James Robert Maguire, Miniature Painter

(fl. 1809-1850)

Miniature Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

His name first appears in 1809 when he was living in College Green, and sent three miniatures, including one of Owenson the actor, to the exhibition in Hawkins Street. He continued to exhibit miniatures at the exhibitions held in 1810, 1811, 1812 and 1816. A "Portrait of a Beggarman generally at Stephen's Green," was exhibited by him in 1811. He was a contributor to the Royal Hibernian Academy from its first exhibition in 1826 down to 1849, mostly of miniatures, with a few views and oil portraits. In 1826 he was elected an Associate of the Academy, but resigned in 1830. He died probably in 1850. A "Portrait of H. Hardy," drawn by him, was engraved in stipple by J. Heath for Barrington's "Historic Memoirs"; and for the same work he did drawings of "Richard Dawson, M.P." and "Lord Kilwarden," both after pictures by Hamilton. The original drawings of these three portraits are now in the possession of Lord Monteagle. A portrait of "J. B. Logier," engraved by H. Myer, was dedicated "to pupils of Logier and the professors of the Logieran system of musical education."

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