Bangor, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Griffith's Valuation for the Union of Newtownards 1863
...includes Bangor
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Agnew, Robert, Balloo
Andrews, John, The Haw
Adams, Samuel, Drumawhey
Aird, John, Orlock
Anderson, William, Granshaw
Andrews, John, Balloo
Andrews, William, Ballycrochan
Baxter, William, Granshaw
Bell, John, Ballymagee
Boal, James, Ballyrea
Boal, John, Ballyrea
Campbell, John, Furzefield, Cottown
Campbell, John, Cottown house
Campbell, William, Cottown house
Cargo, Hugh, Grovehill
Cooke, George, Grovehill
Colville, J., Upper Balloo
Currell, W., Upper Balloo
Dodds, William, Cottown
Dunn, Thomas, Granshaw
Dunn, William, Rathgael
Ennis, W. J., Ballymaconnell
Finlay, James, Balloo
Fletcher, William H., Granshaw
Francis, Andrew, Killaughey
Frew, G., Ballycrochan
Gamble, Robert, Ballyminetra
Gilliland, William, Cottown
Gray, William John, Ballyvernott
Hamilton, Thomas, Ballycrochan
Hanna, Thomas, Cottown
Hayes, James, Grovehill
Henderson, David, Forthill
Irvine, Andrew, Ballycrochan
Irwin, Arthur, Cottown
Kennedy, John, Ballygrainey
Kinnaird, Alex., Ballymaconnell
Lowry, Thomas, Ballymaconnell
Lowry, James, Ballymaconnell
Mayne, Andrew, Ballyminetra
Mayne, Robert, Ballyminetra
Miskelly, Henry, Ecklin Grove
Miskelly, Hugh, Ballyree
Moag, J., Rathgael
Moore, George, Bangor demesne
Moore, Hugh, Ballygrainey
Moore, William, Bangor demesne
M'Cullough, James, Granshaw
M'Cutcheon, Robert, Balloo
M'Ilwaine, Robert, Grovehill
M'Iwaine, Robert, Ballyree
M'Keen, James, Ballymagee
Quirey, John, Granshaw
Shanks, John, Cottown
Shaw, J., Ballywooley
Stewart, David, Cottown
Warden, John, Cottown
Woods, Andrew, Ballyminetra
Woods, J. W., The Quarries, Granshaw
Williamson, John, Ballymagee
Warden, Robert, Summerhill, Granshaw
White, William, Drumhirk

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