Sir Lawrence Parsons

Parsons, Sir Lawrence, 2nd Earl of Rosse, was born 21st May 1758. [His ancestor, Sir William Parsons, settled in Ireland in Elizabeth's reign, was Commissioner of Plantations, and obtained large grants of land from the Crown. He was for some time Lord-Justice in conjunction with Sir John Borlace, but was removed in 1643.] Sir Lawrence represented the University of Dublin, and afterwards the King's County, in the Irish Parliament, where he distinguished himself, especially in his efforts against the Union, as an eloquent and popular speaker.

In the debate of 23rd and 24th January 1799, Barrington says "he supported Mr. Ponsonby in a speech, luminous and in some parts almost sublime; he had caught the flame which his colleague had but kindled, and blazed with an eloquence of which he had shown but few examples; the impression was powerful." His oratory is thus described by a contemporary: "His voice is strong, distinct, and deep; and his language, simple, flowing, and correct; his action is ungraceful, but frequently forcible; his reasoning is close, compact, and argumentative, though his manner is stiff and awkward; his matter is always good, solid, and weighty." He continued to represent the King's County in the Imperial Parliament until the death of his uncle, 20th April 1807, when he became 2nd Earl of Rosse. He died 24th February 1841, aged 82.


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