Gardiner-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Mountjoy-square, West, to Dorset-street, Lower.

P. St. George.—Rotunda W.—City.

1 Ribton, Miss Maryanne, 37l.

2 Stuart, Mrs. Clara, 33l.

3 Colcough, Mrs. 34l.

„ Colclough, Henry, solicitor

4 Wallace. Robert A. solicitor, 34l.

„ W. B. and Sons, solicitors

5 Vacant, 38l.

6 Weir, Miss Margaret, 42l.

7 O'Donohoe, Mrs. 42l.

8 Acheson, James, esq. 42l.

„ Acheson, James Gilmor, barrister

9 Dix, Henry T. solicitor, 42l.

„ Butler, Thomas C. solicitor

10 Barff, Frederick S. M.A. 42l.

11 Green, Mrs. 34l.

12 Baker, Rev. Francis, and Hazardstown, Naul, 36l.

13 Cowan, Joseph M. solicitor, 38l.

14 Dolphin, P. Henry, solicitor 36l.

„ Dolphin, James Joseph, esq.

„ Dolphin, Henry Joseph, solicitor, and a commissioner for taking affidavits in Court of Chancery, and Summerhill, co. Galway

„ Scollard, Nicholas, sol. and Cork

15 Flood, Miss, 34l.

16 Whyte, John Charles, esq. bar. 36l.

17 Hickie, Patrick Joseph, solr. 37l.

„ Hickie, John Joseph, solicitor

18 Haughton, Mr. R.

19 to 57 Building ground

58 Smyth, Thos. Sidney, solicitor, 42l.

59 Farrington, Abednego, esq. 44l.

60 Ryan, Mrs. Mary, 44l.

61 Coppinger, Mrs. Juliana Mary Jane, 44l.

62 Butler, John Judkin, esq. marshal of Record Court—office and stores, 12 Bachelor's-walk, 44l.

„ Butler, George, esq. receiver of income tax—office, 34 William-street

here Dorset-street, Lower, intersects

63 Cullen, Mrs. 42l.

„ Cullen, M. Keogh, solicitor—offices, 43 Marlborough-street

64A Hancock, W. Neilson, ll.d. barrister, 16l.

64B Livingston, J. W. esq. 32l.

65 Lyster, Thos. M. sol. & Galway, 32l.

66 Murphy, Miss, 32l.

67 Butler, Edward, esq. 32l.

68 Hoey, Miss, 38l.

69 Corbett, Charles, esq. 38l.

70 Campbell, William, esq. 38l.

71 Ryan, Thomas E. esq.—office, 8 Burgh-quay, 38l.

72 Nugent, Ambrose, esq. 37l.

73 Byrne, John P. esq. & Ballyhohill house, co. Dublin, 37l.

74 Ross, William, esq. 40l.

here Sherrard-street intersects

Society of Jesus—Rev. J.Callan, 120l.

St. Francis Xavier R. C. Chapel


Lentaigne, Very Rev. Jos. prov.

Callan, Rev. John, s.j. sup.

Gaffney, Rev. John, s.j.

Curtis, Very Rev. John, s.j.

St. Leger, Rev. John, s.j.

Kavanagh, Rev. Michael, s.j.

Murphy, Rev. Francis, s.j.

Fortescue, Rev. William, s.j.

Kyan, Rev. Alexander, s.j.

Lynch, Rev. John

Sisters of Charity Conv.—Mrs. Jones, superioress

Female Free Schools

here Belvidere-court intersects

[84 to 85—95l.]

84 Baker, Arthur, sol. office

„ Baker, Arthur, sol. and 69 Mountjoy-square,

85 Baker, Arthur, sol. and Balneary house, Swords, and Frankfort Castle, Dundrum, co. Dublin

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