Edward Lyons, Engraver and Herald Painter

(b. 1726, d. 1801)

Engraver and Herald Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was born in 1726. In 1753 he was living "over the cloth shop near Essex Bridge, opposite Brooke's glass shop," where he carried on the work of an engraver and seal-cutter. In that year he published, by subscription, "a curious etched print of the late Rev. John Murphy, from a Busto the mould of which was taken from his face after his decease" ("Faulkner's Journal," 4th August and 2nd December, 1753). It is not stated whether Lyons himself was the engraver. He also published a small etching of the same subject and a mezzotint. A folio etching of "Crazy Crow" was also published by him in 1764. In 1757 he announced by advertisement that "the collection of heraldry, late belonging to Mr. John Seymour of Eustace Street," was in his possession. From 1760 to 1763 Lyons was in Fishamble Street, at "The Three Sugar Loaves, next door to Mr. Saul, grocer"; and from there issued one of his many advertisements: "Edward Lyons, seal graver, at the Three Sugar Loaves in Fishamble Street, next door above Mr. Saul. A parcel of choice Italian prints and drawings, etc., likewise the arms, crests, and mottos complete of many ancient and illustrious families of these kingdoms, particularly those of the Milesian and Strongbonian races, all accurately painted from authentic prints and manuscripts in his possession. Gentlemen distant from Dublin, by sending proper instructions to Mr. Lyons may have their arms, etc., neatly engraved for marking their books; or painted, framed and glazed in an elegant manner to put up in their houses, and conveyed to them with the greatest safety on the same moderate terms as at present. Plate and seals engraved as usual, and the highest price given for any quantity of rough crystal or curious pebbles proper for making seals" ("Sleator's Public Gazetteer," March, 1763).

In the same year he moved to "The Parrot in Essex Street, next door to the Globe Coffee House," and he was afterwards at No. 24 in the same street, next door to the Ballast Office. From here, in 1790, he issued an advertisement that his "large and well-known collection of heraldry is open for inspection, in which are many old and original MSS. of the best authority. From this authentic collection coats of arms are engraved, painted and sketched in the most accurate manner by and under the direction of said Lyons, who, from many years practice and experience in this art, is enabled to avoid the gross mistakes daily committed in this way" ("Dublin Chronicle"). Lyons seems to have retired from his business in 1799, as his name ceases to appear in the directories after that year.

He died, according to Whitelaw and Walsh's "History of Dublin," in 1801.

A large number of book-plates, issued by Lyons, either engraved by himself or by his assistants, are known. Some are signed E. Lyons fecit, others, E. Lyons or Lyons. The following are known:

Hulton Anderson.

John Bagot.

Redmond Barry.




John Brownrigg, engineer.

William Burke.

Luke Cassidy.

Nathaniel Cavanagh.

William Christmas.

John Colclough.

Edmond Comerford.

James Corry.

William Dean.

Edward Digby.

Thomas George Digby.


Josias Dunn.

James Ferguson.

Rev. Robert Fleming.

Rev. George Forster.

Samuel Gatchell.

John Gayer.

Frances Wm. Green.



Overstreet Grogan.

Archdeacon Kingsbury.

Rev. Thomas Kingsbury.

Thomas Kingsbury, Esq.

Mic. Knaresbro'.

Myles McDermott, Coolavin.


Christopher Frederick Musgrave.

Denis Thomas O'Brien.

Michael Power.

Rev. Laurence Owen Reilly.

David Rochfort.

Robert Rowan.

Andrew Savage.

Bernard Shaw.

Robert Shaw, jun.

James Butler Stopford.

Marmaduke Taylor.

Walter Teeling.

Anthony Thompson.

Charles Tisdall.

Robert Wallace.

Examples of most of these will be found either in the Franks collection in the British Museum, or in the Heraldic Museum in Dublin.

In the Franks collection in the British Museum are a number of plates which are catalogued with the note, "Lyons Book." This book was acquired by Sir A. W. Franks, and was probably a pattern book kept by Lyons. Sir A. W. Franks broke up the book and incorporated its contents in his collection. It is impossible to say whether these plates were engraved in Lyons' establishment or not—probably they were, as nearly all the names are Irish. The plates from the book are:

T. Archdeakon.

Andrew Armstrong

George Armstrong (both inscribed L. Cheevers Sculpt; probably an assistant of Lyons).

Thomas Ashworth.

W. Baisley.

John Ball.

Robert Harrington Baudin.

Anthony Boland.

Sir Thomas Bond, Bart.

Gerard Borr of Pelletstown.

John Bowden, D.D.

George Boyd.


Jacob Boyse.

Blayney Brabazon.

Patrick Browne, Cork, 1742.

I. Bunbury, John's Town.

Randal Burke.

Hon. Simon Butler.


Joshua Beale Caleb.


Ralph Carol.

I. Christmas.

Malachy Connor.

John Cooke.

Rev. Walter Cope.

Robert Cornwall.


James Cuff.

James Dawson, Union Lodge.

James Dease.


Mr. Martin D'Esterre.

Robert Devereux, of Carrigmenan, Co. Wexford.


Nicholas Doherty.

A. M. J. Douglas.

Narcissus Duany, Chyrurgus Dubliniensis.

Trevor, Viscount Dungannon.

Andrew Durham.


Wm. Evelyn.

Wm. Farrell.

Richard Fenton.

Robert Fitzgerald.

Francis Foreside.

James Forrester.

James Forth.

Sir William Fortick.


Arthur French.

Sampn. Towgood French.






Thomas Griffith.

Peter Guitton.

Hamilton (six plates).

Thomas Harding.

John Hatch.

Hugh Hawkshaw.

John Hendrick.

Joseph Henry.

Christopher Hewetson, of Thomastown.

Rev. James Hingston, LL.B.

Lorenzo Hodson.

Alexr. Hoops.

John Hort.

William Hurst.

Geo. Jackson, Jackson Hall, Coleraine.

John Jennings.

Rev. Thomas Jessop.


Robert, Lord Kingsborough.

G. Grogan Knox.

James D. La Touche.

Thomas Lea.

Edmund Littlehales, M.D.

Lloyd, of Trowscoed.

James Lowry.

Charles Lucas, M.D.

Thomas Lucas, A.M.



Leonard McNally.

McMahon of Cavetown, Co. Roscommon.

Martin Maryman.

Thos. Maunsell, of Mount Temple.

Thos. Ridgate Maunsell.

William Maunsell.

Rev. T. Maurice, Archdeacon of Tuam.

Jn. Montgomery, of Ballyleek. [note: of Monaghan?].

Monaghan. [note: part of above entry?]

James Moore.

Wm. Moore.


Samuel Neale.

Jn. O'Connor, F.T.C.D.



Wm. Ogilvie.


Jn. O'Kelly.

Edward O'Reilly.


Thomas Otway, of Castle Otway.

Thomas Penrose.


Thomas Reade.

Jn. Reilly, of Mount Temple.

Hugh Reilly.

Robert Reilly.

Wm. Ridgeway.


John Rose.

W. Rowlston.


I. R.

Colonel Richard St. George, of Kilrush.

Sir George Gore St. George, Bart.


Wm. Barclay Scriven.

James Sexton.

Vesey Shaw, surgeon.

T. Andrews Sheridan.

Paul Sherlock, of Upper Butlerstown.

Richard Sherlock.

Birt. Smith.

Benjamin Swayne.

Henry Sweetman.

John Sweeney.

James Taylor.

John Taylor.

Samuel Thompson.

Theophilus Philip Thorp.

Rev. Robert Trail.


Joseph Tyrrell.

Hugh Vaughan of Hengwrt.

Rev. Richard Vincent.

Laurence Ward.

Samuel Ward.

William Warren.

Peter Wilkinson.


Hill Wilson.


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