Warrenpoint, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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50 ¼ miles from Belfast. Beautifully situated on Carlingford Bay. Sea-bathing Resort. Population, 1,817

POST OFFICE—The Square—Four deliveries each day.

Miss K. Mullen, postmistress

Petty Sessions held first and third Tuesday of each month. Magistrates attending —Captain O'Neill, J.P.; Messrs. Joseph Mayne, J.P.; W. J. Watson, J.P.; Francis Horner, J.P.; A. F. Campbell, J.P.; Colonel Edward Ross of Bladensburg, Major J. Ross, J.P.; J. F. Greene, C.E., J.P.; Captain Rodger Hall, D.L.; J. E. Connor, J.P.; W. J. M'Comish, J.P.


Church of Ireland, Warrenpoint—Rev. T. G. G. Collins, B.D., incumbent.
Clonallon—Rev. R. E. Glenny, D.D., rector
Presbyterian Church—Rev. S. Stevenson, B.A.
Methodist Church—Rev. W. H. Clarke
Unitarian Church—Rev. W. E. Millone
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. F. M'Guinness, P.P.; Rev. J. M'Allister, C.C.


Warrenpoint Urban Council—Meets first and third Monday of each month—J. Carroll, chairman; E. Burns, M. Hourican, P. O'Neill, W. Palmer, P. Cunningham, P. O'Neill, sen., Joseph Carroll, solicitor; John Corkey, William M'Guffin, F. Keenan, James Wilson, and William John M'Comish, J.P. Town Clerk—B. M'Kernan

The Belfast Banking Company, Ltd.— Open every Friday from 10-30 till 2

Provincial Banking Company, Ltd.—Open every Friday from 10-30 till 2

Gas Company—Directors, Messrs. Hamilton Keown, R. A. Jones, Captain R. Hall, and Benjamin Wilson; secretary, William Johnston; manager, D. M. Gibson. Meets once every month

Dispensary—Dr. T. Bell

Ladies' School, Sea view—The Misses Moffit and Walker, principals

National Schools, Dromore road—W. O'Neill Jameson, Principal; Miss Taylor, assistant. Peter street—J. T. Petitt, principal; D. O'Rourk, assistant

Convent Schools, Havelock place—Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy

Temperance Association, Band of Hope—T. Smith, president. Meets once a week in Town Hall

Temperance League of St. Patrick—Meets once a week in St. Patrick's hall

School Attendance Committee—J. L. D. Meares, J.P., chairman; Rev. F. M'Guinness, J. J. F. Greene, J.P.; Joseph Carroll, John, E. Connor, J.P.; Edward Pedlow, John Corkey, William J. B. M'Comish, T. O'Hare, Dr. H. Mayne. Attendance officer and secretary, David M'Guffin

R.I. Constabulary—Sergeant M'Kay; Constables Alex. George, J. Reid, J. Collins, P. Murtagh, J. Carter, E. J. Monds


Allen, Miss, Seaview
Annette, Miss, Hayes' row street
Bailey, James, Narrow water ferry
Bailie, Charles, Narrow water
Bates, Miss, Osborne terrace
Bell, Theodore, M.D., Best row
Bettridge, Ambrose, painter
Boden, Miss, Mereham terrace
Bond, Mrs., stationer, Square
Boyle, James, fishmonger, Square
Boyle, Mrs., publican, Marine parade
Boyle, Mrs., Post Office street
Bradley, Edward, Thomas street
Bradley, James, carpenter, Dromore road
Bradley, Mrs. A., Thomas street
Bradley, R., motor and cycle agent, Newry street
Brady, Mrs., Beatrice terrace
Burns, Edward, Newry street
Burns, J., Newry street
Burns, R., hairdresser, &c.
Burns, William, boarding-house, Dromore road
Burton, Robert, Dromore road
Campbell, W., farrier
Campbell, Mrs., Rosetta
Campbell, S., Dromore lodge
Carey, Mrs., St. Leonards-on-Sea
Carroll, Joseph, solicitor, Osborne terrace
Carroll, Mrs., Dromore road
Carvill, Mr., Church street
Carvill, Mr., carter, Church street
Carvill, Patrick, Summerhill
Cattell, Colonel, Seaview
Caulfield, J., Duke street
Caulfield, Mr., Meeting street
Caulfield, Thomas H., tailor
Cherry, Mrs., Havelock place
Coburn, J., painter
Collins, Rev. T. G. G., Clonallon road
Colvin, Miss, tea rooms, Best row
Connolly, David, Newry street
Connolly, F., Bee hotel
Connolly, Mrs., publican, Duke street
Connolly, Mrs., Clonallon glebe
Connor, Margaret, Seaview
Copeland, Mrs., Clonallon road
Corkey, Mr., Osborne terrace
Corkey, Miss, Osborne terrace
Cosgrove, Miss, Post Office street
Coulter, John, Donaghaguy
Coulter, John, Dromore road
Courtney, W., Cedar cottage
Couser, Mrs., Havelock place
Crawford, James, Clonallon road
Crawford, J., merchant
Crawford, Miss, Athelby terrace
Crawford, Mrs., Havelock place
Crawford, The Misses, boarding-house
Crossan, Lawrence, bootmaker, Post Office street
Crozier, Miss, Springfield terrace
Cunningham, A. M., Bay hotel
Cunningham, John, plumber, Church street
Cunningham, Mrs., Liverpool hotel
Cunningham, P., Church street
Curlett & Sons, coal merchants
Curran, Ann, grocer
Dale, John, Crown hotel
Davis, Mrs., Duke street
Delahunt, Mrs., dispensary nurse, Meeting street
Donaldson, John, stationmaster, Narrow water
Donnan, Alex., contractor
Donnan, John, contractor
Doran, Miss, The Square
Dougan, Mrs., Clonallon road
Douglas, John, grocer, Havelock place
Duffy, John, Newry street
Eadington. E., Havelock place
Eakin, Christopher
Eakin, Mrs., midwife, Meeting street
Edgar, Mrs., dressmaker, Newry street
Edgar, Richard, insurance agent, Havelock place
Elliott, Miss, Cloughmore terrace
English, Mrs., lodgings, Thomas street
Finlay, J., grocer, Church street
Flanagan, Mr., Meeting street
Forgey, Robert, Dromore road
Foster, J., Cloughmore terrace
Foster, Miss Rhoda L., 5 Seaview
Foster & Co., drapers
Gallagher, Mrs., Duke street
Gallagher, William, Meeting street
Gamble, Mrs., Narrow water
Gibson, Mr., gas manager
Glenny, Dr. William, Mereham terrace
Glenny, Rev. R. E., Clonallon glebe
Glenny, The Misses, Mereham terrace
Godfrey, Miss, Cloughmore terrace
Gordon, Miss, Cloughmore terrace
Gordon, William, barber, Newry street
Gough, John, Newry street
Grandy, J., painter
Grant, Peter, lodgings, Duke street
Greene, Mr., Athelby terrace
Halbeck, Mrs., publican
Hall, Captain R., D.L., Narrow water
Hall, Miss, Havelock place
Hanna, George, Dromore road
Hanna, John, fowl dealer, Meeting street
Hanna, Thomas, grocer, Thomas street
Hatley, John, Clonallon road
Havern, Mrs., grocer, Post Office street
Heaton, Mrs., Newry street
Henning, Mrs., Best row
Henry, Marianne, Havelock place
Hickey, John, jeweller, Church street
Hodge. Mr., Dromore road
Hoey, John, Newry street
Holmes, J., Osborne terrace
Hourican, M., publican, Duke street
Hourican, Mr., grocer, Duke street
Hourican, W. J., Marine parade
Hudson, Mrs., grocer, Duke street
Hughes, Mrs., confectioner, Church street
Hughes, P., butcher, Church street
Hutchinson, J., Osborne terrace
Ingram, J., Church street
Irvine, Miss, Cloughmore terrace
Jameson, Mrs., Dromore road
Jameson, W. O'Neill, schoolmaster
Johnston, Mr., stationmaster, Newry street
Johnston, Mrs., Duke street
Johnston, W., solicitor
Jones, Hugh, Milltown street, Burren
JONES, J., & SONS, LTD., Sawmills and Home Timber Merchants; Wheels Turned from Best Sycamore for Linen Manufacturers—J. Shields, Manager
Jones, Miss, Bazaar, The Square
Jones, Mr., Market garden
Jones, Mrs., Dromore road
Jones, R. A., chemist and druggist, &c.
Keenan, F., spirit dealer
Kelly, John, Church street
Kelly, James, Newry street
Kelly, Mrs., The Promenade
Kerr, John, mason, Thomas street
Kerr, Mr., gamekeeper, Narrow water
Kerr, Mrs., Church street
Kerr, Robert, shoemaker, Town Hall
Kielty, Miss, Best row
Kinney, Susan, Newry street
Lang, Robert, Dromore road
Langton, Minnie, Osborne terrace
Larmour, Mrs., Meeting street
Leckey, Brown, Clonallon road
Lennon, P., Seaview
Lewis, J., watchmaker and jeweller
Lewis, Mrs., Church street
Lindon, James, Clonallon road
Lindsay, Charles, sawmills, Narrow water
Lindsay, Miss, Victoria place
Livingstone, G., The Square
Long, Mrs., boarding-house, Duke street
Lynch, Mrs., confectioner, The Square
Mackeral, James, Thomas street
Magee, John, Newry street
Magill, Edward, carowner, Newry street
Maginnis, Rev., Peter street
Major, Wm., lodgings, Clonallon road
Mallon, Mrs., Yorkshire Bar, Church st.
Manney, R. W., tailor, Church street
Mansergh, Lieut.-Col., Manor house
Markey, Mrs., Post Office street
Marshall, James, carpenter, Meeting street
Marshall, Thomas, Hayes' row street
Mathers, John, grocer, The Square
Mayne, Joseph, J.P., Warrenpoint
Mayne, Wm., M.D., Peter street
Meek, David, Victoria place
Megarry, Wm., Hayes' row street
Meghecan, Mrs., Church street
Miller, Miss, Summerhill
Miller, Wm., grocer
Millone, Rev. W. E., The Hermitage
Moffitt, Miss, ladies' school, Seaview
Moffitt, S., grocer, Dromore road
Moore, Dr., Seaview
Moore, John, Newry street
Morgan, A., farmer, Dromore road
Morgan G. B., manager, G.N. hotel
Morgan, Isabella, Thomas street
Morgan, P., china merchant
Morgan, S., bootmaker, The Square
Morrison, John, landsteward, Narrow water
Mullen, James, Best row
Mullin, Miss, Osborne terrace
Munro, Mrs., Newry street
Murdock, James, refreshment rooms
Murdock, Mrs., Post Office street
Murdock, Robert, Newry street
Murray Brothers, plumbers and gasfitters, Duke street
Murray, John, painter, Dromore road
Murphy, T., Globe hotel
M'Allister, George, carpenter, Newry street
M'Allister, Mrs., Clonallon road
M'Allister, Rev. J., C.C.
M'Anulty, Mr., carowner, Church street
M'Anulty, Mr., saddler, Duke street
M'Anulty, Terence, cars for hire, Newry st.
M'Ateer, James, confectioner, The Square
M'Ateer, Mary, Church street
M'Ateer, Miss, Peter street
M'Cabe, Joseph, Summer hill
M'Camley, J., pilot, Thomas street
M'Camley, J., Meeting street
M'Carney, J., Meeting street
M'Clean, Messrs., Athenanen
M'Clelland, Alfred, coachbuilder
M'Clelland, Mrs., Victoria place
M'Comish, Wm. John, J.P., Best row
M'Cormack, Susan, Mereham terrace
M'Coy, John, Clonallon road
M'Cullough, James, gardener, Meeting st.
M'Donald. Hugh, spirit grocer
M'Geown, Miss, Thomas street
M'Givern, Mrs., Church street
M'Givern, P., cooper
M'Guffin, David, tailor, Meeting street
M'Guffin, John, carpenter
M'Guffin, Richard, bootmaker
M'Guffin, William, boot warehouse, Church street
M'Guigan, Mrs., grocer, Duke street
M'Guigan, Thomas, Post Office street
M'Hugh, J., saddler
M'Hugh, John, newsagent, The Square
M'Hugh, Mrs., grocer, Newry street
M'Kay, Sergeant, R.I.C.
M'Kee, James, Hayes' row street
M'Kee, Miss, boarding-house, Dromore rd.
M'Kee, Robert, Narrow water
M'Keown, Miss, Athelby terrace
M'Keown, Miss, Post Office street
M'Kenna, B., publican, Duke street
M'Kernan, B., Summer hill
M'Kevitt, Hugh, billposter
M'Knight, Wm., lodgings, Dromore road
M'Loughlin, T., Bella Vista, Seaview
M'Mahon, C, Dromore cottage
M'Mahon, Mrs. E., Dromore road
M'Murray, Miss, Athelby terrace
M'Murray, Miss, Best row
M'Murray, Mrs., Best row
M'Veigh, Mrs., boarding-house, Duke st.
M'Whirter, John, lodgings, Summer hill
Nesbitt, Mr., cycle agent, Church street
Neville, Margaret, Victoria place
Newell, George, Dromore road
Nugent, Richard, Clonallon road
Nugent, Robert, Donaghaguy
O'Brien, Rose, Duke street
O'Hagan, Mrs., Summer hill
O'Hagan, Mrs., grocer, Post Office street
O'Hagan, P., Church street
O'Hare, Felix, builder, Duke street
O'Hare, L. S., L.D.S., E.P.S., dentist, Imperial hotel
O'Hare, Mrs., Post Office street
O'Hare, Thomas S., Thomas street
O'Hare & Son, hotel proprietors
O'Neill, Edward, cycle repairer, Newry st.
O'Neill, Miss, grocer, Church street
O'Neill, Mrs., grocer, The Square
O'Neill, P., Victoria hotel
O'Neill, Patrick, pilot, The Square
Orr, Miss, Osborne terrace
Palmer, J.. Freidenham
Palmer, W. J., Summer hill
Patterson, Miss, Osborne terrace
Pedlow, E., draper
Pedlow, Mrs., Victoria place
Pedlow, Wm. H., grocer
Perfect, Captain, R.N.
Petitt, T., schoolmaster, Peter street
Purdy, Mr., Seaview
Radcliffe, Miss R.., Havelock place
Reid, Ann, Cloughmore place
Reid, James, publican, Church street
Reid, Miss, Osborne terrace
Reilly, Bernard, manager Warrenpoint and Rostrevor Tramway Co.
Rice, L., publican, Marine parade
Richmond, Ellen, Seaview
Robinson, Sarah, Cedar lodge
Robinson & Co., grocers
Rooney Bros., boot merchants
Russell, Mrs., preparatory school
Ryan, Mrs., Dromore road
Sherman, Wm., harbour master
Shields, Mrs., Thomas street
Shields, Mrs., Summer hill
Simms & Co., grocers, &c, The Square
Sinclair, James, Dromore road
Small, Edward, Donaghaguy
Smith, Hugh, Summer hill
Smith, John, Hayes' row-
Smith, Miss, Seaview
Smith, Thomas, coal agent
Spence, Miss, Meeting street
Sloan, J., ice cream manufacturer, Post Office street
Steenson, Mrs., Church street
Stevenson, Rev., Clonallon road
Sturgeon, Thomas, publican
Templeton, Miss, Havelock place
Thompson, Eli/a, Church street
Toombs, George, carpenter, Victoria place
Toombs, J., lodgings, Summer hill
Toombs, Mrs., boarding-house, Post Office street
Trainor, Mrs., Duke street
Trainor, Stephen, mason, Post Office st.
Turley, Mrs., Church street
Tutry, Mr., carpenter, Narrow water
Wall, Mrs., Church street
Walker. G. L., Cloughmore house
Ward Brothers, butchers, The Square
Ward, Daniel, butcher, The Square
Ward, Patrick, carowner, Meeting street
Weir, Andrew, Hayes' row
White, John, shipwright, Dromore road
Wilkinson, Mrs., Bay hotel, The Square
Wilson, J., & Son, builders, Post Office st.
Wilson, Mrs., Post Office street
Wilson, Mrs., grocer, Church street
Wilson, Robert, boarding-house, Newry st.
Young, Sarah, Seaview

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