Waringstown and Donaghcloney, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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About 17 miles from Belfast.
Chief industries are Damask Weaving and Bleaching Linen.
Population, 685.


—W. J. Harwood, postmaster


Adamson, H., farmer, Banoge, Waringstown
Adamson, J., civil bill officer, Waringstown
Atkinson, Abraham, farmer and linen merchant, Magherana
Atkinson, Ven. E. D., The Rectory, Waringstown
Baillie, George, D.C., Annaghanson
Baillie, John, farmer, Hermitage, Waringstown
Baillie, Saml., farmer, Tullyheron, Waringstown
Baillie, Thomas, farmer, Annaghanson
Baxter, Francis, Donaghcloney N.S.
Beattie, Robert, farmer, Donaghcloney
Beatty, Samuel J., baker, Waringstown
Bowen, Miss, farmer, Tiersogue, Waringstown
Browne, T. B., The Hall, Donaghcloney
Cairns, James, grocer, Donaghcloney
Cairns, John, farmer, Lamb's Island, Waringstown
Calder, G., carpenter and wheelwright, Corcreaney
Calder, Robert, carpenter, Clare
Campbell, Samuel, The Beeches, Waringstown, deputy registrar births, marriages, and deaths
Combe, A., Donaghcloney
Combe, S. B., The Bungalow, Donaghcloney
Cosbey, Henry, farmer, Banoge, Donaghcloney
Davies, C. M., manager Walpole Bros.
Dewart, R., farmer, Tullyheron, Waringstown
Ferguson, Miss, spirit and general grocer, Donaghcloney
Frier, W., M.D., the dispensary, Waringstown; registrar of births, marriages, and deaths
Gillespie, J., schoolmaster and farmer, Corcreaney
Gillespie, Rev. A. J., The Manse, Waringstown
Graham, Mrs., schoolmistress
Graham, Mrs., Waringstown
Hale, Francis, The Meadows, Waringstown
Hamilton, Lewis, farmer, Ballinabragget
Hamilton, Wm., farmer, Ballinabragget
Harwood, W. J., postmaster, Waringstown
Hilary, George, farmer, Waringstown
Hilliard, T. M., Winona, Donaghcloney
Hunter, John, Waringstown .
Hunter, W. J., schoolteacher, Waringstown
Irwin, John, Waringstown
Kennedy, John, blacksmith, Waringstown
Liddell, Robert M., J.P., Banoge house, Donaghcloney
Liddell, Wm., & Co., Ltd., powerloom manufacturers, Donaghcloney
Lyness, T. W., spirit merchant and grocer, Waringstown
Magowan, John, farmer, Corcreaney
Maguire, Robert, painter, Waringstown
Mahon, Joseph, school attendance inspector, Waringstown
Martin, John, farmer, Clare, Waringstown
Miller, Rev. Alex., curate, Waringstown
Montgomery, W. J., Milltown
Morrison, Robert, spirit merchant, Waringstown
M'Cartan, W., farmer, Corcreaney, Waringstown
M'Caw, Miss, The Bridge, Waringstown
M'Climond, Robert, farmer, Banoge
M'Collum, John, tailor, Waringstown
M'Kenzie, Mrs., Tullyherron, Waringstown
Page, R. B., factory manager, Donaghcloney
Page, Wm. John, cardcutter, Waringstown
Pennington, James, Murray house, Waringstown
Pennington, Samuel, & Son, damask manufacturers, Waringstown
Rodgers, Geo., J.P., farmer, The Demesne, Waringstown
Ruddock, R., farmer, Waringstown
Scott, W., damask manufacturer, Waringstown
Shepard, W. J., Diaper hill, Waringstown
Walpole Bros., Ltd., linen manufacturers, Waringstown
Waring, Holt, J.P., Waringstown
Watson, James, farmer, Corcreaney
Whaley, Mrs., Knockboy house, Waringstown
Whaley, Wm., Knockboy house, Waringstown

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