William Watson, History and Portrait Painter

(d. 1765)

History and Portrait Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He was a brother of James Watson (q.v.), and worked in Dublin as a painter in oils and crayons. He lived in College Green, and in 1765 exhibited "Paetus and Arria," a "Portrait of a Lady" in oil, and a "Portrait of a Gentleman" in crayons, with the Society of Artists in George's Lane. He was a friend and associate of Robert Healy (q.v.), and Pasquin tells us that he was "an eminent performer on the German flute." He died in his house in College Green on 7th November, 1765. His wife, MRS. WATSON, was also an artist. She exhibited "a Dutch Kitchen, in needlework," at the Society of Artists in William Street in 1767, and Fruit and Flower pieces in water-colours and crayons in 1768, 1770 and 1771. She enjoyed a considerable reputation, and was, says Pasquin, "to the females of Ireland what Mrs. Wright, the embroidress, was to the ladies of England—an improver of their taste in the articles of personal adornment; nay, some have gone so far as to call her the Maria Cosway of Hibernia!"

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