Bansha, Tipperary - Book of County Tipperary, 1889

About “The Book of County Tipperary,” 1889

George Henry Bassett produced 7 Irish county directories in the 1880s: Antrim, Armagh, Down, Kilkenny, Louth, Tipperary and Wexford. Each provides useful history of the respective counties as well as lists of office holders, farmers, traders, and other residents of the individual cities, towns and villages.

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The directories are naturally an invaluable resource for those tracing family history. The Book of County Tipperary is the first of these to be made available on, with its own search page. However, there are a few points to bear in mind.

  1. This online version is designed primarily as a genealogical research tool and therefore the numerous advertisements in the original book, many full page, and quite a few illustrated, have been excluded.
  2. The text has been proofed with due care, but with large bodies of text typographical errors are inevitably bound to occur.
  3. Be aware that there were often inconsistencies in spelling surnames in the 19th century and also that many forenames are abbreviated in Bassett’s directories.

With respect to the last point, surnames which today begin with the “Mc” prefix, for example, were often formerly spelt as “M‘,”. For a list of some of the more common forename abbreviations used in the directory, see Forename Abbreviations.

To enjoy the rich variety of advertisements, confirm accuracy of the entries, or have a printed record of a family member, obtain an original or facsimile copy of The Book of County Tipperary.

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Population 416 in 1881.—Trout-fishing.

Bansha, in the parish of same name, barony of Clanwilliam, is a station on the Waterford and Limerick Railway, 4¾ miles, English, south-east of Tipperary, and 19¾ miles from Clonmel. The village is situated in the valley of the Ara. Beautiful mountain scenery, enhanced by plantations, and an excellent river for pink trout, are features. The land of the district is good for grazing. Oats and potatoes are the principal crops. A favorable opportunity is afforded here for the resuscitation of a woollen enterprise, which failed in 1888. In the demesne of a castellated house, occupied by Mrs. Warde, there is an old wall, with arched doorway, supposed to be the remains of the ancient castle of Bansha. It stands close to the public road, and is thickly covered with ivy. Skeletons of the moose deer were found in the parish about 60 years ago. The Protestant and Catholic churches stand next to each other in the village. The former has a fine tower and spire, added to the old edifice in 1813, and the latter in the Gothic style, was remodeled in 1887, at a cost of over £1,000.

Catholic Ch.: Rev. Ml. Harty, P.P.; Rev. Jno. Kelly, C.C.; Rev. M. O’Connell, C.C.

Church of Id.: Rev. Jno. Lowe

Dispensary: Dr. Denis Hogan

Grocers marked thus [*J sell spirits; thus [†] hardware; thus [‡] seeds; thus [c] coal; thus [t] timber; thus [d] drapers; thus [b] are bakers. Matt Couming*; J. Cullinan*cb; Denis Donovan c; Ml. Doyle*; Mrs. Bt. Dwyer c; J. Hogan†dcbt; Jas. Moroney,*†; Pat O’Connell†cb; John O’Neill*; Michael O’Neill *; Edmond Ryan*; Mrs. Catherine Ryan*d

National League: Rd. Burke, sec

Newsagent: Jas. Moroney

Petty Sessions: First Monday every month, J. O’Grady England, clerk

Post M.: Jas. Moroney

Provisions: Denis Donovan

Railway: Ml. Fitzgerald, S.M.

Relieving O.: E. Dwyer

R.I.C.: Sergt. Jas. Griffin

School Nl.: Dd. Dee; Mrs. M. A. O’Neill.

Victualler: Ml. Ryan


Baker, Wm., Ballydavid

Bourke, Bernard, Ardane

Bourkc, John, Lisnagaul

Bourke, Nathaniel, Clashaquirke

Bourke, Richard, Rossadrehid

Bourke, Thomas, Booleen

Brein, Michael, Ballyvirane

Brett, Mrs. A., C’uniacke

Bunbury, Ralph, Grallagh

Burns, Michael, Lisnagaul

Butler, John, Dromline

Butler, John, B’glasheen

Butler, J. J., B’glasheen

Butler, Mrs. B., B’glasheen

Butler, Mrs. M., B’glasheen

Byron, Ptk., Dromomorka C

Connell, Mort., Raheen

Connell, Richard, Templenahurney

Connors, John, Barnlough

Crowe, Timothy, Fihertagh

Dawson, Jer., Ballyvirane

Doherty, John, Ashgrove

Dwyer, Denis, Rathdermot

Dwyer; Edm., Barnlough

Dwyer, John, Ballagh

Dwyer, Mrs. A., B’lough

Dwyer, Mrs. M. D’line

Dwyer, Wm., Booleen

Dwyer, Wm., Ballinlough W

Fahy, Jno., Tankerstown

Fanning, Wm, Templenahurney

Fennelly, Rd., Barnlough

Fogarty, J. P., Barnlough

Grogan, James, Ardane

Grogan, John, jun., Foxfort

Grogan, John, Coolgort

Grogan, Ml., Foxfort

Grogan, Ptk, Ballyvirane

Grogan, Wm., Ashgrove

Hogan, John, Lisnagaul

Keane, Maurice, Ballyvirane

Keating, Edm., Cloghernagh

Keating, Jas., The Moat

Keating, Jas., The Bridge

Keating, Wm., Carriganagh

Kinnane, Edm., Ballyviggane

Lacy, Mrs. Mt., Foxforth

Lewiss, Michael, Knockacurra

Low, Francis W., Kilshane Ho

McCarthy, James, Barnlough

Maher, Michael, Foxfort

Mullally, James, Lisnagaul

Mullally, Lce., Drumline

Murphy, Wm., Templenahurney

O’Neill, Redm., Dromomarka

Phelan, Ptk., Barnlough

Phelan, Thos., Tankerstown

Power, L., jun., T’nahurney

Quirke, Edmond, Ashgrove

Quirk, John, Coologue

Quirk, Mrs. C., R’drehid

Quirk, Mrs. H., R’drehid

Quirk, Rd., Clashoquirke

Roche, Thomas, Fihertagh

Ryan, Edw., Carriganagh

Ryan, James, Ballinlough

Ryan, John, Ballyvirane

Ryan, John, Carriganagh

Ryan, Lce., Dromomarka

Ryan, Thos., Carriganagh

Smithwick, John, Lisheen

Tobin, Mrs. M., B’bog

Tobin, Rd., T’nahurney

Tobin, Wm., T’nahurney

Ward, Mrs., Bansha Castle

White, John, Dromomarka

White, Wm., Dromomarka

Williams. Geo., Foxfort

Woods, Denis, Dromline