Donaghmore, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Forty-two and three-quarter miles from Belfast.
Agriculture is the chief industry.
A large soap factory gives employment to a great number of people.
Population, 234

POST OFFICE, Telegraph, Public Telephone
Call Office, and Money Order Office and
Savings Bank—John Knox, Postmaster.
There are three arrivals and despatches
Royal Irish Constabulary—Patrick Cleary, sergeant
G.N- Railway Station—J. Thomson, station-master


Donaghmore Parish Church—Rev. J. R. Sides, A.B., rector
Upper Donaghmore Parish Church—Rev. H. Egerton, rector
Donaghmore Independent Church—Rev. J. Murphy, minister
Lisnagleer Baptist Church—Rev. Burt Sharp, pastor
St. Patrick's R.C. Church, Donaghmore—Rev. J. J. (Canon) M'Cartan, P.P.; Rev. J. O'Neill, C.C.
St. Patrick's R.C. Church, Galbally—Rev. Hugh Teggart, C.C.


No. 1 National School (Male)—Mr. Lee, teacher; (Female), Mrs. Brennan, teacher
No. 2 National School (Male)—Mr. Casement, teacher; (Female), Miss Kelly, teacher


Alexander, George, farmer, Killymacardle
Alexander, H., farmer, Tullyarran
Alexander, Henry, shoemaker
Anderson, J., farmer, Garvagh
Beatty, J., farmer, Drumbearn
Black, William, farmer, Ballymacoll
Bradley, J., farmer, Foigh
Brennan, B. M., N. S. teacher
Brown, David, & Son, soap and candle manufacturers
Brown, J., farmer, Tullyleek
Brown, Miss, typist
Brown, Mrs. J., Ivy Bank
Brown, Rev. R. W., A. M.
Brown, Robert, Aghareany house
Brown, W., mechanic, Aughareany
Brown, W., farmer, Kilnoslee
Buchanan, George, watchmaker
Burns, George, bookkeeper
Burnside, W., farmer, Killymacardle
Caldwell, John, farmer, Mullaghmore
Caldwell, W., farmer, Tullynure
Caldwell, Stewart, Tullynure lodge
Campbell, J., farmer, Aughareany
Carberry, Edward, draper
Carbery, John, grocer, draper, and hardware dealer
Casement, Mr., N. S. teacher
Comac, James
Conlan, L.
Conlon, J., dairyman, Aughareany
Conlon, William, farmer, Mullycriffey
Conway, Patrick, labourer
Conway, Peter, packer
Corr, P., letter carrier
Corran, J., labourer
Courtney, S., mechanic and motor car driver (D. Brown & Son)
Courteney, James, grocer, Aughareany
Courteney, Joseph, farmer, Aughareany
Courteney, Mrs. W., farmer, Aughareany
Courtney, J., farmer, Drumbearn
Daley, J., farmer, Ballybray
Daly, Hugh, farmer, Ballybray
Devlin, J., letter carrier
Devlin, Thomas, sawyer
Donnelly, Felix, cattle dealer, Aughareany
Donnelly, J., farmer, Tullyleek
Donnelly, John, cattle dealer, Tullyarran
Donnelly, M., typist
Donnelly, M., grocer
Donnelly, Peter, flax merchant, Tullyarran
Douglas, Moses, farmer, Tulnagall
Duffy Brothers, tailors
Fee, Lawrence, egg dealer, Tulnagall
Fee, F. & J., cattle dealers, Garvagh
Fee, J., farmer, Garvagh
Fullen, P., farmer, Anaghbeg
Gallagher, Samuel, com. traveller
Gallagher, Constable, R.I.C.
Gilkinson, J., farmer, Ballymacall
Goodfellow, M., farmer, Tullynure
Gore, S., clerk
Hall, W. H., gardener
Hamilton, D., candlemaker
Hamilton, M., dressmaker, Anaghbeg
Hammil, J., labourer
Hayes, Robert, sawyer
Hazleton, E., farmer, Kilnaslee
Henderson, Isaac, carter
Herron, Henry, cattle dealer, Garvagh
Herron, James, cattle dealer, Garvagh
Hetherington, William, farmer, Tulnagall
Hughes, P., hotel
Hughes, Wm., jun., farmer, Tulnagall
Hughes, W., sen., farmer, Tulnagall
Hurson, Mrs.
Irwin, W. G., farmer, Aughareany
Irwin, Henry, farmer, Aughareany
Johnston, Thomas, horseshoer
Johnston, J., horseshoer
Johnston, William, farmer, Mullaghmore
Keenan, P., farmer, Anaghbeg
Kinnear, W., coachman
Knox, John, postmaster
Latimer, R., farmer, Tullyarran
Ledgerwood, J., despatch clerk
Loughran, S., farmer, Ballymacall
Loughran, M., labourer
Loughran, Michael, packer
Loughran, David, farmer, Mullycrunnett
Lyle, J. G. W., Donaghmore house
Maglone, M., shirtmaker
Mallon, B., horse dealer, Garvagh
Marshall, W., farmer, Crossdernott
Montgomery, A., cattle dealer, Garvagh
Montgomery, T., cattle dealer, Mullycrunnett
Moore, J., labourer
Moore, J., landsteward for D. Brown & Son
Moore, W. J., farmer, Skea
Mulholland, John, clerk
Mullan, J., fanner, Anaghbeg
Murphy, A., house carpenter
Murphy, Peter, farmer and road contractor, Garvagh
Murtagh, Miss K., clerk
M'Bride, P., clerk G.N.R.
M'Cann, Henry, cattle dealer, Garvagh
M'Cann, J., insurance agent
M'Cann, P., letter carrier
M'Cann, P., shoemaker
M'Cartan, Rev. (Canon) J.J., P.P.
M'Causland, M., publican
M'Causland, Myles, grocer
M'Causland, P., farmer, Backford
M'Causland, Thomas, publican
M'Clean, Alf., farmer, Relough
M'Clusky, J., wax melter
M'Clusky, P., carter
M'Clusky; W., yardman
M'Corkell, T., grocer & provision merchant
M'Cormac, M.
M'Crory, P., labourer
M'Donald, A., cattle dealer, Mullycriffey
M'Elvenny, Charles, farmer, Tulnagall
M'Elvogue, James, mason, Tullygun
M'Garity, James, farmer and basket maker, Garvagh
M'Gartlin, Mrs.
M'Ginn, J., plate layer, Aughareany
M'Gladring, J., labourer
M'Gladring, M., lodging-house keeper
M'Glone, F., carter
M'Glone, J., farmer, Aughareany
M'Glone, P., farmer, Aughareany
M'Glone, P., farmer
M'Glone, Robert, farmer, Mullaghmore
M'Gowan, James, farmer, Mullycriffey
M'Gowan, J., farmer, Kilmore
M'Gowan, M., farmer, Kilmore
M'Guigan, John, farmer, Ballybray
M'Guigan, Patrick, farmer, Ballybray
M'Ivor, Misses, farmers, Ballymacoll
M'Ivor, William, farmer, Mullycriffey
M'Kenna, C, farmer, Anaghbeg
M'Keown, T., coachman
M'Lean, A., farmer, Relough
M'Lean, Archy, farmer and grocer, Skea
M'Lean Bros., farmers, Mullycrunnett
M'Lean, Hugh, farmer, Ballybray
M'Lean, John, farmer, Relough
M'Lernon, P., horse dealer, Garvagh
M'Lean, Robert, farmer, Relough
M'Lean, Robert, farmer, Skea
M'Lean, W., farmer, Relough
M'Mahon, Hugh, mechanic
M'Mahon, J., yardman
M'Mahon. James, farmer, Anaghbeg
M'Minn, J., farmer, Crossdernott
M'Peak, P., head porter G.N.R., Tullyure
M'Veigh, J., farmer, Mullaghmore
O'Neill, F., farmer, Drumbearn
O'Neill, James, farmer. Ballybray
O'Neill, J., soap stamper
O'Neill, J. M., farmer, Aughareany
O'Neill, John, farmer, Drumbearn
O'Neill, John M., Aghareaney
O'Neill, Mary, grocer
O'Neill, P., carter
O'Neill, Rev. J., C.C.
Paisley, S., egg merchant and farmer, Kilnaslee
Paisley, W., farmer, Kilnaslee
Quinn, J., signalman
Quinn, P., farmer aand dairyman, Killymacardle
Quinn, P., soap cutter
Scott, John, clerk
Sharp, Rev. Burt
Shine, Constable, R.I.C
Skeffington, M., laundress
Sloan, A., carpenter and joiner, Tullynure
Sloan, J., gardener, Tullynure


Armstrong, Wm. J., Aughareany
Brown, David, Tullydraw
Brown, D., corn miller, Kilmore
Conlan, Michael, Tullyleek
Douglas, John, Tulnagall
Geddes, Samuel, Ballymacall
Gilkinson, James, Killymacardle
Gilkinson, William, Ballymacoll
Goodfellow, James, Tullyleek
Goodfellow, Patrick, Tullynure
Hughes, William, Tulnagall
Loughran, John, Ballymacoll
Loy, Charles, Tullyleek
Mathews, David G., Mullyrudden
Moore, James, Tullyleek
Murtagh, Owen, Anaghbeg
M'Causland, M., Anaghbeg
M'Clean, John, Kerrib
M'Clean, William, Garvagh
M'Clernon, Peter, Garvagh
M'Creedy, James, Mullyrodden
M'Gahen, Peter, Mullyrodden
M'Gladrigan, John, Mullaghfurtherland
M'Ilvanny, Charles, Tulnagall
M'Ilvanny, William, Tulnagall
M'Ivor, Daniel, Killymacardle
M'Ivor, Hugh, Ballymacoll
M'Ivor, Hugh, Killymacardle
M'Ivor, Matthew, Killymacardle
M'Ivor, John, Ballymacoll
M'Kenzie, John, Relough
M'Keown, J., Tullydraw
M'Minn, John, Kilmore
M'Neece, William, Mullyrudden
Pisley, S., jun., Kilnaslee
Prunty, Francis, Mullyrudden
Quin, Charles, jun., Kerrib
Quin, Charles, sen., Kerrib
Steenson, William, Kerrib
Watt, Andrew, Corkhill

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