Robert Warrington, Portrait and Landscape Painter

(fl. 1831-1836)

Portrait and Landscape Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He lived and practised in Belfast for many years, and was a member of the Association of Artists on its establishment there in 1836. In 1831 he sent to the Royal Hibernian Academy a "Portrait of William Tennent, of Belfast," and one of "J. Sheridan Knowles." For Mr. John Cunningham, of Macedon, Belfast, he made a number of copies of the principal pictures in the Dulwich Gallery. The date of his death has not been found. He does not seem to have produced much work; the following examples were shown in the Loan collection of works of art at Belfast in 1888: "Portrait of James French, Chronometer Maker, London; a native of Randalstown" (James Thompson, J.P.); "James Bristow" (E. J. Bristow); "Launch of the Aurora, the first passenger steamer built in Belfast, 1839" (L. M. Ewart).

A JAMES WARRINGTON, of Moy, was painting about the same period, but no particulars have been found concerning him. He is said to have been drowned in the Lake of Geneva during his honeymoon, while still a young man. A well-painted portrait by him of "Mrs. William Richardson" belongs to Mr. Hedderwick, of Outwood, Morton Hill Avenue, Edinburgh.

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