Maghera, County Derry

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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49 ¾ miles from Belfast by Rail.
Market Town and Parish. Trades largely in Linens and Tweed Muslins.
Market Days—Tuesday and Friday.
Fair Day—Last Tuesday of every month.
Population, 879

POST OFFICE, Hall Street

—S. D. Lytle, sub-postmaster.

Letters from Dublin, South of Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales arrive at 9-15 o'clock and 11-4.5 a.m., 3-45 and 6 p.m., and are despatched daily (Sunday excepted) at 7-30 o'clock and 9-15 a.m., 3-45 and 5-15 p.m. Telegraphist, Miss Norris; letter carrier, Peter Clerkin; rural letter carriers, J. Stockman, James Gallagher, T. A. Hazlett, and Wm. Hammond

Petty Sessions are held Second Saturday of each month. Magistrates—Colonel Jas. Jackson Clark, D.L., J.P. (chairman); Messrs. A. W. Clark, J.P.; James Shivers, J.P.; Thomas Graham, J.P.; John M'Eldowney, J.P.; Robert Johnston, J.P.; Matthew M'Kenna, J.P.; J. E. O'Neill, J.P.; John M'Eldowney, J.P.

Constabulary Barracks—Sergeant Gallagher in charge; constables Cummings, acting-sergeant; M'Laughlin, Savage, Cowan, M'Allister, and M'Bride

Stamp Office—-S. D. Lytle, distributor

Commissioner for Taking Affidavits—R. Crawford

Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths—Dr. William M'Gowan

Dispensary Medical Officer—Dr. M'Gowan

County Councillors—Colonel Clark, D.L., J.P., Larantogher house; J. E. O'Neill, Maghera

Derry Central Railway—W. Moore, stationmaster; Wm. Leacock, Harry Bradley, and Thomas Porter, clerks

Market Committee—S. D. Lytle and J. E. O'Neill, hon. secs.


Church of Ireland—Rev. A. H. Maturin.
Presbyterian—-Rev. H. Murray, B.A.
Roman Catholic Church—Right Rev. Monsignor M'Gurk, V.F., P.P.; Rev. J. O'Callaghan, C.C.; Rev. H. O'Kane, C.C.


Maghera National Schools—P. Trodden and Miss Kearney, principals.
Hall Street National Schools—D. Wilson, male; Miss Lytle, female.
Church of Ireland National School—Mrs. Martin, teacher.
Tirkane National School—Miss Murray, teacher.
Fallagloon National School—James Quigley, teacher
Insurance Agents—James E. O'Neill, Saml. Brown, and H. G. Barkley
Bank—Ulster Bank, Ltd.—William Steele, manager; Frank Doherty, T. Finelly, cashiers; B. A. Scott, clerk
Shipping Agents—S. D. Lytle, J. E. O'Neill, T. A. Lytle
Registration Agents—Frank O'Kane and Wm. J. Boyle



Barkley, H. G., woollendraper
Bradley, Alexander, spirit merchant and auctioneer
Bradley, Catherine, spirit dealer, Farmers' Inn
Bradley, James, shoemaker
Bradley, John, saddler
Bradley, Mrs. J., sewing agent
Bodkin, Miss, millinery
Brown, Samuel, solicitor
Brownlow, Wm., shoemaker
Campbell, Mrs. Mary
Campbell, John, marine store
Clarke, Miss, dressmaker and shirt agent
Clerkin, Peter, grocer
Connor, Margaret, delph merchant
Connor, David, carpenter
Costello, A., shoemaker
Crawford, Robert, auctioneer
Crawford & Co., grocers and hardware merchants
Crilly, James, farmer
Crilly, James, grocer and boarding-house
Cushnahan, Daniel, spirit merchant
Devlin, Bernard, cooper and old clothes dealer
Devlin, John, jun., cooper
Devlin, John, cooper and old clothes dealer
Doherty, Bridget, spirit dealer
Dunlop, James, shoemaker
Fields, Richard, caretaker
Fowler, William, carpenter
Gallagher, James, labourer
Gallagher, James, grocer
Gallagher, Misses, shirtmakers
Gallinagh, John, grocer's assistant
Gallinagh, Mrs., millinery and fancy goods
Galway, Brice, watchmaker
Graham, J., farmer
Graham, Thomas, grocer
Hamilton, M., cycle agent and watchmaker
Havern, Patrick, cycle and motor agent
Havern, William, blacksmith
Hazlett, J. L., woollendraper
Hazlett, The Misses, dressmakers
Henry, James, carowner
Jamison, Misses, dressmakers
Johnston, J., solicitor
Johnston, Miss, fancy warehouse
Keenan, Miss, lodging-house keeper
Kennedy, James, tailor
Lytle, James, grocer, baker, leather, seed, and general merchant, Victoria Ware-house
Lytle, T. A., grocer and hardware merchant
Martin, John, draper
Martin, George, dealer
Mayberry, Dr.
Millar, John, carpenter
Moore, John, butcher
Morney, Mrs., greengrocer
Morran, Miss, fancy warehouse
Morran, Mrs., lodging-house
Morran, W., grocer and fruit dealer
M'Cann, J., lodging-house
M'Cormack, C, publican
M'Donald, Charles, tailor
M'Donald,. Saml., grocer and egg merchant
M'Glinchy, Mrs., second-hand clothes dealer
M'Gowan, William, M.D.
M'Guigan, Edward, billposter
M'Guigan, John, labourer
M'Keefry, Alex., wine and spirit merchant
M'Kenna, Bernard, wine and spirit merchant
M'Kenna, Charles, porter
M'Kenna, D., labourer
M'Kenna, Daniel, painter
M'Kenna, J. D., grocer
M'Kenna, J., shoemaker
M'Kenna, John, law clerk
M'Kenna, M. & C, drapers
M'Kenna, P., grocer and spirit dealer
M'Kenna, Patrick, coachbuilder
M'Kenna, Thomas, boot and shoe shop
M'Kenna, Thomas, coachman
M'Kenna, John, grocer
M'Kenna, B., Railway Tavern
M'Kenna, Jane
M'Kinney, J. C, grocer and general merchant
M'Kinney, W. J., grocer
M'Kee, Bros., butchers
M'Laughlin, Archibald, hawker
M'Laughlin, William
M'Namee, Patrick, publican
M'Nichol, Mrs., lodging-house keeper
M'Peak, Arthur, shoemaker
M'Peak, William, tailor
O'Connor, S., dressmaker
O'Hara, Jane, publican
O'Hara, Charles, clerk
O'Kane, Bernard, draper's assistant
O'Neill, H., shoemaker
O'Neill, Henry, solicitor
O'Neill, James E., woollendraper, cycle and commission agent
O'Neill & Co., wholesale and retail grocers, druggists and general merchants, The Maghera Pharmacy and Drug Hall
Palmer, Thomas J., publican
Picken, Robert, saddler and shoemaker
Quigg, H., grocer's assistant
Ranny, Mrs., bonnetmaker
Service, D., civil bill officer
Scott, A., grocer and hardware merchant
Smyth, Joseph, carpenter
Smyth, Robert, carpenter
Steele, William, Bank house
Thompson, Charles, grocer
Tohill, Fred., butcher
Tohill, John, butcher
Toner, John, draper's assistant
Walshe, John, druggist and hardware merchant
Walsh, Louis, publican
Walsh, L. J., solicitor


Averal, R., postman
Clark, Fred., labourer
Clark, Mary, sextoness
Hammond, Wm. J., postman
Humphrey, J.
Hunter, John, carpenter
M'Kane, John, labourer
M'Kenna, P.
Nealson, J.
Nelson, Samuel, clerk
Nelson, William, clerk


Brownlow, Hugh, labourer
Service, David


Agnew, P. J., solicitor
Bradley, Andrew, surfaceman
Bradley, Andrew, labourer
Bradley, H. J., law clerk and Press correspondent
Bradley, Bernard, blacksmith
Bradley, The Misses, dressmakers and grocers
Campbell, John, barber
Campbell, M., lodging-house
Convery, Francis, lodging-house
Convery, Miss, grocer
Conway, Thomas, blacksmith
Cuskeran, John, labourer
Cuskeran, P., shoemaker
Diamond, T., grocer
Hamilton, James, labourer
Henry, P. J., solicitor
Hipson, William, carpenter
Kelly, Margaret, publican
Martin, John, saddler
M'Bride, Owen, carter
M'Kee, Miss, draper
M'Kenna, Charles, cardriver
M'Laughlin, James, porter
M'Nicholl, James, mineral water manufacturer and Commercial hotel
M'Nicholl, J., carter
M'Namee, Joseph, carter
O'Neill, Patrick, egg and general dealer
Pritchard, Robert, gardener
Taylor, George, tailor
Quinn, T., vandriver
Winton, Ralph, labourer


Bradley, John, labourer
Connor, Archibald, carpenter
Connor, John, carpenter
Henry, The Misses
Humphrey, James, labourer
M'Namee, John, dealer
Nelson, M. J.
O'Neill, James, mason and farmer
O'Neill, Joseph, joiner, &c.
O'Neill, The Misses, dressmakers
Reilly, P.. M.R.C.V.S., The Cottage
Wilson, Mrs. R., draper and dressmaker
Wilson, Robert, grocer


Begley, Bernard, labourer
Bolton, Robert, grocer and egg dealer
Bradley, John, labourer
Curley, James, labourer
Cuskman, James, flaxdresser
Henery, John, egg buyer
Kelly, James, jun.
Kelly, John, labourer
M'Allister, Edward, labourer
M'Callister, Bernard, labourer
O'Neill, John, labourer
O'Neill, William, labourer
Stewart, William, labourer


Anderson, Samuel, R.D.C., Folgotravey
Anderson, T. J., J.P., farmer
Clark, Alexander, Gillough house
Clark, H. J., Ardtana, Upperlands
Clark, N. W., Anysultam, Upperlands
Clarke, Colonel J. J., Largantogher
Convery, Jane, sewing agent and grocer, Fullagloon
Cunningham, Jacob, Grillagh, flaxmill
Diamond, Neal, R.D.C., Ballyrock
Fisher, Rev. T., Knockcloughren
Graham, Thomas
Higgins, John, Ballyrock Corn and Flax Scutch Mills
Kerr, Daniel, cattle dealer, Ballyrahone
Kerr, Richard, brick manufacturer, Ballyrahone
M'Cay, Mrs., flax scutching mills
M'Closkey, Patrick, Rockfield Flax Mills
M'Cusker, Michael, Tullyhenon
M'Elree, Dripps, Mallagh
M'Williams, Denis, Rosemount
Sands, Rev. T., Knockloughrim
Shevers, Henry, Moneymore house
Shiels, Samuel, Mullough
Shiels, Thomas, Knocknakeith
Shulls, Jos., miller
Stewart, John, miller
Sweetnam, Rev. T., The Rectory, Killyleagh
Wilson, Hugh, Crew

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