Gardiner-street, Lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Great Britain-st. to Beresford-pl.

P. St. Thomas.—1 to 14 and 105 to 121 Mountjoy W. 15 to 104 North Dock W.—City.

1 Smyth, Frederick L. barrister, 48l.

2 Corcoran, Edward, solicitor, 46l.

3 Daly, Miss, 48l.

4 Grey, Charles, r.h.a. portrait painter, 42l.

5 Murphy, John B. barrister, 42l.

6 O'Shea, J. J. esq. 45l.

7 Ireland, Samuel G. barrister, and Robertstown house, County Kildare, 45l.

8 Dwyer, James, solicitor, 45l.

9 Concannon, Henry, barrister, Crown prosecutor for the co. of Sligo, and counsel to the Post Office

10 Vacant, 45l.

11 Butler, Walter R. barrister-at-law, 25l.

12 Doolan, Nicholas, solicitor, 25l.

„ M'Kenna, Peter John, barrister

„ M'Kenna, John, esq.

13 Marr, John, esq. goods department, City of Dublin Steam Packet Co.—inward stores, North wall

„ Marr, John O. esq.

14 Larkin, Thomas, esq. 30l.

here Gloucester-street, Upper, intersects

15 Wilson, John, commiss. agent, 30l.

16 Segrave, Mrs. Eliza, 31l.

17 Lyons, John J. architect, c.e. and surveyor, f.r.i.a.i. 28l.

Office of the Dublin Builder—John J. Lyons, editor

17½ Downey, William, coach painter

18 Maquay, Mrs. 29l.

19 Palmer, Edward Orpen, sol. 23l.

„ Palmer, Abraham Henry, esq.

„ Palmer, Caleb, esq.

here Mecklenburgh-st. Upper, intersects.

20 Atkinson, Robert, surgeon, 34l.

21 Murphy, Mrs. Rose, 35l.

22 Vacant, 36l.

23 Nathan, John, merchant, 38l.

24 Mayne, Joseph St. Clair, sol. and land agt. & Mantua, Swords, 38l.

„ Mayne, James A. sol. & land agent, & Aughnamallagh ho. Monaghan

„ Mayne, Wm. Francis, a.b. t.c.d.

25 Hanly, Joseph, solicitor, 39l.

„ Fitzgerald, Gerald, solicitor

26 Payne, George Francis, esq. 38l.

27 Drummond, Rev. Wm. H. d.d. 38l.

28 Lindsay, Edwd. ll.d. barrister, 38l.

29 Swan, Thos. P. house, land, money, and insurance agent, 40l.

„ Kelly, P. J. solicitor

30 Edwards, Henry, solicitor, 40l.

31 Scully, Mrs. Anne, 41l.

32 Speer, Oliver, solicitor, and Larchfield ho. Dundrum, co. Dublin, 47l.

here Deverel-place intersects

Entrance to National Model School

33 Mara, Jeremiah, solicitor, Crown solicitor for the Queen's County, and co. Carlow, and Portarlington, 58l.

„ Pigott, Wm. solr. and Portarlington

34 Nolan, Daniel Wilson, solicitor, 58l.

35 Charitable Bequests' Office, 53l.

Secretaries, Hercules MacDonnell. and William Gernon, esqrs.; accountant, Robert Molloy; office keeper, Hen. James Blake

36 Morgan, John, wine mercht. agent to Farre and Co. cognac brandy merchants; Jackson and Co. London, hop merchants; Cuzol Son, and Co. Bordeaux, wine merchants, 58l.

37 De Burggraff, Fred. French consulres. 18 Belgrave-square, Rathmines, 58l.

„ De Meric, Eugene, French vice-con.—office hours 12 to 6

38 Martley, Mrs. 58l.

„ Martley, Wm. H. a.b. t.c.d. l.r.c.s.i.

39 Walker, Saml. attorney & sol. 58l.

„ Walker, Richard Crampton, attorney and solicitor

„ Waring, Lucas, attorney & solicitor, and Lisburn

„ Stephenson, George, attorney and solicitor, and Lisburn

„ Mackeowin, George Finiston, attorney and solicitor, and Belfast

„ Pennefather, Thomas B. attorney and solicitor, and Thurles

40 Williams, James, esq. 50l.

„ Williams, Miss Ellen, of the royal academy of music, London, professor of Italian & English singing

„ Moffatt, Miss, agent for governesses

41 Byrne, Patk. architect, r.h.a. 29l.

„ Byrne, Hugh, city architect

42 Browne, Mrs. Jane, 45l.

here Talbot-street intersects

43 Dundalk, Enniskillen, and Londonderry Railway Office—Thomas Edwards, esq. secretary, 56l.

44 Thornhill, Wm. m.b. f r.c.s.i. 52l.

45 Martin and Cartan, solicitors, 52l.

„ Martin, John, solicitor

„ Cartan, Matthew, solicitor

46 Moore, Edward, solicitor, 60l.

„ Dawson, Thomas, esq.

„ Moore, John C. G. esq.

„ Moore, James Campbell, esq.

47 O'Brien, John, esq. j.p. and Drumrahan, co. Leitrim, 58l.

48 Pollock, John, solicitor, 58l.

49 Howell, Mrs. 56l.

50 Diggs, Henry, cabinet maker

Trinity Church—Venerable John Gregg, archd. of Kildare, minister

51 to 53 Trinity Church Schools—Arthur Ganly, master

here Beresford-place intersects

54 Police-barracks

55 Hill, Miss Emily, 29l.

„ Hill, Miss Mary

56 Abbott and Moore, solicitors, 25l.

„ Abbott, John Moore, solicitor, and Stanley-terrace, Leeson-st. upper

„ Moore, Jas. H. solicitor, 14 Leinster-sq. Rathmines, & Aughnacloy

„ Moore, Cecil, solicitor, and Cottage hill, Aughnacloy

57 Gibson, Wm. overseer of works, & agent for Gribbon's patent, 28l.

58 DeLarue, Theodore, esq. 21l.

here Frenchman's-lane intersects

59 Davies, Thos. Perrier, land and insurance agent, and Upton lodge, Drumcondra, 37l.

60 Nugent, John Percy, physician, 62l.

61 Vacant, 60l.

62 Murphy, John Henry, esq. 60l.

„ Murphy, Joseph B. law agent

„ Murphy, Joseph J.

„ Taaffe, Robert, solicitor

„ Smith, Joseph Huband, barrister, legal adviser to the Royal Hibernian Academy

63 Whitney, Benjamin, esq. 53l.

64 Hussey, Edward, wine merch. 53l.

65 Murray, Edw. Charles, solicitor, 53l.

„ Davidson & Torrens, solicitors

„ Little, John, solicitor

66 Lightburne, Mrs. 53l.

„ Lightburne, Harcourt, sol. & Trim

67 Gregg, Ven. John, archdeacon of Kildare, and minister of Trinity Church, 53l.

68 Murray, Mrs. 53l.

„ Murray, Wm. G. architect, r.h.a. and Ballybrack, co. Dublin

69 Vacant, 53l.

70 Scott, George, merchant, (of Butler & Scott,) 51 Middle Abbey-st. 53l.

here Talbot-street intersects

71 O'Connell, Thos. Francis, sol. 43l.

„ Honohan, Wm. sol. and coroner for co. Cork, 34 South Mall, Cork, & Blackrock, co. Cork

„ Foots & Fitzsimons, solicitors, and 83 South Mall, Cork

„ Foot, Alex. Pope, solicitor, and 83 South Mall, Cork

„ Fitzsimons, Henry, solicitor, and 68 South Mall, Cork

„ Foot, George, solicitor, and clerk of the peace for the city of Cork, and Rock cot. Ringaskiddy, co. Cork

„ Fitzsimons, Walter, solicitor, & 69 South Mall, Cork

72 King, Charles Croker, solicitor and land agent, 44l.

„ King, William Croker, barrister

„ King, Richard Croker, esq.

73 Trouton, Charles, esq. corn factor, and wine merchant, 52l.

74 Squier, Pierce Wm. Henry, wine cooper and agent, 52l.

75 Fallon, Patrick, esq. 57l.

76 Gernon, William, barrister, and sec. to the Commissioners of Charitable Donations and Bequests, and High Sheriff of Drogheda, 53l.

77 M'Nally, Thos. sol. a.m., t.c.d. 53l.

78 Williamson, Charles, solicitor, 53l.

79 Long, Joseph, esq. g.p.o. 53l.

„ Long, Robert, esq.

80 Brett, Matthew, solicitor, 55l.

„ Brett, John, solicitor

81 Davis, Sydenham, solicitor, and 31 Corrig-avenue, Kingstown, 53l.

82 Armstrong, Miss, 50l.

83 Johnston, Mrs. Mary, 52l.

84 Loughnan, Connell, solicitor, 52l.

„ Loughnan, Henry James, barrister

85 Thompson, Wm. wine mercht. and 13, 14, 20, 26 Mabbot-lane, and Strandfield, Raheny, 53l.

86 Nugent, Edward, solicitor, and solicitor to the French Consulate in Ireland, 53l.

87 Preston, Sir George, 53l.

88 O'Reilly, James Wm. solicitor, 53l.

89 Kelly, Thomas, William, and John, wine merchants, 70l.

90 Hughes, Charles, solicitor, 52l.

„ Ryan, William, sol. and Clonmel

91 White, B. and F. boarding and day school, 50l.

92 Harricks, Jas. F. classical & general school, 46l.

93 Sinnott, James, solicitor, 42l.

„ Carleton, Thos. sol. and Portadown

„ Irvine, Robt. H. sol. and Kenmare

„ Magee, Joshua, M. sol. and Newry

„ Magee, Wm. sol. and notary public, clerk of the peace for the co. of the town of Drogheda, and town clerk to the corporation of Drogheda

„ M'Mahon, Chas. sol. and Dundalk.

94 Harvey, Miss Eliza, 40l.

„ Harvey, R. F. professor of music

95 Graham, Mrs. Eliza, 35l.

96 Clendinning, Miss, private hotel, 40l.

here Mecklenburgh-street, Lr. intersects.

97 Frazer, John, solicitor, 34l.

„ Frazer, Edward, solicitor

98 Quinn, Michael, esq.—res. Middleton house, co. Longford, 40l.

99 O'Loughnan, Edward, solicitor and proctor, 36l.

„ O'Loughlin, P. J. solicitor, and Dunmore, co. Galway

100 Henry, Miss Anna Maria, 41l.

101 Farrell, Patrick, wine and foreign spirit agent, 41l.

102 Treston, Lucas Alex. bar. 34l.

103 Tracey, Thomas H. solicitor, 24l.

„ Bergin, Daniel J. solicitor

104 O'Loughlin, Patk. G. wine mercht. 162 Gloucester-street, and 1 Margaret-place, 21l.

here Gloucester-street, Lower, intersects.

105 Hilliard, Osborne, barrister, 26l.

106 Plunket, Hyacinth C. barrist. 34l.

107 Rennie, Mrs. 35l.

„ Rennie, T. B. esq. & 7 Parnel-place, Harold's-cross

108 Walker, Mr. James, 34l.

109 Martin, John, solicitor and town councillor, and Tuam, 37l.

110 Mateer, Robert, esq. 34l.

111 Davoren, James, esq. 38l.

112 Kirby, Teresa, boarding house, 40l.

113 Reed, Mrs. Kate, 40l.

114 Jackson, Mrs. 46l.

115 Lawless, Mrs. board & lodg.-ho. 48l.

116 Vacant, 38l.

here Gloucester-place, Upper, intersects.

117 Hard castle, Mrs. Jane, 40l.

118 Walsh, Miss Anne, 37l.

„ Walsh, George, esq.

„ Murphy, Arthur MacMurrogh, esq.

„ Green, Samuel James, solicitor

119 Kennedy, Mrs. board and lodging-house, 33l.

„ Seeds, Robert, barrister

„ Porter, A. M. barrister

120 Kent, Joseph, law stationer, 25l.

„ Parker, William, solicitor, and Mount Alton, Templeogue

121 Brady, Ter. grocer, & 1 Summer-hill

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