Gardiner-street, Middle

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Britain-st. Gt. to Mountjoy-sq. W.

P. St. George.—Mountjoy W.—City.

1 Heeney, H. fruiterer, 25l.

2 Orr, William, house painter, 15l.

3 Coyne, J. confectioner, 27l.

4 Brooke, John, q.c. 35l.

5 Devlin, Patrick, esq. 32l.

„ Bourke, John Wm. solicitor, agent to the London and Yorkshire Insurance Cos. and 65 South Mall, Cork

„ Connor, James E. sol. and Nelson-street, Tralee

„ Donegan, D. Val. solicitor, and 33 South Mall, Cork

„ Leonard, Maurice, sol. & Listowel

„ MacSwiney, Morgan John, solicitor, and Cahirciveen

„ O'Riordan, John Charles, solicitor, and Gortroe, Killarney, one of the coroners for Kerry

„ O'Riordan, Jos. John, sol. & 46 Nelson-street, Tralee

„ Stack, Patrick, solicitor, and 3 Nelson-street, Tralee

„ Sandes, John, sol. and Listowel

6 Moran, B. painter, glazier, paper hanger, and decorator, 32l.

Ladies' Association of St. Vincent de Paul

7 Mulville, Mr. P. 27l.

8 MacNevin & Whitney, solicitors, 30l.

„ MacNevin, Richard Chas. sol. and registrar to the Hon. Judge Keogh

„ Whitney, Benjamin, solicitor

9 Smyth, P. J. solicitor, 28l.

10 Walsh, Thos. solicitor, & Bellevue, Mullingar, 28l.

„ Young, Mrs.

„ Miller, Thomas P. solicitor, a.b.

11 Fitzgerald, John, barrister, 27l.

12 Whitton, Mrs. 28l.

13 Maguire, Hubert, painter, glazier, and paper hanger, 24l.

here Temple-lane intersects

14 Geoghegan, Dorothea, board. ho. 50l.

15 Vogan, John, solicitor, 47l.

16 Scott, Richard, sol. and Ennis, 67l.

17 Kenny, Matthew, solr. Ennis, 55l.

18 Whitton, Wm. solicitor, agent for the Gresham Life Assurance Co. 54l.

„ Greer, Jas. & Edwd. sols. & Omagh

„ Greer, Edward, solicitor, & Omagh

„ Montgomery, Alex. sol. and Belfast

„ Murland and Nelson, solicitors, and Downpatrick

„ Nelson, Wellington, solicitor, and Downpatrick

„ Murland, James, sol. & Downpatrick

„ Birney, John, sol. and Lisburn

19 Blaquiere, James, solicitor, 55l.

20 Hawkins, James, barrister, 74l.

here Mountjoy-square intersects

21 Pike, Wm. Patrickson, solicitor, 28l.

„ Haslam, John, solicitor

22 O'Donnell, Mrs. James, 33l.

23 Lynch, Thomas, sol. to the North of England Insurance Co. also sol. for the Sovereign Life Assurance Co.

„ Seeds, Henry & William, solicitors, and 34 Castle lane, Belfast

„ O'Donnell, John, sol. and Limerick

„ Molony, Michael, sol. and Ennis

„ Tittle, James H. solicitor

„ Joynt, Wm. Lane, sol. and George's-street, Limerick

24 Crozier Wm. jun. a.b. barrister, & Greenwood, St. Doulough's, 38l.

„ Shone, J. Allan, register to the Hon. Baron Fitzgerald, and Trafalgar-terrace, Monkstown

25 Maxwell, R. solicitor, & Woodville, Artane, 47l.

26 Powell, Mrs. 47l.

27 Hynes, Mrs. 23l.

here Gardiner's-lane intersects

28 & 29 M'Keon, Edward, grocer, and spirit merchant, 13l., 12l.

30 Carroll, Philip, provision dealer, 16l.

here Belmont-place intersects

31 Rice, Mr. Francis, g.p.o. 17l.

32 Verso, Joseph, housepainter, 17l.

33 & 34 Lube, Jos. plumber & slater, 20l.

„ Lube, Mrs. F. stay & corset mkr. 10l.

35 Crampton, Mathias, prov. dealer, 8l.

36 Murphy, James, tailor, 16l.

37 Monks, Michael, prov. dealer, 16l.

38 Faucett, John, veterinary forge, 4l.

39 M'Ilroy, H. plumber, 10l.

40 Hanlon and Maguire, Messrs. house and ornamental painters, 9l.

41 Vacant, 9l.

42 Spencer, Chs. toy & fancy wareh. 9l.

43 M'Dermott, William, slater, 15l.

44 O'Loughlin, Jas. fruiterer and confectioner, 10l.

45 Brien, D. provision dealer, 10l.

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