Bangor, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Griffith's Valuation for the Union of Newtownards 1863
...includes Bangor
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Macauley, James, 24 Beatrice road
Macauley, Samuel, 186 Seacliffe road
Macoun, Miss Annie, 33 Ballyholme road
Mackintosh, Mrs., 13 May avenue
Mackintosh, Arthur, 42 Beatrice road
Madden, Thomas H., 9 Downshire road
Magee, Samuel, 30 Princetown road
Magowan, James, 33 Bingham street
Maguire, F. J., 99 Princetown road
Maguire, Rev. E., Dean, of Down, 87 Clifton road
Maguire, Robert, 40 Victoria road
Mahaffey, William Irvine, solicitor, 66 Clifton road
Major, William, 29 May avenue
Major, James, 51 Railway View street
Mann, James E., 121 Hamilton road
Mann, J. S., photographer, 1 Donaghadee road
Mann, William A. R., 16 Ballyholme road
Mansell, Frederick, 52 Princetown road
Marine Hotel, 30, 32 Quay street—H. F. M'Dermott, proprietor
Marsh, Thomas, Sportsman Hotel, Ballymagee street
Marshall, Aaron, builder, 2 Somerset avenue
Marshall, William, 66 Princetown road
Martin, David, 25 Ruby street
Martin, John, 27 Ballyholme road
Martin, Mrs. Annie, 84 Southwell road
Martin, Mrs. Georgina, 51 Princetown road
Martin, Mrs. M., 14 Abbey street
Martin, Samuel, 11 Brunswick road
Martin, Samuel, Ballyholme road
Martin, Thomas, postman, 20 Alfred street
Martin, William, posting establishment, 100 Main street
Martin, William, 3 Broadway
Matchett, Mrs. Nellie, 5 Southwell road
Matthews, Arthur, St. Heliers, Ballyholme
Matthews, George, 34 Queen's parade
Matthews, Thomas, coal merchant and house agent, 6 Quay street
Matthews, Thomas, J.P., 172 Seacliffe road
Mawhinney, Samuel, spirit merchant, Central Hotel, 2, 4 Main street
Maxwell, Mrs., 24 Seacliffe road
Meakin, Richard, Dixon avenue
Meharg, James, draper, 88 Main street
Mercer, George, 22 Donaghadee road
Mercer, John, flesher, 2 Queen's parade
Millar, Alex., Ranfurly avenue
Millar, G., enginedriver, Railwayview street
Millar, Joseph, 6 Ward avenue
Millar, Miss, 27 Dufferin avenue
Millar, Mrs., 50 Princetown road
Millar, John, tailor, 51 Beatrice road
Millar, J., 23 Crosby street
Millar, S., painter and decorator, glazier and paperhanger, 111, 113 Main street
Millar, Samuel, jun., plumber 107 Main st.
Millar, William, 71 Railwayview street
Mill, John, 41 Springfield road
Milligan, Mrs. Margaret, 6 Victoria terrace, Clifton road
Milligan, Peter, 6 Victoria terrace, Upper Clifton
Milligan, Seaton F., 68 Clifton road
Milliken, James, town clerk, 22 Bryansburn road
Milliken, Miss S. J. K., 5 Ballyholme road
Milling, Miss Annie, 70 Seacliffe road
Mills, Thomas, Somerset avenue
Mills, Thomas, 21 Farnham road
Miloy, William, hairdresser, tobacconist and confectioner, 25, 27 Main street
Mitchell, Barker, gas manager, Dixon ave.
Mitchell, Dr. John F., 31 Queen's parade; dispensary, 1, 3 Southwell road
Moncrieff, Charles E., Fairview Nurseries, 136 Hamilton road
Montgomery, Henry, & Co., auctioneers, house, land, and insurance agents, 56 Main street
Montgomery, J. W., 62 Dufferin avenue
Montgomery, R. D., proprietor "North Down Herald," 85 Main street
Montgomery, S. G., & Co., high-class merchant tailors and general drapers, 97 to 101 Main street
Montgomery, S. G., 73 Princetown road
Montgomery, William, tailor, Prospect road
Moore, Arthur B., 67 Princetown road
Moore, Dr. R. L., 10 Seacliffe road
Moore, Hugh, 57 Bryansburn road
Moore, James, 4 Tennyson avenue
Moore, Mrs. Mary, Church street
Moore, Mrs., Abbey street
Moore. Mrs., 24 Somerset avenue
Moore, William, coachbuilder, 34 Prospect road
Moore, William J., 53 Bryansburn road
Moorhead, Mrs. Charlotte, Belfast terrace, Ballyholme
Morgan, James, 46 Gray's hill
Morgan, John, coastguard
Morgan, Mrs. Maggie, 18 Holborn avenue
Morgan, Mary, 1 Springfield avenue
Morgan, Thomas, cycle depot & tobacconist, 61, 63 Main street
Morrell, Rev. R. J., The Manse, Manse road
Morris, Wm., 12 Queen's parade
Morrison, Mrs., 89 Clifton road
Morrison, Oliva, Dufferin avenue
Morrow, David, urban councillor, 53 Ballymagee street
Morrow, Hugh, posting establishment, 2 Dufferin avenue
Morrow, Hugh, 25 Beatrice road
Morrow, John, Castle street
Morrow, Matthew, plumber and gasfitter, 47, 49 Ballymagee street
Morrow, Robert E., 17 Prospect road
Morrow, Richard, 12 Primrose street
Mulholland, John, 3 Brunswick road
Munroe, Margaret, 20 Somerset avenue
Murdock, Edward, 71 Clifton road
Murdock, S. R., 7 Tennyson avenue
Murdock, Thomas, 7 Prospect road
Murdie, Lauria, 16 Somerset avenue
Murphy, Patrick, Temperance Restaurant, 133, 135 Main street
Murphy, Robert, 24 Dufferin avenue
Murray, Daniel, 15 Bryansburn road
Murray, John, Abbey street
Murray, Mrs., Abbey view
Mussen, Hugh H., solicitor and urban councillor, 75 Princetown road
Mussen, Mrs. Agnes, 20 Seacliffe road
M'Afee, Mrs. Ellen, Ward avenue
M'Anally, Samuel, Ballymagult
M'Askie, Mrs. Elizabeth, 37 Princetown road
M'Blain, Alfred, 23 Donaghadee road
M'Blain, David, shoemaker, 41 Victoria road
M'Blain, Miss Sarah, 73 Hamilton road
M'Bride, Mrs., 13 Queen's parade
M'Bride, Thomas, 6 Mountpleasant
M'Bride, William, West End Grocery Stores, 94, 96 Dufferin avenue
M'Burney, Mrs. Mary J., Belfast terrace, Ballyholme
M'Cabe, Peter, postman, 34 Southwell road
M'Cance, James, 7 Ruby street
M'Cance, William J., painter and decorator, 3 Ruby street
M'Cartney, Mrs., 3 Ballymagee street
M'Cartney, Miss A., 29 Queen's parade
M'Cartney, Miss Maggie, milliner, 17 Bridge street
M'Cartney, Miss M., 77 Dufferin avenue
M'Cauley, Rev. P., C.C., Brunswick road
M'Cauley, Thomas, 24 Beatrice road
M'Chesney, Hugh, 13 Railwayview street
M'Chestney, Joseph, 8 Hamilton road
M'Cleave, J., 21 Beatrice road
M'Clelland, Robert, 4 Donaghadee road
M'Clelland, William, 30 Southwell road
M'Cloy, Robert, 13 Bryansburn road
M'Clure, Mrs. Eliza, 2 Princetown terrace
M'Clure, Robert, 98, 100 Seacliffe road
M'Conaghie, W. J., 102 Abbey street
M'Conkey, Frank, 63 Ballymagee street
M'Conkey, George, tobacconist, 72 Main st
M'Connell, Henry, 6 Brunswick road
M'Connell, Mrs. Maria, 104 Princetown road
M'Connell, The Misses, Ladies' Collegiate School, 11 Gray's hill
M'Connell, Thomas E., 22 Downshire road
M'Cormick, Charles, school teacher, 14 Manse road
M'Cormick, Hugh, Ranfurly avenue
M'Cormick, James, merchant tailor, 3, 5 Central avenue
M'Cracken, Samuel, Gray's hill
M'Cready, John, school attendance officer, 19 Ruby street
M'Cready, Nathaniel, 98 Donaghadee road
M'Creary, A. E. J., professor of music, 56 Princetown road
M'Creight, Annie, 4 Balfour terrace, Ballyholme
M'Cullough, Captain James, 51 Clifton rd
M'Cullough, Dr. R.
M'Cullough, Ellen, New street
M'Cully, David, flesher, 4 and 23 King st
M'Cutcheon, Samuel, 47 Beatrice road
M'Dade, Wm. J., Castle street
M'Dade, Miss, Brunswick road
M'Donagh, William, N.S. teacher, 1 Ruby street
M'Dowell, James, spirit grocer, 50 Victoria road and corner of Holborn avenue
M'Dowell, Mrs., caretaker Orange Hall, Hamilton road
M'Dowell, Samuel, Castle square
M'Dowell, Wm., Victoria road
M'Dowell, William, 80 Ballymagee street
M'Elroy, Sarah, 20 Princetown road
M'Eneny, Patk., 83 Ballymagee street
M'Ervell, Thomas, 2 Victoria terrace, Clifton road
M'Feeters, Rev. James, principal Bangor Grammar School, 256 Seacliffe road
M'Gaffikin, George, Princetown road
M'Gifford, Mrs. E., 39 Clifton road
M'Gowan, David, 28 Gray's hill
M'Gowan, William, sexton Parish Church, 11 Ruby street
M'Grath, William, Clifton
M'Grath, William, hairdresser, 9, 11 Ballymagee street
M'Ilrea, John, 47 Brunswick road
M'Ilroy, Mrs. Susan, 37 Southwell road
M'Ilwaine, Rosetta, 2 Raglan road
M'Kee, Henry, grocer, 98, 100 Main street
M'Kee, Hugh, 79 Railwayview street
M'Kee, James, 21 Bingham street
M'Kee, James, rate collector, 44 Hamilton road
M'Kee, Miss Mary Ann, poulterer, 21, 23 Bridge street
M'Kee, Mrs. J., 4 Somerset avenue
M'Kee, Mrs. Margaret, 128 Seacliffe road
M'Kee, Robert, 18 Victoria road
M'Kee, Wilson, family grocer, 29, 31 Gray's hill
M'Kee, William, 41 Bryansburn road
M'Kee, Wm. B., 85 Princetown road
M'Kee, William S., 170 Seacliffe road
M'Kenna, Miss M., Brookvale cottage, Ballyholme
M'Kenzie, David, & Co., 8 Southwell road
M'Kenzie, Mrs. Sarah J., 14 Southwell road
M'Keown, James, Bayview terrace, Ballyholme
M'Keown, Joseph, fishmonger, 14 Ballymagee street
M'Kerrol, Clarke, 22 Beatrice road
M'Kinley, Hamilton, 12 Victoria road
M'Laughlin, Agnes, 63 Ballyholme road
M'Laughlin, William H., 31 Bingham street
M'Lean, Andrew, 65 Railwayview street
M'Letchie, William J., 72 Bryansburn road
M'Mahon, Hugh, Beatrice road
M'Mahon, John, 51 Victoria road
M'Mahon, John, Holborn avenue
M'Mahon, Thomas, 2 Primrose street
M'Mahon, William, 33 Victoria road
M'Master, Annie, teacher, Southwell road
M'Master, Robert, Farnham park
M'Meekin, John, J.P., chairman Bangor Urban District Council, 17 Farnham park
M'Meekin, Robert, 102 Donaghadee road
M'Millan, George, 59 Gray's hill
M'Millan, William J., solicitor, Maxwell rd.
M'Mullen, Mrs., hardware merchant, 106, 108 Main street
M'Mullen, Rev. Douglas, Hamilton road
M'Mullen, Thomas, 107 Princetown road
M'Murray, Anna K., 25 Gray's hill
M'Murray, George, Garfield, Balfour terrace, Ballyholme
M'Murray, James, Bangor Steam Laundry, Hamilton road
M'Murray, James, urban councillor, 12 Clifton road
M'Murray, Miss Eliza, Bayview terrace, Ballyholme
M'Murray, Thomas, Belfast terrace, Ballyholme
M'Murray, William, 67 Gray's hill
M'Veigh, Patrick, 53 Railwayview street
M'Neill, James, 6 Springfield avenue
M'Neill, Mrs. Martha, The Yachtsman Hotel, 1, 3 Main street
M'Neill, Wm. C., Central avenue
M'Neilly, Hugh, grocer, 43 Victoria road
M'Neilly, John, 20 Victoria road
M'Neilly, William, 85 Ballymagee street
M'Queen, Robert, Windsor avenue
M'Roberts, Hans, dyer and cleaner, 1 Central avenue
M'Roberts, Hans, jun., Springfield avenue

Napier, Mrs., 4 Windsor avenue
Neill, Charles, & Sons, coal merchants, 5, 7 Crosby street
Neill, Dr. Harriett, 26 Princetown road
Neill, Frank, 62 Donaghadee road
Neill, James, coal merchant, 7 Queen's parade and Neill's pier
Neill, James, 40 Princetown road
Neill, Mary A., 18 Southwell road
Nelson, Jas. A., family grocer, confectioner, and tobacconist, 14 to 18 Gray's hill
Nelson, Miss Isabella, 25 Princetown road
Nelson, Mrs. Mary, Bayview, Ballyholme
NELSON, S., Hardware and Oil Merchant, 65, 67 Main Street
Nelson, William, British Legal Insurance agent, 104 Ballymagee street
Nesbitt, Mrs. Margaret, 46 Seacliffe road
Nesbitt, Mrs. Mary A., 69 Princetown road
Nesbitt, William, 10 Farnham road
Newell, Hugh, grocer, 6 Castle square
Newell, James, 9 Hamilton road
Nicholas, Thomas, 39 Bingham street
Nicholson, Captain John, urban councillor, Princetown road
Nixon, John, 2 Bryansburn road
"North Down Herald"—R. D. Montgomery, proprietor—85 Main street

Oliver, Mrs. Mary A., 59 Main street
Or, David, 3 Ward avenue
Orr, Jeannie, Ballyholme road
Orr, John, Castle mount
Orr, Miss Isabella, 17 Gray's hill
Orr, Samuel, 7 Farnham park
Orr, William, 24 Hamilton road
Orr, William S., 3 Victoria terrace, Clifton road
O'Connell, J., N.S. inspector, 46 Bryansburn road
O'Neill, Ellen, 64 Abbey street
O'Neill, G. J., 71 Princetown road
O'Neill, G. J., com. traveller, Bayview, Ballyholme
O'Neill, Joseph, 10 Victoria road
O'Neill, Joseph, Church street
O'Reilly, Felix, 55 Bryansburn road

Page, William, 44 Ballymagee street
Paisley, James, 11 Hamilton road
Paisley, Mrs., 15 Hamilton road
Palfry, Harry, piermaster, 42 Victoria road
Palmer, James, 17 Holborn street
Palmer, H. H., 113 Hamilton road
Parker, Miss Helen, 59 Princetown road
Parks, Mrs., 11 Clifton road
Parson, Mary A., 36 Prospect road
Paton, Mrs. Maggie, Balfour terrace, Ballyholme
Patterson, Agnes, 25 Ballyholme road
Patterson, Charles, Clifton road
Patterson, Edward F., 70 Clifton road
Patterson, James, 29 Bingham street
Patterson, Mrs., 4 Park avenue
Patterson, Philip, 26 Southwell road
Patterson, Rev. Thomas, 1 Newmunster ter.
Patterson, T. K., fancy bakery, 94, 96 Main street
Patterson, T. K., 26 Donaghadee road
Patterson, William M., 10 Downshire road
Patton, Miss, ladies' nurse, 41 Southwell road
Patton, Miss Sophia, grocer, 65, 67 Ballymagee street
Patton, Mrs. M., Ladies' Boarding and Day School, 4 Downshire road
Patton, Thomas, 5 Ward avenue
Patton, William H., 17 Bingham street
Pender, Miss Etta, 126 Seacliffe road
Peacocke, Alex., boot and shoe maker, 128 Main street
Phoenix, David, 164 Seacliffe road
Pidduck, W. A., 50 Dufferin avenue
Pike, Mrs., Belfast terrace, Ballyholme
Pirn, E. & W., Quay street
Plunkett, Mrs. Lena, 91 Princetown road
Pollock, Agnes, 17 May avenue
Pollock, Henry, 104 Ballymagee street
Pollock, Miss Anna, postmistress Ballymagee Street Post Office, Ballymagee street
Pollock, Robert, 89 Victoria road
Pollock, William, Ballymagee street
Poole, William J., 67 Church street
Polley, Wm., 34 Victoria road
Porter, Mrs. Martha, 22 Princetown road
Porter, M., 4 Hamilton road
Porter, William, 22 Victoria road
Porter, Mrs. Agnes, 4 Bay parks, Ballyholme road
Prenter, John, 72 Seacliffe road
Priestly, Mrs. Mary J., 61 Princetown road
Primrose, G., 66 Southwell road
Purdon, Mrs., 3 Park avenue
Purdy, Mrs., dressmaker, Railway View st.
Purvis, Robert, Gray's hill
Purvis, W. P., 18 Bingham street

Quee, Charles, flesher, 84, 86 Main street
Quinn, Mrs., 64 Southwell road

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