Admiral Sir John Norris

Norris, Sir John, Admiral, a distinguished British naval officer, was born in Ireland about the year 1674. In July 1690 he was appointed to command the Pelican, on account of gallant behaviour as Lieutenant at the engagement off Beachy Head. In March 1707, he was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral of the Blue, and in the same year served under Sir Cloudesley Shovel in the Mediterranean, and was actively engaged in the abortive attack upon Toulon. After having been advanced to be Vice-Admiral of the White, in 1708 he became Vice-Admiral of the Red, and a few months afterwards Admiral of the Blue. His supposed ill-luck in the matter of weather procured for him the appellation of "Foul-weather Jack." In 1717 he was Envoy-Extraordinary to the Czar. At the time of his death he represented Rye in Parliament, and was the oldest admiral in the British navy, having seen sixty years' service. He died 13th June 1749, aged about 75.


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