John Warren, Painter in Crayons and Water-Colour

(fl. 1768-1777)

Painter in Crayons and Water-Colour

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He entered the Dublin Society's Schools in 1764, and in 1768 exhibited, as "Master Warren, Paradise Row," three drawings at the Society of Artists in William Street. He again exhibited in the following year, and in 1770 was awarded by the Dublin Society a premium of £6 16s. 6d. for a portrait. As "John Warren" he sent small portraits and views, mostly in crayons, to the exhibitions between 1770 and 1775; among his exhibits in the latter year being a portrait in crayons of "Miss Weiwitzer as Rosetta," and four "chiaroscuros for compartments." Soon after this he went to Bath, and sent from there in 1777 four portraits to the Artists' Exhibition in Dublin, and one to the Royal Academy. After this there is no further mention of him. There is, however, among the drawings in G. Beranger's collection in the Royal Irish Academy, a water-colour view of Boyle Abbey by "John Warren, senr., 1779," presumably his.

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