street
Bradley, D. C, William street
Bradley, John, Rossville street
Bradley, William, Spencer road
Bryson, Crawford, Rosemount
Bryson, Patrick, Bishop street
Carlin, B., Bishop street
Carmichael, Robert, Carlisle road
Chambers, Joseph, Bishop street
Colhoun, Mrs., Dungiven road
Conn, Hugh, Ebrington terrace
Cooke, Robert, Butcher street
Cresswell, John, Duke street
Crockett, E., & Co., William street
Crooks, Thomas, Spencer road
Crossan, Neal, Bishop street
Curry, William, Foyle road
Deehan, E., William street
Devlin, E., Strand road
Doherty, George, Strand road
Douglas & Walker, Duke street
Dugan, M. J., Bishop street
Dunlop, William, Marlborough terrace
Elder, Robert, Duke street
Elliott, W. D., Bishop street
Ferris, William, Foyle street
Fleming, John, & Co., Strand road
Gallivan, Daniel, Bishop street
Gilliland, S., & Sons, Shipquay street
Glass, Charles, & Co., Waterloo street
Graham, M. & J., William street
Hadden, J., & Co., Sackville street
Hamilton, Charles, Waterside
Hamilton, H. S., & Co., Foyle street
Hamilton, William, & Co., William street
Hastings, J. R., & Co., Foyle street
Hayes, W. J., & Co., Spencer road
Holmes & Mullin, Ltd., Waterloo place
Henderson, John, Sackville street
Hunter, Hugh, Spencer road
Jamison, William, Duke street
Kincaid, John, Bishop street
King & Smith, John street
Kitson, John, Great James street
Laird, Samuel, Fountain street
Laughlin & Co., Clooney terrace and Dungiven road
Leslie, John, Clooney terrace
Leslie, Marshall, Duke street
Lipton, Limited, Bishop street
Londonderry Equitable Co., Great James st
Longwell, John, Great James street
Longwell, David, Duke street
Lynch, James & Joseph, Waterloo street and James street
Lynch, Joseph Orr, Duke street
Malseed, Robert C, Waterside
Meehan, M. & C, Strand road
Meelon, M., Bishop street
Mooney, Robert, Bridge street and Orchard street
Moore & Co., Waterloo place
Moore, George F., Market buildings, Strand road
M'Callion, Patrick, Bishop street
M'Carter, William, Pennyburn
M'Cartney, C, Bishop street
M'Cay, A., & Co., Ltd., Ferryquay street
M'Cleary, Thomas, William street
M'Clintock, Andrew, Strand
M'Connell & Co., Foyle street
M'Cully, Thomas, Spencer road
M'Farland, Robert, Waterside
M'Ginley, M., William street
M'Ginley, Mrs., Foyle street
M'Ginness, Edward, Bishop street
M'Ginness, William, Duke street and Ebrington terrace
M'Gonigle, J., Edenmore street
M'Kay, Marshall, George street
M'Keown, W. J., Duke street
M'Knight, Mrs., Argyle street
M'Laughlin, John, Joseph street
M'Laughlin, William, Fountain street
M'Millan & Son, Ferryquay street
Neely, Robert, William street
Nicell, Patrick, Rosemount
Nicell, Thomas, Park avenue
Osborne & Patton, Ltd., Shipquay street
Owens, Henry, Long Bog street
O'Doherty, W. G., Bishop street and Strand road
O'Neill & M'Henry, Guildhall street
O'Sullivan, A., & Co., Strand road
Porter Bros., Sackville street
Rankin, Knox, & Co., Foyle street
Rodgers Henry, Great James street
Rosborough & Co., Ferryquay street
Rolston & Smith, William street
Russell, Joseph, Bishop street
Scott & Donnell, Carlisle road
Shields, D., Waterloo street
Smith, W. J., Bishop street
Smith, J., & Co., Bishop street
Thompson, Alex., Duke street


Cairns, T., Bridge street
Elkin & Co., John street


Andrews, Miss, Artillery street
Austin & Co., Diamond
Barr & M'Clements, Carlisle road
Boal, Miss, Abercorn road
Boyle, Miss, Butcher street
Byrne, A., Butcher street
Carson, H., & Co., Ferryquay street
Cassidy, Mrs., Hawkins street
Cattley, Mrs., Carlisle road
Clements, Mrs., Shipquay street
Close, Mrs., Bishop street
Connor, P., Butcher street
Cooper, J. D., Ferryquay street
Cooper, Miss, Abercorn road
Cooper, Mrs., Diamond
Cosgrove & Co., Bishop street
Craig, D. G., William street
Crumley, Miss, Clooney terrace
Doherty, Daniel, Butcher street
Dunlop, J. H., & Son, Carlisle road
Fitzpatrick & Gallagher, Butcher street
Foster & Co., Bishop street
Gailey & Lamont, Strand road
Gordon & Co., Carlisle road
Graham & Co., Carlisle road
Haslett, J., Bond street
Hegan & Parke, The Misses, Ferryquay st.
Hegarty, The Misses, Asylum road
Hegarty, The Misses, Diamond and Butcher street
Henry, Andrew, Waterloo street
Henry, E. R., Diamond
Hetherington & Co., Spencer road
Hyndman, Samuel, Ferryquay street
Hynes, Mrs., Strand road
Irvine & Co., Ferryquay street
Kener & Thompson, Carlisle road
King, The Misses, Society street
Lamb, J., & Co., Spencer road
Macdonald, J., Duke street
Mills, Mrs., Great James street
Mills, The Misses, Abercorn road
Moore, David, Duke street
Moore, J., & Co., Cregan road
Mooney, Joseph M., & Co., Victoria road
Mulholland, M., & Co., Ltd., Bishop street
Murphy, Thomas, Bishop street
M'Cay, James, Duke street
M'Clay & Co., Spencer road
M'Closkey, Patrick, Duke street
M'Cullough & Co., Strand road
M'Curdy, J. & A., Strand road
M'Dermott & Co., Spencer road
M'Devitt & Co., Duke street
M'Kinley & Co., The Diamond
M'Williams, J., & Co., Spencer road
Parkhill & Co., Ferryquay street
Parkinson & Co., Shipquay street
Pollock, J. J., & Co., Ferryquay street
Richmond, Miss, Diamond
Rodgers & Co., Diamond
Semple & Thompson, Ferryquay street
Sherrard, Mrs., Great James street
Slater, Miss, Ferryquay street
Smith & Co., Shipquay street
Stevenson, R. S. & T., Shipquay street
Stevenson, John, Duke street
Taylor, M. & L., Spencer road
Thompson, R., Strand road
Walsh, H., Diamond
Watson, G., & Co., Spencer road


M'Carter, William, & Son, Duke street, Waterside
North-West of Ireland Bone Manure Co.—Campbell Bros., Queen's quay
Ulster Manure Co.—Works, Lisahally; offices, Baltic buildings, Foyle street


Adair, William, Duke street
Best, David, Sackville street
Black, R. J. (reprs. of), Foyle street
Bryson, S., Foyle street
Campbell Bros., Queen's quay
Crossan, N., Bishop street
Fleming, John, & Co., Strand road
Hadden, James, & Co., Sackville street
Hamilton, Charles, Waterside
Hamilton, H. S., & Co., Foyle street
Henderson, John, Sackville street
Holmes & Mullin, Ltd., Waterloo place
Johnston, John B., Great James street
Kerr, Lang, & Jackson, Ltd., Strand road
King, Benjamin H., William street
Malseed, R. C, & Co., Waterside
M'Carter & Son, Duke street
M'Cleery & Co., William street
M'Clintock, Andrew, Strand
M'Cully, Thomas, Spencer road
Osborne, John, Foyle street
Rankin, Knox & Co., Foyle street
Rosborough & Co., Ferryquay street
Smith, James, Bishop street
Thompson, Wm., & Co., Ltd., Shipquay st


Bradley, C, Chamberlain street
Bradley, D., John street
Bradley John, John street
Bradley, J. P., Bridge street
Bradley, W., Bishop street
Clifford, H., Orchard street
Devlin, M., Spencer road
Duddy, Robert, Great James street
Earley, C., Duke street
Fitzpatrick, J., Spencer road
Gallagher, J., Bishop street
Hunter, R. B., Spencer road
Long, A., Fountain street
Long, William, Society street
Mehan, Francis, Waterloo street
Meenan, P., Sackville street
Moore, Richard, William street
Mount, Edward, William street
Mullin, John, Foyle street
Murphy, John, Waterloo street
Murdoch, T. (and wigmaker), Shipquay pl.
M'Grory, James, Castle street
O'Hare, B., Little James street
Scott, Samuel, Bond's hill
Smyth, James, Foyle street
Watson, Thomas, Shipquay place
Williams, John, William street
Willmann, R., Strand road
Wilson, Edward, Waterloo street


Burns, J., & Co., Bishop street
Cooke, John, & Co., Waterloo place
Crockett & Guy, Waterloo place
Edmiston, Scott, & Co., Shipquay street
Elder, Robert, Duke street
Farren, M., William street
Longwell, David, Duke street
Malseed, R. C, Duke street
Mooney, William, & Co., Strand
M'Connell Bros., & Co., William street
M'Cully, Thomas, Spencer road
M'Laughlin, J., William street
Price, H., & Co., Shipquay place
Scott, M. & M., Bishop street and Diamond
Smiley, T. & J., Strand road
Swann, W. J., & Co., Waterloo street
Thompson, Alexander, Duke street


Adair, William, & Son, Bishop street
Cullion, Mrs., Chamberlain place
Doran, J., Waterside
M'Ginniss, William, Waterside
M'Ilwaine, George, John street
M'Laughlin, M., Bishop street
Perry, Henry, Linenhall street
M'Mahon, Mrs., East wall
M'Millan. A., Foyle street
Neely, Robert jun., Magazine street


Coyle, John, Maiden's row
Elliott, James, Fountain hill
Gilfillan, W. J., Clyde street
Henderson, Robert, Society street
Henderson Bros., Chamberlain street
Kilpatrick, Robert, Prince Arthur street
Nellis, Andrew, John street
Smalls, John, Lecky road
Torrens, James, Little James street
Wilson, William, Waterside


Bond's Private (Mrs. Platt), Carlisle road
Boyd, Miss, Temperance, Carlisle road
Diamond Temperance, The Diamond
Dickson, Mrs., Central Temperance, Linenhall street
Frew, Mrs., Victoria, Ferryquay gate
Gallagher, A., Private, Magazine street
Gibson, Mrs., The Northern Counties, Waterloo place
Gowdy, Miss A., Temperance and Commercial, The Terrace, Foyle street
Hamilton, Charles, Tirkeeran Arms, Duke street
Hegarty, E., Mourne, Foyle street
Kelly, Miss M. J., The Ulster, Guildhall and Post Office streets
Kelly, Mrs. Ellen, Foyle street
Kelly, William, Criterion, Foyle street
Kerr, Elizabeth, The Temperance, Strand road
Leslie, M., Duke street, and International, Market street
Lucas's Private Commercial, Foyle street
Macdonald, Miss, City, Foyle street
Mills, Mrs., Temperance, Carlisle road
Mitchell, Joseph, Great James street
Morris, William, Clarendon, Strand road
Mullan, Miss, North Western, Foyle street
M'Closkey, Wm., Tyrconnell House, Foyle street
Nesbitt, Samuel, (Late of Metropole Hotel, Cork), Imperial, Bishop street
Patterson, Mrs., The Waverley, Carlisle rd
Roddy, Miss, Roddy's Hotel, Bishop street
Scott, The Misses, 37 Great James street
Smith, Elizabeth, Tremor Temperance, Strand road
Sweeney, P., Atlantic, Foyle street
Thompson, M., Temperance, Strand road


Abbey Foundry Co. (R. H. Brown), William street
Brown, A., & Sons, Ltd., Foyle street
Craig, A. & G., Queen's quay
Shannon, William, Magazine street


Anderson & Co., Butcher street
Bovaird, William, William street
Cattley, Mrs., Carlisle road
Clements, Mrs., Shipquay street
Cooke, Robert, Butcher street
Crossan, N., Bishop street
Gordon & Co., Carlisle road
Henderson, John, Sackville street
Hegarty, Mrs. D. M.. Carlisle road
Rutherford, Robert, Aubrey street
Smith & Co., Shipquay street
Stevenson, R. S., & T., Shipquay street


Aiken, W. J., Shipquay street
Bible & Simmons, 3 London street
Campbell, P., Castle street
Dalway, William, Waterloo street
Darcus, Solomon T., Pump street
Donnell, S. & W. J., Castle street
Downey, Mitchell, East wall
Guy, F. A., East wall
Harvey, J. G. M., Northern Bank buildings
Hassen, John, 98 Duke street
Mages, T. S., & Son, Castle street
M'Carter, H. R., Shipquay street
Pinkerton, John, Middle quay
Scott, J. G., Mayor's office, Guildhall
Stevenson, R. J., Magazine street
Stevenson, Wm., Carlisle road
Stewart, George E., 25 Shipquay street
Tomb, James, & Son, Waterloo buildings
Waterloo street
Waller, R., & Co., Castle street
White, Thomas, Castle street


Burns & Co., Foyle road
Carey, M'Clellan, & Co., Ardmore Bleachworks, near Londonderry
City Steam Laundry, Diamond
Hodgson, Jack, & Co., Foyle street
Jones & Lowther, Bishop street
Kennedy, S. M., Magazine street
London Street Laundry
Model Laundry, Bishop street
M'Closkey, A., & Co., Castle street
M'Elvenny, The Misses, Asylum road
M'Intyre, Hogg, Marsh & Co. Queen street
Thompson Samuel, Spencer road
Tillie & Henderson, Abercorn road
Welch, Margetson, & Co., Carlisle place and Lover's glen
Wilton, Wm., Princes street
Young & Rochester, Bond's field


Adair, William, Waterside
Blair, S., & Co., Butcher street
Cunningham, Felix, Little James street
Harper James, Duke street
Murphy, Thomas, & Co., Foyle street
M'Cutcheon, John, Butcher street
M'Queen, Thomas, & Sons, John street
White, John, Strand road


Canning, William, Lecky road
Irvine, David, Waterloo street


Bonner, Owen, 31 Fahan street
Gallagher, M., 10 Fahan street
Greer, M., 28 Fahan street
Harrigan, John, 81 Foyle street
Moore, G., 10 Long tower
M'Closkey, William, 75 Foyle street
M'Ginley, Patrick, 119 Foyle street
M'Glinchey, F., 13 Chamberlain street
M'Namee, M., 88 Foyle street
O'Donnell, Catherine, 117 Foyle street
Wray, Edward, 18, 20 Fahan street


Devine William, Spencer road
Haslett Bros., Strand road
Shiels, John, Strand road
Ward. Vincent, & Son, John street and Foyle road


Gallagher, William, Fahan street and Sugarhouse lane
Murphy, Thomas, & Co., Foyle street
M'Cafferty, A., & Co. (reps. of), Magazine street
M'Geady, John, Chamberlain street
M'Veigh, Mrs., Sugarhouse lane
O'Donnell, Joseph, Linenhall street


Ballantine, T., & Sons, Waterside and Ardlough
Christy, John, Ltd., F'oyle street
Gilliland, S., & Sons, Rock mills, Strand
M'Cartney, John, Pennyburn
M'Farland, George, & Co., Quay
Smith, John, Drumahoe; office, Waterside
Victoria Milling Co., Duke street
Wilson, A., & Co., Lorne street


Brown Alex., & Sons, Foyle street
Brown, R. H., Abbey Foundry, William st
Garmany, Wm., William street
M'Elhinney, Thomas, Queen's quay


Anderson, David A., Kennedy's place
Anderson, G., Carlisle road
Baylee, Miss A. Hepburn, A.Mus., 28 Bishop street
Cattley, Herbert, Carlisle road
Conaghan, Edward, organist, Long tower chapel, Orchard street
Dixon, H. P., organist, Christ Church, Stewart's terrace
Dunlop, J. H., Carlisle road
Dunlop, Mrs., Carlisle road
Ferguson, J., 33 Carlisle road
Fitzgerald, C. P., organist R.C. Cathedral, 37 Westland avenue
Jones, D. C, Mus. Doc., F.C.O., Diamond Hotel, organist St. Columb's Cathedral
Kennedy, G., The Diamond
Kennedy, Robert, The Diamond
Lavery, Mrs., Academy terrace
Logier, Joseph, Harding street, organist St. Augustine's Church
Macdonald, Miss, Clarendon street
Macdonald, T., Clarendon street
M'Connell, J. J., Orchard street
M'Fadden, Joseph, 110 Bishop street
M'Grorty, P., violinist, 32 Foyle road
M'Glaughlin, Miss K., Great James street
M'Guinness, Mrs., Strabane Old road
Perry, The Misses, 18 Bond's hill
Smith, S. P. B., organist All Saints Church, Clooney
Stewart, T. A., 30 Foyle road
Taggart, Mrs. S., 2 Fairman place


Croom, Misses M. & J., Waterloo place
Forrester, John, Ferryquay st. and Strand road
Floyd, R. R. A., 7 Pump street
Gailey, William, Waterloo place
Graham, William, & Co., Strand road
Phillips, H. B., Beethoven buildings, Shipquay street

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