Donaghadee, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Griffith's Valuation for the Union of Newtownards 1863
...includes Donaghadee
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Twenty-two miles from Belfast.
Chief exports are Cattle and Farm Produce.
Population 2,073

POST OFFICE, High Street

—Mrs. Eason, postmistress.
Mails arrive 7-15 and 10-15 a.m., and 4-15 p.m.; despatched 7-5 a.m., 1-5, 3-55, and 7-15 p.m. Sundays, mail arrives 8-45 a.m.; despatched 7-15 p.m. Sundays
Town Clerk—D. Walker
Town Surveyor—John Moore
Medical Officer of Health—Dr. R. A. Nesbitt; residence, High street
Sanitary Officer and Town Inspector—Wm. Thompson; residence, Shore street
School Attendance Committee—W. John Morrison, chairman ; David Walker, secretary ; William Thompson, officer
Coast Guard Station—Mr. Christie, chief officer
Lighthouse Keeper—Mr. Corish
Harbour Master—J. Lance
Royal Irish Constabulary—Joseph Orr, sergeant


Church of Ireland—Rev. R. H. Coote, rector
Presbyterian Churches: High street—-Rev. S. Walker; Shore street—Rev. Robert Andrews
Methodist Church, Mount street—Rev. J. W. Carrothers
Roman Catholic Church, High street


Mount Alexander National School, New road—J. W. Charles, principal
Leslie School—Mrs. W. H. Crosbie, principal teacher
Parade School—J. Johnston, principal teacher
Mount Street School—A. M'Millan, principal
Warren Road School—W. Lamont, principal


Adams, John, coal merchant, Manor street
Aicken, Henry, manager Gasworks, Railway street
Anderson, John, farmer, Carnathan
Andrews, Rev. Robert, The Manse, Warren road
Angus, Andrew, carpenter &c, Manor street
Angus, John, hardware merchant, New st.
Arthur, Captain Peter, hotel, The Parade
Arthur, William, carowner, The Parade
Atkinson, W., draper, New street
Baird, Mrs. John, publican, The Parade
Beattie, Messrs. V. & J., plasterers, Killaughey road
Bell, F. W., Rosebank, Millisle road
Berry, Robert, ex-R.I.C, Millisle road
Brain, Alexander, publican, High street
Braithwaite, William, stationmaster
Brown, James, draper, Bridge street
Brown, The Misses, dressmakers, High st.
Burke, John, carpenter, Mount street
Carrothers, Rev. J. W., The Manse, Millisle road
Carson, James, The Gardens, Cannyreagh
Caughey, Miss J., milliner, New street
Cleland, Fred., baker, &c, Bow street
Clotworthy, Alex., Mount street
Coates, Dr., Craigmore, Warren road
Connolly, James, publican, Manor street
Coote, Rev. R. H., The Rectory
Cosh, Ann, milliner, New street
Cousins, William, grocer and spirit merchant, New street
Crosbie, Mrs. John, Braemoyle, New road
Cumming, Alex., Ardara
Curragh, Fred., cabinetmaker, New street
Curragh, William, builder, Killaughey road
Dalzell, John, grocer, High street
Davidson, James, boatowner, Saltwork st.
Davidson, Mrs., draper, &c, High street
Davis, W. H., grocer and carowner, Meeting house street
Delacherois, Colonel, J.P., The Manor house
Delacherois, Mrs. Alex., New road
Delacherois, Roland, Ballywilliam
Duncan, Miss, dressmaker, &c, Mount st.
Dunn, John, shoemaker, High street
Dunn, William, confectioner, &c, New st.
Dunwoody, James, coachbuilder, Hunter's lane
Eady, Mrs., tobacconist, New street
Elliott, W. P., C.E., Harbour Works
Emerson, Miss, grocer, Shore street
Evans, R. J., aerated and mineral water manufacturer, Harmony place
Finlay, A., saddler, New street
Fullerton, James, mason, Mount street
Fullerton, Mrs., coal merchant, Manor street
Fulton, Henry, grocer, &c.
Galway, Mrs., Park avenue
George, John, plasterer, Killaughy road
Gibson, Dr. G., J.P., Shore street
Gray,. Alex., Warren road
Gray, James A., The Belfast Cafe, The
Gray, S. N., The Parade
Gunning, John, sea captain, Manor street
Hamill, John, tailor, Bridge street
Harnill, Peter, merchant tailor, High street
Hamilton, Edwin, J.P., B.L., The Crossways
Hamilton, The Misses, Kilburn, Warren rd
Harper, William J., sexton Parish Church, Church place
Herron, David, carrier, High street
Herron, James, carrier for B. & C. D. Rly., High street
Hutchinson, Mrs., grocer, High street
Hutton, H. T., Erin lodge, Killaughey road
Kennedy, H., painter, Mount street
Knight, Dr., Lin wood
Law, J., greengrocer, High street
Lindsay, Mrs., The Parade
Lloyd, T. A., painter, High street
Louden, James, grocery and drug stores, Bridge street
Lynas, Samuel, painter, The Parade
Macgowan, J. C, petty sessions clerk, Mount street
Magill, Hugh, principal Ballyvester N.S.
Maguire, James, publican, Manor street
Mateer, Thomas, carowner, East street
Milliken, William, Warren house, Warren road
Monk, Alex., Ballywilliam
Monk, John, spiritgrocer and pawnbroker, High street
Moore, John, flax mill, Ballynoe
Morrison, James, publican, Mount street
Mount Royal Hotel—Miss Brady, manageress
Muckle, Thomas, grocer, New stret
Mulholland, J. H., sewing agent, New street and Warren road
M'Cance, Mrs., grocer, New street
M'Clements, John, J.P., Shore street
M'Clure, James, grocer and carpenter, High street
M'Conkey, John, & Sons, builders and contractors and divers, The Parade
M'Conkey, William, Mount street
M'Connell, John, J.P., Rathmona
M'Cormick, F. J., J.P., Maymount, New rd
M'Cutcheon, Mary, Woodland, Millisle road
M'Dowell, Robert, pilot, Warren road
M'Gee, Jacob, house agent, Church place
M'Ilroy, J., Ballywilliam
M'Kibbin, Andrew, tailor, Shore street
M'Mechan, James, boatowner, Bow street
M'Minn, Miss, The Cottage, New road
M'Minn, Mrs., Herdstown house
M'Narry, George, butcher, High street
M'Narry, Mrs. James, general dealer and carowner, High street
M'Williams, John, boatowner, Bow street
Newell, John, shuttlemaker, Mount street
Patterson, D., painter, Bow street
Patterson, James, publican, Mount street
Patterson, R. A., photographer, &c, The Parade
Pink, Mrs. Samuel, grocer, &c, The Parade
Price, The Misses, dressmakers, Mount st
Robinson, A. J., publican, New street
Saunders, William, High street
Service, Ann, dressmaker, New street
Simpson, Thomas, boatowner, Shore street
Sloan, Robert, butcher, High street
Sloan & Thompson, auctioneers, &c, High street
Smith, W. G., druggist and grocer, High st
Stevenson, William, hairdresser, New street
Stuart, The Misses, The Parade
Thompson, J., spiritgrocer, Mount street
Thompson, William, agent, Shore street
Ulster Bank Branch, New street
Ulster Baths and Temperance Hotel, Shore street—Miss Stewart, proprietress
Vance, S. S., landsteward, Manor Farm
Vint, Samuel, painter, Union street
Walker, James, shoemaker, Mount street
Walker, Rev. Samuel, The Manse, Park av
Walker, W. F., Northfield, Killaughey road
Wallace, James, hairdresser, High street
Wallace, Martin, Warren road
Woods, James, grocer and carowner, The Parade


Black, J., Ballywilliam
Boyd, William, flax mill, Portavo
Buller, C. W. Dunbar, D.L., Woburn
Burrows, Mrs., Portavo
Ferguson, Henry, farmer, Hogstown
Kirker, Rev. H. H., Ballyfrenis
Knox, John, farmer, Ballyvester
Knox, Hugh, Ballyvester
Lyons, Rev. J., Millisle
Martin, John, blacksmith, Killaughey
Minford, Rev. J. J., Carrowdore
Muckle, R., spirit merchant, Millisle
Nesbitt, James, N.S. teacher, Millisle

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