Carrickmore, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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53 ¾ Miles from Belfast.
A Market Village. Market every Friday.
Fair Day last Friday of the Month.
Population, 115


—Mrs. Rose Healy, Postmistress.
Mails arrive at 6-45 and 9-30 a.m.; despatches at 3-45 and 6-45 p.m.


Church of Ireland—Rev. Mr. Bailie, M.A., Incumbent
Roman Catholic Chapel—Rev. J. Donnelly P.P.; Rev. D. Gormill, C.C.; Rev. Eugene Short, C.C.


Dispensary—Carrickmore and Mountfield—Christopher Hunter, M.D., J.P., medical officer

Magistrates who preside at Petty Sessions—Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Hugh H. Stewart, Bart., J.P., Carrickmore House; Captain Goselin, R.M., Omagh; William Todd. J.P., Loughmacrody; Terence Rafferty, J.P., Tromogue; P. Trainor, Pomeroy; Robert Henry, Pomeroy; R. H. Anderson, Sixmilecross; Michael Gormley, J.P., Eskerbuoy; M. Rodgers, Beragh; John Crawford, J.P., Copney; Daniel M'Donald, J.P., Creggan. Clerk of Petty Sessions—John Ellison

National Schools—Aughiogan, P. Quinlinan, teacher. Termon, J. H. Gilmour

R. I. Constabulary Barracks—Sergeant English, with three constables

Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths—Dr. Hunter; deputy registrar, George Marshall

Estate Agent tor Sir John M. Stewart, Bart.—John Bain, 74 Royal avenue, Belfast

The Irish Agriculture Peat Works


Anderson, R. H., draper and general merchant
Bailie, Rev.
Collins, Wm., shoemaker
Conway, Daniel
Daly, M., cycle and insurance agent
Daley, Charles, grocer
Fox, Alice, grocer
Fox, P. J., grocer and draper
Gallagher, Michael, spirit merchant
Gormley, Susan, sewing agent
Grogan, John, egg and butter merchant
Groogan, Ann, grocer
Johnston, Joseph, R.I.C.
Kelly, Francis
Kelly, John, tailor
Kelly, William, gardener
Martin, Edward, carpenter
Marshall, George, ex-head constable R.I.C.
Meenagh, Mrs., spirit dealer
Montague, Mrs.
Mossey, Sarah, grocer
Murray, — constable R.I.C.
M'Caffrey, Andrew, egg and butter merchant
M'Gurk, Margaret, grocer
M'Gurk, Michael, blacksmith
M'Gurk, Patrick, spirit dealer
M'Gurk, Patrick, grocer and life assurance agent
M'Ilroy, Bernard, blacksmith
O'Boice, C., constable R.I.C.
Quinn, Miss, dressmaker
Quinn, Patrick, Stewart Arms Hotel
Quinn, Patrick, jun., publican and general merchant
Rafferty, Michael, spirit dealer
Short, Rev. E., C.C.
Stewart, Lady, Carrickmore hall


Anderson, William, Tyrooney
Bradley, John, Mullinbeg
Bradley, John, Tromogue
Conway, James, Tonegan
Corr, John, R.D.C., Creggan
Corry, George, Drumlester
Corry, Samuel, Ballintrain
Coyle, Peter, Loughmacrory
Crawford, John, J.P., Copney
Crawford, Robert, Aughnagreggan
Crawford, Robert, Clare
Daly, James, Sluggan
Davis, John, Tyrooney
Dixon. James, Mullinmore
Doherty, Michael, Aughnagreggan
Doherty, William, Aughnagreggan
Donnelly, Edward, Tursalla
Doogan, John, Carrickmore
Fox, John Mullinmore
Fox, Frank, Nine-mile Tea House
Fox, Patrick, R.D.C., Creggan
Fox, William, Mullinmore
Gormley, Charles, Tyrooney
Gormley, Hugh, Drumlester
Grogan, Matthew, Innishatieve
Grogan, John, Carrickmore
Kelly , Patrick, R.D.C., Loughmacrory
Kyle, David, Mullaghslin
Kyle, Orr, Mullaghslin
Love, J., Ballintrain
Lyons, John, Dommisk
Managh, Samuel, Drumlester
Molloy, Patrick, Carrickmore
M'Callion, Hugh, Clare
M'Cartan, Daniel, Tursalla
M'Carten, Michael, Drumlester
M'Coy, James, Mullinmore
M'Cristal, Peter, Aughnagreggan
M'Crory, Stephen, R.D.C., Innishatieve
M'Cullagh, Francis Carrickmore
M'Donnell, Daniel, J.P., Creggan
M'Farland, Andrew, Creggan
M'Garity, Patrick, R.D.C., Innishatieve
M'Ginn, John, Aughiogan
M'Ginn, Patrick, Carrickmore
M'Ginn, Patrick, Aughiogan
M'Guire, James, Carrickmore
M'Guire, Patrick, Carrickmore
M'Kernan, James, Tonegan
M'Kernan, John, Creggan
M'Kernan, Patrick, Tromogue
M'Kigney, Bernard, Tonegan
M'Mullan, Mrs., Tyrooney
M'Nally, Patrick, Carrickmore
Nugent, Francis, Mullinmore
Nugent, James, Aughnagreggan
Nugent, James, Carrickmore
Nugent, Michael, Carrickmore
Rafferty, Charles, Sluggan
Rice, Bernard, Mullinbeg
Rice, John, Mullinbeg
Sawyers, George, Innishatieve
Smith, John, Drumnisk
Smith, William, Drumnisk
Smyth, Alexander, Copney
Smyth, Patrick N. T.
Smyth, Samuel, Tyrooney
Toal, Patrick, Tromogue
Toal, Peter, Tromogue
Todd, Hugh, Aldrummond
Todd, William, Loughmacrory
Ward, Hugh, Mullaghslin
Ward, John, Mullaghslin
Wilson, Robert, Altinagh

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