Bangor, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Griffith's Valuation for the Union of Newtownards 1863
...includes Bangor
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Ramsey, 84 Southwell road
Ranewick, Ernest, 33 Dufferin avenue
Rankin, E., 2 Victoria road
Rayner, Mrs. Chieveley, 102 Seacliffe road
Rainey, Miss, 5 Gray's hill
Rea, J., 10 Bingham street
Rea, James, American Studio, 62 Seacliffe rd
Rea, James, Seaforth road
Rea, Joseph, urban councillor, Farnham rd.
Rea, Mrs. Margaret, 1 Ballymagee street
Rea, Richard, 34 Primrose street
Rea, H., 30 Ballyholme road
Reid, John C. W., 10 Ballyholme road
Reid, Joseph, Seabreeze, Ballyholme
Reid, Robert, 18 Abbey street
Reid, Samuel, 32 Beatrice road
Reid, William, 11 Windsor avenue
Reilly, George, 39 Princetown road
Reenie, John, Waverley drive, Ballyholme
Reynolds, George, 22 Dufferin avenue
R.I.C. Barracks, 36 Victoria road
Rice, Edward, Coolbawn, Ballyholme
Richardson, Mrs., Ballyholme road
Richardson, Robert, 14 Bingham street
Ritchie, Henry, 25 Railwayview street
Ritchie, James, 5 Victoria terrace, Clifton rd
Ritchie, John, 62 Church street
Ritchie, John, 18 Castle square
Ritchie, John, 19 Crosbie street
Ritchie, J. M., 12 Bingham street
Ritchie, Malcolm, 54 Princetown road
Ritchie, Mrs. Eliza, 4 Victoria terrace, Clifton road
Ritchie, Robert J., 33 Princetown road
Ritchie, William, 5 The Vennel
Robb, John, 40 Bryansburn road
Robb, Mrs. Catherine, 83 Hamilton road
Robb, Mrs. Sarah, 48 Seacliffe road
Robertson, Alex., 18 Somerset avenue
Robertson, David, 61 Brunswick road
Robson, Isabella, 24 Seacliffe road
Robinson, Francis, 37 Prospect road
Robinson, John, 26 Seacliffe road
Robinson, John, Ballyholme road
Robinson, Miss Euphemia, 79 Hamilton road
Robinson, Mrs., 7 Ballyholme road
Robinson, Thomas, 93 Ballymagee street
ROBINSON, THOMAS, 50 Main Street, Phone Bangor 102
Robinson, William, 25 Ward avenue
Roden, Patrick, 1 Mount Sandal, Maxwell road
Rodgers, Arthur, 33 Clifton road
Rodgers, A. R., 110 Princetown road
Rodgers, Mrs. Mary, 65 Princetown road
Rohu, Ed., 43 Dufferin avenue
Rooney, Mrs. Mary, 11 Princetown road
Rosevere, W. H., 79 Princetown road
Ross, James, 19 Prospect road
Ross Bros., family grocers, 43, 45 Main st
Rowley, Thomas, King's street
Rowley, Wm., 10 Central avenue
Royal Ulster Yacht Club, 91 Clifton road
Russell, Frank, 121 Ballymagee street
Russell, Robert, 22 Seacliffe road
Russell, William, 27 Beatrice road

Salter, Mrs. Mary, 6 Pickie terrace
Savage, Alexander, 17 Crosbie street
Savage, David, 62 Castle square
Savage, James H., urban councillor, 1 Ballyholme road
Savage, Mrs., Tchatshwurra, Brunswick rd
Savage, Mrs. C., 9 Princetown road
Scotland, Thomas, tobacconist and confectionery, 13, 15 Bridge street
Scott, James, 9 The Vennel
Scott, James, 14 New street
Scott, John, 5 Victoria road
Scott, Mrs. Mary A., grocer, 29, 31 Victoria road
Scott, Mrs., 1 Ward avenue
Scott, Mrs., 23 Ward avenue
Scott, Mrs., 15 Ruby street
Scott, Mrs., 12 Bryansburn road
Scott, Robert, 73 Victoria road
Scott, William, fishmonger, 54 Main street
Scott, William, builder, 3 Bingham street
Seeds, Mrs. Jane, 10 Alfred street
Semple, Jane, grocer, 30 Albert street
Semple, Mrs. Jane, 12 Crosbie street
Seyers, James, 68 Abbey street
Seyers, William C., U.C., carrier, 96 Abbey street
Severs, W. C., jun., 96 Abbey street
Shanks, Mrs. Sarah, International Hotel, 26 Ballymagee street
Shannon, Jeannie, 23 Bingham street
Shannon, Samuel, 10 Gray's hill
Shannon, M., Dixon avenue
Shaw, A. W., 13 Farnham park
Shaw, H.. Waverley drive, Ballyholme
Shaw, Matthew, 30 Victoria road
Shaw, Martin, Bryansburn road
Shaw, Mrs. Georgina, 64 Dufferin avenue
Shaw, M., 115 Hamilton road
Shearer, Mrs., King's street
Sheldon, Charles, 9 Farnham park
Shepherd, Hudson, 31 Ballyholme road
Sheppard, Walter H., 23 Farnham road
Sheriff, Thomas C., 19 Ward avenue
Sherlock, James, 50 Gray's hill
Sherlock, Thomas, 54 Gray's hill
Simms, George, 308 Seacliffe road
Shone, Rev. Joseph, 41 Bryansburn road
Simpson, J. C., 10 Tennyson avenue
Simpson, Samuel, 26 Beatrice road
Simpson, William R., 47 Ballyholme road
Sinclair, Mrs. Grace, Seacliffe road
Singer Sewing Machine Co., 57 Main street
Sinton, Minnie, 35 Dufferin avenue
Skeffington, John, 5 Beatrice road
Skelton, Mrs., 5 Bingham street
Skillen, Hugh, tailor, 68 Castle street
Skillen, Hugh, 20 Clifton road
Skimmin, Arthur, Abbey street
Skimmin, George, 47 Victoria road
Skimmins, Jane, 9 Brunswick road
Skinner, Captain Thomas, 18 Queen's parade
Slack, Kennith, Central avenue
Sloan, Hamilton, painter, 27 May avenue
Sloan, William, 38 Abbey street
Sloan, William, 39 Albert street
Small, Hugh, 30 Bryansburn road
Smiley, Archibald, 29 Beatrice road
Smiley, Wm., blacksmith, 8 Albert street
Smiley, Mrs., 6 Castle street
Smith, E. M., 2 Ward avenue
Smith, John, plumber, 117 and 123 Main street; res., Farnham park
Smith, Mrs., 38 Castle street
Smylie, William, blacksmith, 8 Albert street
Smyth & M'Clure, grocers, 70 Main street
Smyth, George M., 2 Donaghadee road
Smyth, Geo. M., family grocer, 38 Prospect road
Smyth, John, urban councillor, Ranfurly avenue
Smyth, John, 16 Farnham park
Smyth, James, 56 Seacliffe road
Smyth, Mrs. Margaret, 138 Seacliffe road
Smyth, Mrs., 15 Beatrice road
Soar, J. T., fruiterer, 74 Main street
"Spectator" Office—D. E. Alexander, proprietor—124, 126 Main street
Spedding, Mrs., 4 Raglan road
Spratt, William, Railwayview street
Spence, Mrs. Annie, 19 Farnham road
Spence, Mrs., Adelaide Tea Rooms, Main street
Stanbury, J., 31 Brunswick road
Stanley, James, 15 Farnham road
Stanley, Robert C., 37 Queen's parade
Steele, Agnes, Albert street
Steele, Miss Jeannie, 12 Holborn street
Stevenson, Charles, 6 Beatrice road
Stephenson, James, Groomsport road
Stevenson, Henry, 14 Castle square
Stevenson, Hugh, Bryansburn road
Stewart, Charles, Victoria terrace, Ballyholme
Stewart, David, 18 Princetown road
Stewart, Edmund, 42 Church street
Stewart, James, 23 Ballyholme road
Stewart, James, 1 Victoria terrace, Upper Clifton
Stewart, Dr. James, Victoria terrace, Ballyholme
Stewart, J. C., 28 Donaghadee road
Stewart, Kennedy, 9 Farnham road
Stewart, Mrs. David, 63 Church street
Stewart, Robert, 29 Church street
Stewart, Robert, Millview cottage, Ballyholme
Stewart, Thomas, 16 Church street
Stitt, John, 17 Beatrice road
Stormount, Mrs., 60 Church street
Storey, Rev. P., P.P., Brunswick road
Strain, William, 5 Ruby street
Strawbridge, Miss, 6 Queen's parade
Swan, Mrs. Annie, Crosby street
Swan, Mrs. Jane, 9 Ward avenue
Swanton, S. W. P., College avenue
Swindle, Henry, 33 Holborn street
Swindle, John, 15 Church street
Swindle, Thomas, 107 Ballymagee street
Swindle, William, Castle street
Sydney, R. A., St. Heliers, Ballyholme
Symington, Joseph, Carresbrook terrace

Tansley, Mrs., 19 May avenue
Tate, Mrs. Margaret, 106 Seacliffe road
Taylor, George, 8 Windsor avenue
Taylor, Miss Eliza J., music teacher, 27 Queen's parade
Taylor, Miss Sarah, 46 Gray's hill
Taylor, Mrs. Mary, 92 Dufferin avenue
Taylor, Robert, Holborn avenue
Teasey Miss, 182 Seacliffe road
Templeton, James, 59 Brunswick road
Thomas, James, Dufferin avenue
Thompson, Archibald, 25 Downshire road
Thompson, A. J., 21 Dufferin avenue
Thompson, David, draper, 10 Ballymagee st
Thompson, David, 10 Dufferin avenue
Thompson, Herbert, 23 Downshire road
Thompson, H., 9 Clifton road
Thompson, John, Downshire house, Downshire road
Thompson, Mrs., 35 Princetown road
Thompson, Mrs. Jane, 1 Princetown terrace
Thompson, Mrs. S., 3 Princetown terrace
Thompson, William, 16 Castle square
Thompson, Wm., Abbey street
Thomson, Archibald, 25 Downshire road
Thomson, James, 25 Downshire road
Tilson, Richard, 27 Hamilton road
Titterington, James, 93 Princetown road
Toland, Wm., Princetown avenue
Toman, Alex., 47 Victoria road
Totton, Mrs. Emily, 12 Southwell road
Trotter, Mrs., 2 Newmunster terrace
Tughan, Miss Isa, Seacliffe road
Tughan, N., solicitor, Seacliffe road
Tughan, William, solicitor, 24 Ballyholme road
Turnbull, William, 18 Castle street
Turner, Joseph, 9 Bryansburn road
Turner, Mary, Queen's parade
Vance, Ellen, 75 Mary's hill
Tyrell, John, 308 Seacliffe road

Usher, Mrs. Mary, 16 Beatrice road

Valentyne, James, Somerset avenue
Vance, Miss Emily, 184 Seacliffe road
Vance, Robert, 128 Ballymagee street
Vannucci, Peter, ice cream merchant, 52 Main street and Castle street

Waddell, James, painter and decorator, Castle square
Waddell, Melville, painter and decorator, 78 Ballymagee street
Waddell, Rev. John, Cloveley, Maxwell rd.
Walker, Geo. W., 44 Victoria road
Walker, Isaac, 10 Springfield avenue
Walker, John, Belfast terrace, Ballyholme
Walker, Miss Isabella, 19 Princetown road
Walker, Mrs. Jane, Donaghadee road
Walker, William, 12 Princetown road
Walkington, Ed., 14 Farnham road
Wallace, Ellen, Victoria road
Wallace, James, 14 Holborn street
Wallace, John, 87 Princetown road
Wallace, William, 39 Railwayview street
Wallace, William J., 15 Dufferin avenue
Ward, Charles H., 5 Raglan road
Ward, Miss Eliza, 8 Somerset avenue
Ward, Thomas, 4 Primrose street
Ward, William, Castle street
Warden, David, newsagent, 79 Main street
Warden, Fred. W., manager Theatre Royal, 4 Springfield avenue
Warnock, Mrs., Private Hotel, Villas Lebas, Ballyholme
Warnock, Mrs. Mary, 120 Seacliffe road
Waring, Catherine, 2 Bingham street
Watt, Mary, 18 Hamilton road
Watson, Arthur, 40 Beatrice road
Watson, John, 112 Ballymagee street
Watson, L. N., 7 Victoria terrace, Clifton road
Watson, Miss, 5 Mountpleasant
Watson, Mrs. Mary A., 34 Dufferin avenue
Waugh, Mrs. Isabella, 16 Seacliffe road
Weir, David, 29 Ballyholme road
Wells, Leonard, Ulster Arms, 13, 15 Ballymagee street
Whaley, Mrs. Elizabeth, 40 Queen's parade
Wheeler, Edwin F., Donaghadee road
White, Mrs. Emily, 142 Seacliffe road
White, Miss H., 17 Princetown road
White, William, J.P., 79 Clifton road
Whiteman, Thomas, 50 Queen's parade
Whiteside, Frank, 40 Castle street
Wilkinson, Robert, 16 Castle street
Williams, John, 47 Southwell road
Williams, Mary, 3 Tennyson avenue
Williamson, Alfred, 63 Castle street
Williamson, David, 67 Dufferin avenue
Willis, William, 22 Somerset avenue
Wilson, Alfred, 72 Southwell road
Wilson, Francis S., 77 Clifton road
Wilson, F. G. H., solicitor, 114 Main street
Wilson, F. G. H., solicitor, Groomsport rd.
Wilson, John, 39 Gray's hill
Wilson, John, Ballymagee street
Wilson, John, 14 Hamilton road
Wilson, John, 28 Castle square
Wilson, Thomas, 3 Downshire road
Wilson, Thomas H., Abbey street
Wilson, William, 16 Holborn street
Woods, Alex., 68 Church street
Woods, E. L., surveyor, 80 Seacliffe road
Woods, Martin, 77 Hamilton road
Woods, Mrs., 12 Springfield avenue
Woods, Mrs. Isabella, 71 Hamilton road
Woods, Robert J., 108 Princetown road
Woods, William John, 48 Castle street
Woodside, James, 84 Ballymagee street
Wren, Charles, 57 Victoria road
Wright, James Vennell
Wright, Mrs. A., 5 Queen's parade
Wright, Mrs. Sarah, Ballyholme terrace, Ballyholme
Wright, Robert, West place

Yarr, Robert, 10 Manse road
Young, Edward S., 6 Donaghadee road
Young, Joseph, 1 Broadway
Young, Leslie, 35 Ballyholme road
Young, Miss, Ballyholme terrace, Ballyholme
Young, William H., 29 Queen's parade

Zachary, John G., 40 Hamilton road

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