John Parry

Parry, John, Bishop of Ossory, son of Edward Parry, Bishop of Killaloe, was born in Dublin, early in the 17th century, and was educated at Trinity College and at Oxford. After the Restoration he came to Ireland as chaplain to the Marquis of Ormond, obtained some English preferments, in 1666 became Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, and in 1672 was consecrated Bishop of Ossory. He was the author of several minor theological works, and according to Wood's Athenae Oxonienses, wrote the preface to Sir James Ware's Bishops. He died 21st December 1677, and was buried in St. Audoen's church, Dublin. Harris's Ware says: "He was reckoned a prelate of very good abilities in point of learning, a great benefactor to his church, and a patron and encourager of his clergy.


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