Sir Thomas Norris

Norris, Sir Thomas, President of Munster, younger brother of preceding, also distinguished himself in the wars of Ireland. He figures on several occasions in the Annals of the Four Masters and in Fynes Moryson's Itinerary. In 1588 he accompanied Sir Richard Bingham in an expedition against Connaught; in 1595 he and his brother John were wounded in a skirmish near Athlone; and in September 1597, he was appointed President of Munster in Sir John's place, having been already Vice-President thereof for some years. He was mortally wounded in a conflict with the Burkes near Kilmallock in the summer of 1599; and died six weeks afterwards at Maola, near Kilmallock. The death of "a noble young knight, Sir Henry Norris," probably his elder brother, in a battle at Finneterstown, near Adare, about the same time, is noted by the annalists. Sir Thomas was ancestor of the present Sir Denham Norreys, Bart.


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