M. Weaver, Portrait Painter

(fl. c. 1766)

Portrait Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

A portrait painter who came to Ireland from Bath in 1766 and sought the patronage of the Dublin public. In an advertisement issued by him on his arrival he announced that he "will draw in oil colours such gentlemen and ladies as shall be pleased to sit for that purpose"; and he further says, that "he has had the honour to draw the Countess of Lauderdale, Countess of Orrery, Lord Dungarvan and others." His address was at Mr. Gordon's, watchmaker, in Dame Street. In 1767 he issued an "advertisement to the curious. The genuine Look recorded, or the true likeness taken and handed down to the latest Posterity in oil colours by M. Weaver, Limner, at Mr. Gordon's, watchmaker in Dame Street. N.B. Pourtraits of Persons may be seen from one to three o'clock at said place" ("Saunders' Newsletter," 1767, No. 4196). In the same year he sent, from Great Booter Lane, four pictures, one religious subject and three portraits, to the Society of Artists in William Street, and at the end of the year was painting at Kilkenny. After that nothing further is recorded of him.

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