Portstewart, County Derry

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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64 ½ miles from Belfast by rail. A Watering Place. Has productive Fisheries. Population—685

POST OFFICE—W. A. Frizzell

Golf Club—Council, F. W. Skelly, captain; T. M'Cunn, hon. treasurer; Miss Cox. Miss Knox, S. J. Hunter, LL.D.; H. Eccles, R. A. C. Montagu, J.P.; F. W. Crawford, A. G. Crawford, R. O'Neill, P. H. Blaikie, secretary

R.I. Constabulary—Barracks, Main street. The station is in charge of Sergeant Osborough; Constables J. Kelly, Doherty, and Topping

Schools—National (Episcopal)—Teacher, W. Henderson. National (Presbyterian)—Teacher, Adam Reade

Public Baths—Proprietor, Mr. M'Mullan, Main street

Dispensary, Golf terrace—Dr. Kennedy, medical officer, attends every Monday

Cromie Institute—Trustees, Rev. E. R. Moncrieff and Rev. D. Aiken; H. O. H. O'Neill, hon. secretary; S. R. Henry, hon. treasurer

Public Lighting Committee—Dr. Kennedy, treasurer; S. R.. Henry, A. M'Bride, M. Browne, secretary; James M'Curdy, Matthew Brown, and John Knox

Good Templar Lodge, Lighthouse No. 105—Every Tuesday evening; L.D., Miss M. K. Chaine; C.T., James M'Curdy

County Councillor—H. O. H. O'Neill, Prospect house

Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages—Dr. Kennedy, Heathmount


Church of Ireland—Rev. E. R. Moncrieff. Services at 11-30 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Presbyterian—Rev. David Aiken. Services at 12 noon and 7 p.m.

Methodist Church—Services at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.


Bakers—Andrew M'Gowan, Alex. M'Bride

Blacksmith—James M'Laughlin, Cappagh

Boot and Shoe Shops—George Kane and John M'Curdy

Butchers—David Edminston, S. & W. M'Grath, Hughes Bros.

Carpenters and Builders—Matthew Reid & Sons and John Frizell

Coal Merchants—S. R. Henry and W. A. Frizell

Confectioners — Andrew M'Gowan, A. M'Bride (Inglis & Co.), Miss Gregg

Coffee & Refreshment Rooms—Miss Gregg, R. Frizell & Sons, A. M'Bride, A. M'Gowan, and G. Scott Cycle Agent—James M'Curdy Drapers—Mrs. Brown, S. R. Henry, Mrs. Grey, H. Dixon & Co.

Emigration Agent—S. R. Henry

Dressmakers—The Misses Finlay, Miss Martin, Miss Kane, and Miss Boyd

Fish Merchants—R. Frizell & Sons, James Shaw

Grain and General Merchant—S. R. Henry

Grocers—S. R. Henry, R. Frizell & Sons, Miss Gregg, Hugh Caldwell, and John Cubbitt

Hotels—Anchor Hotel, P. Doherty; Montague Arms Hotel, Mrs. Smith; Carric- na-cule, S. R. Henry; Portstewart Hotel, Proprietor, W. Margery; York Hotel, C. Sheridan

Hairdressers—D. Davidson, Wm. Deane

House Agents—S. R. Henry, W. A. Frizell

Lessees Salmon Fishery—H. O. H. O'Neill, C.C., and W. A. Frizell

Newsagents—R. Frizell & Sons

Publicans—P. Doherty, Mrs. Smith, Wm. Margery

Posting Establishments—Matthew Brown, W. Frizell, John Connor, R. Martin, S. R. Henry, R. M'Williams, and P. Doherty

Stationery and Fancy Warehouses—Mrs. Brown, S. R. Henry, R. Frizell & Sons

Tea Rooms and Furnished Apartments— Mrs. A. M'Gowan, Main street


Miss Irwin, S. R. Henry, Mrs. J. Black, Mrs. Turbitt, John Knox, G. Scott, Miss Norris, F. Boyd, W. A. Frizell, R. Frizell & Sons, George Kane, Captain M'Crea, Mrs. N. Black, Mrs. Birch, H. Gaussen, Miss Gregg, Mrs. Birch, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. M. Gray, Miss M. Kennedy, Mr. Johnston, Sewell Hamilton, A. M'Gowan, W. Frizell, P. Smith, John Burke, H. Caldwell, Jas. M'Curdy, Miss Greer, A. M'Bride, Andrew M'Guigan, Mrs. M'Kay, Miss Chaine, Miss Austin, Miss Nicholson, Mrs. Black, Mrs. S. Moore, Mrs. F. Boyd, Mrs. Haslett, Miss Boyd, John Graham, Mrs. Mitchell, Danl. M'Grath, John Cubbitt, and Mr. Farrill


Miss Moore, William Porter, Miss Canning, Miss Ross, Miss Hay, A. G. Crawford, A. Reade, Miss White, A. Morrison, Mrs. Wray, Miss Hay, Wm. Lynn, Mrs. Tomb, Miss Shields, Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Black, T. M'Kieraghan, Mrs. Hunter, Miss Finlay, Mrs. Campbell, — Andrews, T. Moriarty, Charles Beaton, Miss Elder, Mrs. S. Brown, Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Boggs, Miss Torrens, Miss M'Closkey, Mrs. Huey, and Mrs. Phillips


Mrs. M'Cutcheon, Mrs. Hunter, Miss Fleming, Rev. Blaikie, Miss Rankin, D. Reid, Samuel Clarke, Mrs. Harrison, Rev. Lafferty, John Boyd, Jas. Bacon, Mrs. Lyons, Miss Bostock, A. M'Cracken, Wm. Shaw, James Lyons, R. Bacon, sen.; James Boyd, Mrs. Macauley, — Holland, Mrs. Ramsey, Mrs. Archibald, T. M'Keown, Jas. Ross, Thos. Millar, and John Doherty


Mrs. Archibald, Mrs. M'Conaghie, H. Dixon, Miss M'Manus, Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. Knox, Professor Charles, Miss Harbinson, Mrs. M'Larnon, Mr. Greer, Mrs. M'Pherson, Thos. M'Kirgan, Mrs. Kennedy, and R. Campbell


Miss Doherty, Mrs. Clarke, Robert M'Kinney, H. Blackstock, Miss Knox, W. J. Wallace, and Mrs. Gould


P. Doherty, James M'Laughlin, George Kane, sen.; A. M'Vicker, Mrs. A. Frizell, Mrs. M'Kinney, W. Margery, John M'Curdy, Miss Wallace, D. M'Mullan, Miss Graham, D. M'Curdy, Hugh Hunter, John Connor, James Spence, James M'Nally, Miss Watt, Miss Wilson, Thomas Henry, G. Kerr, Miss M'Cahon, Mrs. Prior, R. Hamilton, Wm. Cox, sen.; R. Martin, D. Davis, M. Davis, Mrs. Hemphill, Joe M'Lean, Daniel M'Gowan, Miss Falconer, Charles Upson, James Anderson, Mrs. M'Kendry, Mrs. Murphy, Hugh Hunter, James Pitt, Thomas Martin, R. Spence, William Boyd, A. Logan, Mrs. Donnelly, Charles Upson, James Kelly, Mrs. Topping, and John M'Millan


John Frizell, Mrs. Baxter, Mrs. Neale


Thomas Martin, James Shaw, Robert M'Kinney, sen.; — M'Auley, Daniel M'Kinney


Mrs. R. M'Kirgan


James M'Peake, Miss Frizzell, Miss Stitt, Miss Gilmour, R. Bacon, jun.; Mrs. M'Cutcheon, A. Magill, Thomas Jamison, R. Hanna, Thomas Gordon


Miss A. Frizzell


Miss Pherson


Denis O'Neill, John Boyd, —- Brown, Robt. Millar, Mrs. Wm. Millar


A. Martin, Wm. Gibson, John Bacon, D. M'Candless, James M'Ateer, R. M'Caughan, and James Coyle


F. Martin, Mrs. Hemphill Mrs. M. Martin, H. Simpson, Mrs. Usher, Dr. Kennedy, — Allen, Chas. Sheridan, Hugh Eccles, Rev. D. Aiken, B.A.; and Mrs. Eadie


John Logan, James Davis, John Logan, R. M'Kirgan, James M'Kirgan

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