Edwin Lyon, Sculptor


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He exhibited at the British Institution, in 1827, "Diomed going to meet the Council of the Grecians." In 1834 he was in Dublin, and although he never exhibited in the Royal Hibernian Academy, he was elected an Associate on the 18th January, 1836. He probably died the same year, as his name does not appear in the Academy lists afterwards. A wax statuette of "Maxwell Blacker, K.C.," signed Edwin Lyon, Dublin, 1835, belongs to Lord Dunalley at Kilboy, Co. Tipperary; and a bust in wax of "Sir William Cusack-Smith, Baron of the Exchequer," done in Dublin in 1834, to Sir Berry Cusack-Smith, K.C.M.G., Redlands, Maidenhead.

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