ARMAGH (County of)

ARMAGH (County of), an inland county, in the province of ulster, bounded on the north by Lough Neagh, on the east by the county of Down, on the south-east by that of Louth, on the south-west by Monaghan, and on the west and north-west by Tyrone:Armagh Seal it is situated between 54° 3' and 54° 31' (N. Lat.), and between 6° 14' and 6° 45' (W. Lon.); and comprises, according to the Ordnance survey, 328,076 statute acres, of which 267,317 acres are tillable, 17,941 are covered with water, and the remainder is mountain and bog. The population, in 1821, was 197,427; and, in 1831, 220,134.

This tract is supposed to have been part of that named by Ptolemy as the territories of the Vinderii and Voluntii: it afterwards formed part of the district called Orgial, which also comprised the counties of Louth and Monaghan.

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