Poyntzpass, County Armagh

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Population, 500. Market day, Friday. Cattle Fair, first Saturday in the month; if the month begins on Saturday, the fair is held on the following Saturday

POST OFFICE—Mrs. S. J. M'Kelvey, Post-mistress; Mrs. M. Moody, clerk; A. Robinson, R. J. Gibson, R. W. Wilson, D. Bicker, and W. Morrow, postmen. Robert Carson, Mail car contractor. Letters arrive at 6-50 and 8-5 a.m., and are despatched every evening at 1-20, 5-20, and 7-0 p.m.

Magistrates who preside at Petty Sessions—R. W. MacDermott, M.D.; Major M. A. Close, J.P., Drumbanagher, Poyntzpass; H. S. Close, J.P.; Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander, J.P.; Captain E. J. Harden, Kilbodagh; H. Magenis, J.P., Iveagh house; A. M'Elvaine, J.P., Union lodge

Clerk of Petty Sessions for Poyntzpass and Tandragee—Robt. Emerson, Tandragee


Church of Ireland (Parish Church of Acton, in Poyntzpass)—Rev. W. F. Johnston, M.A. Hours of service, 11-30 a.m. and 6-0 p.m.

Presbyterian Church—Rev. D. J. Gordon, B.A. Hours of service, 11-0 a.m. and 6-0 p.m.

Baptist Church—Pastor R. J. Murphy, minister. Hours of service, 11-0 a.m. and 6-0 p.m.

Roman Catholic Church—Rev. M. Quinn, C.C. Hours of service, 8-0 a.m. 11-0 a.m., and 6-0 p.m.


Bank of Ireland (fair days)—Branch manager, Mr. Johnston

Belfast Bank (Tandragee branch), open on fair days—Mr. West, manager

Two National Schools—Mr. and Mrs. R. Judge and Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Ryder

Dispensary, Poyntzpass—W. R. MacDermott, M.D., J.P.

Constabulary Station—Sergeant Sullivan


Acheson Bros., grocers and egg merchants, Taniokey
Acheson, James, farmer, Cremore
Acheson, Robert, farmer, Cremore
Acheson, Thomas, cattle dealer and farmer, Cremore
Adams, W. J., grocer, Taniokey
Agnew, R., Deerpark
Alderdice, John, Ballyreagh
Alderdice, John J., saddler; Alexander, Lieutenant-Colonel, J.P., Acton house
Alexander, David, C.C., merchant & farmer, Lisraw
Allen, David, grocer
Allen, David, Killysavin house
Allen, Mrs., Brookville
Allen, Robert, publican, Central Hotel
Andrew, Hugh, farmer, Ballinalack
Andrews, Alex., carpenter, Ballyreagh
Barber, Thomas, farmer, Ballenon
Bicker, W., shoemaker
Bittles, Jacob, farmer, Cullentrough
Brown, J., Taniokey N.S.
Burns, Henry, Aughantaraghan
Burns, John, shoemaker
Burns, Robert, Prospect lodge
Campbell, Arthur, cattle dealer, Ballyreagh
Campbell, John, farmer, Ballenon
Canavan, Michael, grocer and publican
Carson, R., lodging house and grocer
Carter, George, Glassdrummond
Clark, James, Carrickbrack
Clark, Robert, Demoan
Clowney, James, farmer, Acton
Close, Major M. A., J.P., Drumbanagher
Conlon, Bernard, blacksmith
Conlon, Miss, dressmaker
Corry, John, Lisnagree
Coulter, Rev. T. J., B.A., Cremore
Crothers, Mrs., Lisraw house
Cunningham, J., Beechvale
Cunningham, Robert, farmer, Rathconville
Cunningham, Mrs., Killysavin
Cully, James, farmer, Carrickbrack
Daly, P., tailor, Tullynacross
Denny, Charles, farmer, Ballyreagh
Finch, W. J., rate collector, Rose Hollow, Cullentrough
Fisher, Alex., Tullynacross
Fisher, Alex., farmer, Tullylinn
Fisher, Mrs. H., Tullynacross
Fisher, W. J., D.C., funeral undertaker and emigration agent, Ballyreagh
Flanigan, William, flesher
Foy, Patrick
Gibson, Mrs., dressmaker
Gibson, Robert, sexton
Gibson, R. J., barber and cycle mechanic
Gibson, William, shunter, G.N.R.
Gilleland, J. A., Dean cottage
Gordon, Rev. D. J., Presbyterian minister
Graham, James, signalman
Graham, W., blacksmith, Lisnagree
Griffith, Edward, grocer and egg merchant
Griffith, John, grocer
Griffith, William, draper
Griffith, W. T., teacher Drumbanagher N.S.
Guy, John, farmer, Ballynaleck
Hanna, Robert J., bootmaker
Hanna, W. J., corn and saw mill owner, Ballydougherty
Hanna, W. J., farmer, Lisraw
Harden, Captain E. J., J.P., Kilbodagh
Henry, D., farmer, Taniokey
Humphrey, S., signalman
Hunter, Alex., Glassdrummond
Hunter, Robert, carpenter and builder
Hunter, William, farmer, Ballyreagh
Johnson, Rev. W. F., M.A., Acton glebe
Johnston, Rev. A., M.A., Rectory, Drumbanagher
Kelso, William, Acton
Laverty, Rev. George, Tyrones Ditches
Lennon, James, cattle dealer
Lennon, Thomas, cattle dealer
Little, John James, cattle dealer
Little, David, farmer and grocer
Little, Stewart, farmer
Loughlin, Robert, blacksmith
Loughlin, W. J., agent
Madden, Miss
Magenis, Hiber, J.P., Iveagh house, auctioneer and commission agent
Maloney, Edward J., R.I.C.
Mann, Mrs. Agnes, publican
Matthews. Mrs. J., grocer, Taniokey
Milne, R. S., Tullylinn
Monaghan, F. J., farmer and cattle dealer
Monaghan, James, canal inspector
Moody, Arthur, lock-keeper and carpenter
Moody, Thomas, carpenter
Moorcroft, William, Drumbanagher
Morrow, R., tailor
Murphy, Frank, cattle dealer, grocer and draper (temperance hotel)
Murphy, Pastor, Baptist minister
Murray, Patrick, grocer
M'Clelland, John, R.I.C., Pass view, Co. Armagh
M'Combe, John, cattle dealer, Federnagh
M'Combe, M., farmer, Pass view, Co. Down
M'Combe, Thomas, cattle dealer & posting establishment
M'Cullough, W. J.. Acton
M'Donald, Edward, tailor
M'Donald, Hugh, farmer, Tullynacross
M'Dowell, H. J., steam thresher and sawmill owner
M'Elroy, R. H., cycle and machinery agent, Merryfield
M'Elroy, Thomas, farmer and mason, Corcrum
M'Elvaine, Andrew, J.P., land valuer, Union lodge
M'Gaw, Thomas, Grove hill
M'Gill, James, farmer
M'Kelvey, Mrs. Isabella, grocer and draper, Acton
M'Kelvey, Mrs. S. J., grocer
M'Lean, John, Ballyreagh
M'Murray, John, coachbuilder
M'Sherry, J., blacksmith
Porter, R., shoemaker
Qua, Samuel, farmer, Federnagh
Quinn, Patrick, farmer, Ballynalack
Rafferty, John, grocer and publican
Rafferty, J., farmer, Lisnagree
Rafferty, P., farmer, Tullynacross
Reside, Henry, The Agency, Drumbanagher
Reside, John, Killabodagh
Rice, Mrs. C, publican, Commercial Hotel
Robinson, Adam, rural postman, Rose cottage
Robinson, Thomas, farmer, Demone
Ryan, Thomas, shoemaker, Acton
Ryan, W. J., farmer, Acton
Ryder, J. J., N.S. teacher
Savage, Robert, Laurel hill
Searight, H., Cyclist Bar
Searight, Joseph, Railway Hotel
Shanks, Alexander, Mill bank
Shanks, D., Lisnabrague
Shanks, George Wm., Lisnabrague
Shanks, James, Woodbanks
Singer Manufacturing Co. (agent, W. J. Loughlin)
Sleith, L. W., grocer and egg exporter, Lisnagree
Stewart, C. W., farmer, Ballydougherty
Stuart, W., farmer, Ballydoughtery house
Strain, David, farmer and horse dealer, Cremore
Traynor, James, farmer
Vint, Thomas, farmer, Tullynacross
Waddell, Miss, dressmaker
Walsh, Maurice
Ward, Miss, draper
White, George, stationmaster
White, John, farmer, surveyor, Demone
Williamson Joseph, Orange hill
Williamson, Ralph, farmer, Aughantaraghan
Wilkinson, John, farmer, Loughadian
Wilson, R., Ballinlack house
Wright, Jackson, Ballyreagh
Wright, James, farmer, Aughantaraghan
Wright, Robert, Ballyreagh
Wylie, James, Elm hill
Wylie, Joseph, farmer, Acton
Wylie, M. E., grocer, Acton
Wylie, Wm., farmer, Taniokey

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