Bangor, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Griffith's Valuation for the Union of Newtownards 1863
...includes Bangor
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Abernethy, Wm., photographer, 32 Queen's parade
Absolom, G., 4 Bryansburn road
Acheson, R., Central avenue
Adair, John. Clifton road
Adamson, J., 53 Central avenue
Agnew, Alice, 3 Farnham road
Agnew, Eliza, 7 Windsor avenue
Agnew, Mrs. Ellen, 2 Broadway
Agnew, John, grocer, 24, 26 Victoria road
Agnew, John, 68 Abbey street
Agnew, Miss Margaret, 42 Dufferin avenue
Agnew, Miss Mary J., 37 Clifton road
Agnew, Robert, 44 Church street
Agnew, William, 56 Castle street
Aicken, Eliza, 16 Queen's parade
Aicken, Jane, Groomsport road, Ballyholme
Aicken, John, 37 Ballyholme road
Aicken, Rebecca, 44 Seacliffe road
Aicken, Michael, Victoria terrace, Ballyholme
Aicken, Misses, St. Ruan cottage, Seacliffe road
Aicken, Richard, 36 Bryansburn road
Aird, Dr. Ivie, 37 Hamilton road
Alexander, Alfred, 75 Clifton road
Alexander, D. E., 124, 126 Main street
Alexander, Mrs., 49 Beatrice road
Allen, David, Main street
Allen, Joseph, 3.9 Church street
Allen, Mrs. Eliza, 3 Princetown road
Anderson, A., Farnham road
Anderson, George, 42 Albert street
Anderson, James, 8 Mount pleasant
Anderson, James, 136 Seacliffe road
Anderson, James, 9 Prospect road
Anderson, Miss, school teacher, 32 Princetown road
Andrews, Hugh, Railway view street
Andrews, Martin, boot merchant, 30 Ballymagee street
Andrews, Thomas, 40 Holborn street
Angus, John, 31 Crosby street
Appelbe, Isa, 14 Seacliffe road
Appelbe, Miss Anna, 43 Queen's parade
Appelbe, Miss Jane, 10 Queen's parade
Apperson, James, 73 Main street
Apperson, Francis, Sheridan drive, Ballyholme
Ardrey & Co., boot warehouse, 89, 91 Main street
Arbuckle, John, Princetown avenue
Arlow, Mrs. H., 23 Hamilton road
Armstrong, Mrs. Margaret, 44 Dufferin av.
Arnold, Grace, 16 Ward avenue
Arnold, Minnie, 27 Victoria road
Arnold, Miss Minnie, 22 Princetown road
Arnold, Miss, 39 Ballyholme road
Arnold, Robert, 15 Prospect road
Atkinson, George, Sheridan drive, Ballyholme
Auction Mart (J. F. Brice & Son), 6 Central avenue
Austin, William, 88 Hamilton road
Arthur, Ensign Salvation Army, 19 Riverside terrace

Bailie, Mrs. Maggie, Ballyholme terrace, Ballyholme
Bailie, W., & Co., furniture warehouse, 51 Main street
Baird, Mrs. Lizzie, Farnham park
Balmer, J. S., & Co., pharmaceutical chemists, tea merchants, wholesale and family grocers, 93, 95 Main street
Bangor Endowed School, College avenue
Barbour, Miss, 42 Beatrice road
Barbour, John, 31 Ballymagee street
Barbour, William, carowner, 13 King st.
Barbour, Wm., 14 Prospect road
Barnes, Robert and James, 63 Victoria rd.
Barr, Mrs. Mary A., 42 Bryansburn oad
Barr, Mrs., 15 Clifton road
Barr, Mrs., 90 Ballymagee street
Barr, Mrs., 76 Ballymagee street
Barrett, J. Hunter, petty sessions clerk, 44 Queen's parade
Barrett, Mrs. E. S., 15 Princetown road
Barrie, M., 2 Mount pleasant
Barry, Mrs. Susan, 74 Southwell road
Bates, Mrs. Jane, 3 Elizabeth terrace
Baxter, Henry, 55 Ballyholme road
Baxter, Isaac, 20 Prospect road
Baxter, John, 20 Queen's parade
Beath, Mrs. Annie, Belfast terrace, Ballyholme
Beattie, Andrew, 98 Ballymagee street
Beattie, David, 96 Ballymagee street
Beattie, Charles, Castle square
Beattie, E., 19 Bingham street
Beattie, James, 13, 15 Bingham street
Bell, A. & M., boot warehouse, 90, 92 Main street
Bell, Dr. Henry, 9 Gray's hill
Bell, E., 13 Gray's hill
Bell, Edwin, 70 Seaciiffe road
Bell, Elizabeth, 31 Dufferin avenue
Bell, Francis, 16 Hamilton road
Bell, H. C., 73 Hamilton road (C.E.)
Bell, John, 20 Ballyholme road
Bell, Mrs. Elizabeth, 91 Princetown road
Bell, Richard, Pickie Hotel
Bell, William F., 66 Bryansburn road
Bennett, Robert, 43 Beatrice road
BERESFORD BOARDING HOUSE, 5 and 6 Queen's Parade
Bickerstaff, Wm., 17 Brunswick road
Black, James, 17 Ward avenue
Black, James, 134 Seaciiffe road
Black, James Gardener, 10 Southwell road
Black, Mrs. Mary, 106 Dufferin avenue
Black, Robert, Bay parks, Ballyholme
Blackwood, James K., 74 Clifton road
Blair, Hugh, 23 Dufferin avenue
Blair, T. G., druggist, 96 Dufferin avenue; res., 59 Central avenue
Blakeley, Mrs. Mary Jane, 17 Queen's parade
Blakeley, Mrs., Ballyholme road
Blow, Miss Annie, 78 Princetown road
Boal, John, 13 Ruby street; business add., 48 Main, street—confectioner and tobacconist
Bolton, Mrs. Rachel, 15 Tennyson avenue
Boon, Ernest R., 34 Bryansburn road
Bothwell, Wm. H., 16 Clifton road
Bowden, Mrs. Betty Ann, 30 Beatrice road
Bowen, C. H., Belfast Banking Co.
Bowen, Saritta, Windsor avenue
Bowman,. Henry, flesher, 29, 31 Main street
Bowman, James, Hamilton road
Bowman, James H., 27 Main street
Boyd, J. H., 51 Holborn street
Boyd, Mary, 5 Park avenue
Boyd, Mrs. Mary, 23 Princetown road
Boyd, Mrs., 1 Park avenue
Boyd, Robert, insurance agent, Belfast terrace, Ballyholme
Boyd, Robert, 66 Seacliffe road
Boyd, Samuel, 28 Southwell road
Boyd, Samuel, Railway view street
Boyd, The Misses, 21 Queen's parade
Boyd, W., 88 Ballymagee street
Boyle, Miss Sarah, 70 Dufferin avenue
Bradshaw, Henry, 72 Princetown road
Branagh, Simon, 86 Dufferin avenue
Breen, Joseph, postmaster, 125 Main street
Breeze, Mrs. Sarah J. R., 33 Hamilton road
Brice, J. F., coal importer, Farnham park
Brice, James T., & Sons, house and land agents, auctioneers & valuers, Main street
Briggs, Mrs. Sarah, Bay parks, Ballyholme
Brown, Captain James, Ballyholme terrace, Ballyholme
Brown, David, spirit merchant, Ormeau Arms, 35 Ballymagee street, and 2 Albert street
Brown, George H., 125 Victoria road
Brown, James, coal merchant & house agent, 25 Bridge street
Brown, James, grocer, 53, 55 Prospect road
Brown, John, 28 Primrose street
Brown, John, 26 Hamilton road
Brown, Joseph, fruiterer, 68 Ballymagee st
Brown, Mary, 2 Downshire road
Brown, Mary, 120 Victoria road
Brown, Alex., Farnham road
Brown, Mrs., Manse road
Brown, Miss K., 1 Elizabeth terrace
Brown, Mrs. Agnes, 6 Prospect road
Brown, Mrs., Ranfurly avenue
Brown, Robert, 27 Church street
Brown, Samuel G., 33 Queen's parade
Brown, William 41 Castle street
Brown, William G., 64 Southwell road
Brown, William H., Ballyholme
Brown, Hugh, 21 Southwell road
Brownell, Mrs., 75 Dufferin avenue
Burgess, Miss, 5 Elizabeth terrace
Burlington Hotel, 22, 24 Quay street—Wm. Johnston, proprietor
Burns, P., 10 Bryansburn road
Burns, Thomas, 34 Gray's hill
Burns, Thomas, 17 Bryansburn road
Burrows, Thomas, 7 Springfield road
Burrows, Charles, Central avenue
Burrows, William, 11 Beatrice road
Busby, Mrs. Elizabeth, 94 Princetown road
Butler, Sarah, 17 Hamilton road
Byrne, Mrs. Margaret, Bayview terrace, Ballyholme

Cairns, Thomas, & Co., grocers, 81, 83 Main street
Cairns, Thomas, 18 Farnham park
Calderwood, Mrs. M., 78 Bryansburn road
Calvert, Mrs., 10 Primrose street
Campbell, Captain William James, 94 Princetown road
Campbell, F., draper, 58, 60 Main street
Campbell, Harriett, 16 Bingham street
Campbell, Henry, 6 Windsor avenue
Campbell, James, 68 Princetown road
Campbell, James, bootmaker, 54, 56 Abbey street
Campbell, John E., College avenue
Campbell, John Oliver, 58 Gray's hill
Campbell, Miss Adelaide, 102 Seacliffe road
Campbell, Mrs. Isabella, Prospect road
Campbell, Samuel, & Co., The Bon Marche, 36, 38 Main street
Campbell, Thomas, shoemaker, 33 Ballymagee street
Camlin, John, & Co., drapers, 5, 7 Ballymagee street
Canavan, Miss Edith, Brunswick road
CAPRIONI, ENRICO, Ice Cream Manufacturer, 11 Queen's Parade, and 20 Main Street
Carlisle, Mrs. Mary, 39 Queen's parade
Carlisle, David, 74 Donaghadee road
Carmichael, Ellen, 86 Ballymagee street
Carroll, Anthony, Ava hotel, 132 Main street
Carruthers, Percy, 13 Prospect road
Carse, A., 23 Southwell road
Carson, A., 34 Seacliffe road
Carson, Matthew, 1 Farnham road
Carson, William, 3 Castle cottages
Carter, James, 5 Maxwell road
Casement, Thomas, 2 Abbey street
Cashin, William, 28 Seacliffe road
Cassidy, Patrick, 28 Hamilton road
Cathy, John, 58 Dufferin avenue
Caughey, William H., 83 Princetown road
Chappelle, W. G. N., 40 Dufferin avenue
Chalmers, John, 46 Victoria road
Charley, Phirreas C., 17 Tennyson avenue
Chatfield, James, shoemaker, 62 Ballymagee street
Chettle, Mrs. Mary, 108 Dufferin avenue
Cheyne, Hugh H., 41 Ballyholme road
Claney, Mrs. M., 23 Gray's hill
Claney, Miss M., 70 Ballymagee street
Clanmorris, Lord, J.P., Bangor Castle
Clarke, Annie, Sheridan drive, Ballyholme
Clarke, Robert, shoemaker, 60 Castle street
Clawson, F., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 129 Main street
Cleland, John, grocer, 23, 23 1/2 Main street
Cleland, William W., Belfast terrace, Ballyholme
Clements, John, 26 Somerset avenue
Clugston, Samuel, 3 Springfield road
Clifford, William J., 13 Hamilton road
Clyde, Isaac, 46 Hamilton road
Coates, Arthur Hill, Seacliffe, Seacliffe road
Cochrane, Miss J., 10 Raglan road
Cochrane, Robert, 14 Dufferin avenue
Coey, William, 35 Victoria road
Coffin, Jane, 30 Gray's hill
Collier, Miss, 108 Seacliffe road
Collier, William F., 8 Hamilton road
Colquohoun, James, 12 Donaghadee road
Colville, John, Waverley drive, Ballyhome
Connolly, James, stationer and fancy goods depot, Scrabo house, 68 Main street
Connolly, Francis, 32 Bryansburn road
Connor, Miss, 8 Raglan road
Conway, Alex., Beatrice road
Cooper, James, 21 Victora road
Corbett, Hugh, 113 Ballymagee street
Corbett, Mrs. Catherine, 6 May avenue
Corbett, Thomas, 121 Victoria road
Corry, E. C., Ranfurly avenue
Corry, The Misses, 118 Princetown road
Cosgrove, S. M., 49 Ballyholme road
Costello, Henry, Waverley drive, Ballyholme
Cottage Hospital, 86 Hamilton road
Coulter, George B., 47 Princetown road
Coulter, Mrs., 50 Gray's hill
Coulter, Samuel J., local sanitary inspector, 52 Queen's parade
Cousins, James, watchmaker and jeweller, 7 Gray's hill
Cowan, James, 39 Crosby street
Craig, Miss Annie, 4 Carrisbrook terrace
Craig, Mrs. Margaret, 124 Seacliffe road
Cranston, H., 10 Albert street
Crawford, Colonel R. G. Sharman, D.L., J.P., Crawfordsburn
Crawford, H., Aurora, Ballyholme
Crawford, J. C., 53 Holborn street
Crawford, Miss Catherine, 17 Southwell rd.
Crawford, Rev. Robert, 58 Princetown road
Crawthorne, William, 8 Donaghadee road
Cree, James, 8 Central avenue
Cree, Thomas, 4 Castle square
Crooks, John, 33 Gray's hill
Crooks, Lennon, 92 Hamilton road
Crosbie, James, 4 Farnham park
Crosbie, James, embroiderer, 60 Ballymagee street
Crosbie, Matthew, 2 Farnham park
Crosbie, Samuel, 20 Bryansburn road
Crosby, William K., 60 Princetown road
Crozier, William, 4 Castle cottages
Cumming, John, merchant tailor, 20 Hamilton road
Cummings, Alexander, fruiterer, 16, 18 Ballymagee street
Currie, Thomas H., 57 Dufferin avenue
Cush, Tersa, Tchatshurerra, Brunswick road
Cuthbertson, Fred. W., 17 Victoria road

Dailey, Wm. R., 55 Gray's hill
Dailey, Thomas, 40 Primrose street
Dane, Miss E., 53 Ballyholme road
Darnell, Dr. C. K., 32 Hamilton road
Davidson, Alex., plumber, 120 Ballymagee street
Davidson, James, 57 Princetown road
Davidson, James, 14 Ballyholme road
Davidson, Robert, 4 New street
Davidson, Samuel C., 120 Princetown road
Dawson, David, 68 Dufferin avenue
Dawson, Miss Sarah E., 19 Clifton road
Dawson, Mrs. Mary, 21 Alfred street
Dawson, Mrs., 4 Victoria road
Dempsey, Patk. A., solicitor, 57 Brunswick road
Denby, Miss Alice, Somerset avenue
Denby, Miss Alice, 56 Gray's hill
Despard, Vernon H., 27 Farnham road
Devlin, Joseph, M.P., 48 Dufferin avenue
Diamond, Andrew, boot warehouse, 44, 46 Main street
Dickson, Joseph, 123 Victoria road
Dickson, Andrew, seed merchant, 32, 34 Main street
Dickson, Mrs., 45 Bryansburn road
Dickson, Robert, 28 Beatrice road
Dill, Hugh, 6 Holborn street
Dill, Miss Kathleen, 9 Mount Pleasant
Dixon, James, Town Hall
Dixon, Sergeant S., R.I.C., 38 Victoria rd.
Dixon, Theo., 22 Hamilton road
Dixon, Thomas, 27 Crosbie street
Dixon, Thomas, King street
Dobbin, Miss Jane, 20 Donaghadee road
Dobson, Wm. J., 14 Princetown road
Dodd, Jane, 24 Donaghadee road
Doig, Mrs. Catherine, 132 Seacliffe road
Donning, Miss, 72 Dufferin avenue
Doran, James A., J.P., 50 Seacliffe road
Dougan, Mrs. Mary C., 36 Queen's parade
Douglas, William, 77 Railway View street
Dowdall, Ed., 82 Princetown road
Downie, Samuel, tobacconist and confectioner, 5, 7 Bridge street
Drennan, Henry, 38, 40 Ballymagee street
Dudley, J. S., 10 Mount Pleasant
Duff, Benjamin, furniture dealer, 82 Ballymagee street
Duff, Benjamin, furniture remover, 2 Alfred street
Dufferin and Ava, Marquis of, Clandeboye
Dufferin and Ava, the Dowager Marchioness of, Clandeboye
Duffield, James, 21 Ballyholme road
Duncan, Miss Eleanor, 17 Dufferin avenue
Dunlop, John, 32 Dufferin avenue
Dunlop, Robert, 8 Farnham park
Dunlop, Wm., 41 Ballymagee street
Dunn, I., 11 Dufferin avenue
Dunn, James, boot and shoe warehouse, 12 Ballymagee street
Dunn, Mrs. Annie, 6 Downshire road
Dunn, Mrs. Margaret, 53 Dufferin avenue
DUNN, WM., Fancy Goods, Glass, China, Earthenware and Jewellery Stores, 26 to 30 Main Street
Dunseith, David H., J.P., 178 Seacliffe rd.
Dunseith, James L., 166 Seacliffe road
Dunseith, Alice, Somerset
Dunseith, Mrs., 55 Holborn avenue
Dunseith, Miss, 130 Seacliffe road
Dwyer, Miss Frances, 18 Seacliffe road
Dyer, Charles E., urban councillor, 5 Raglan road
Dyson, Mrs., spirit merchant, 41 Ballymagee street
Downshire Restaurant, 69, 71 Main street

Eaton, Mary, 98 Dufferin avenue
Eddis, Mrs. Annie, 21 Ruby street
Eddis, Mrs. Mary, 59 Ballymagee street
Ekins, Samuel W., 23 Clifton road
Elliott, Mrs., Commercial Hotel, 22, 24 Main street
Ellison, James, 53 Ballyholme road
Ellis, Mrs. Annie, 39 Southwell road
Ellis, Edward, 7 Mount Pleasant
Erskine, Miss Ellen, milliner and draper, 37, 39 Main street
Esplanade Hotel, 9, 11 Bridge street—John Kelly, proprietor
Espanasse, Maggie, 10 Somerset avenue

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