Patrick Maguire, Engraver

(fl. 1790-1820)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He was admitted as a student in the Dublin Society's School in 1783, and afterwards worked in Dublin for many years as an engraver in Trinity Place and Anglesea Street. His work was chiefly in book illustrations, and much of it will be found in the "Sentimental and Masonic Magazine," begun in 1792, the "Hibernian Magazine" and other periodicals of the latter end of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth centuries. A portrait of "Thomas Ryder, as Sir John Restless in 'All in the Wrong,'" after a drawing by S. Harding, appeared in the "Universal Magazine" for December, 1791, and one of "Daniel Mendoza," the pugilist, after Robineau, in the same Magazine for February, 1792. He also did numerous engravings from portraits by James Petrie (q.v.), including probably that of "Napper Tandy," published by Petrie himself. A stipple print of "John Forster," bust only, after the picture by G. Stuart, was published in 1799 by Henecy and Fitzpatrick in Suffolk Street. The date of Maguire's death has not been ascertained, but it was probably in 1820. He had a son, CHARLES MAGUIRE, who assisted him in his work, and was the engraver of "A Fort near Galway" in Hardiman's "History of Galway," 1820.

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