Castleblayney, County Monaghan

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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A Market Town.
Market days—Tuesday and Wednesdays.
Has Flax and Corn Mills. Population, 1,576.


—Mrs. M. C. Kelly, postmistress; Miss M'Quillan, assistant
Workhouse Officials—Physician, Dr. J. Wilson; master, J. Duffy; matron, Miss Flanagan; schoolmistress, Miss L. Flanagan : relieving officers, Phillip Osborne and Patrick Mulligan
Bank of Ireland—Wm. M'Intosh, agent; T. Allen, cashier
Belfast Bank—H. Maturin, manager
Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages—Registrar, Dr. J. P. Clarke, J.P.
Registration of Marriages—Registrar, Wm. Hamilton; deputy registrar, T. C. Donnelly
Clerk of Petty Sessions—William Hamilton
Commissioner for Taking Affidavits—Wm. Hamilton, C.P.S.
Commissioner for Taking Affidavits for State of New York—Jas. W. Savage, B.A., solicitor


Constabulary Barracks—Sergeant S. M'Cabe
Gasworks—L. Millar, manager
Reading Room—President, H. L. Tottenham; secretary and treasurer, Thomas Dunwoody, solicitor
The Courthouse—Wm. Densmore, keeper
The Dispensary—Dr. P. J. Clarke, J.P.
The Blayney Alms Houses—Thomas Harpur, keeper; Thomas Turner, secretary
Solicitors—R. E. Bailie, Crown Solicitor; J. W. Reid, C. Lavery, and John Gillespie
Agent Hope Estate—John Bain, Castleblayney, and 74 Royal avenue, Belfast
Templeton Estate—Clerk, W. Hamilton; bailiff, James Carragher; John Gillespie, agent


Alma House, Church street
Bailie, Robert Ellis, Crown solicitor, West street
Boyd, David, draper, West street
Brannigan, Mrs., grocer, Henry street
Brooks, James, butcher, Henry street
Burns, Michael, tailor, West street
Callaghan, James, tailor, West street
Callan, Eliza, baker, West street
Campbell, T., Muckno street
Carragher, Patrick, publican and grocer, West street
Carragher, Mary, publican, West street
Carswell, Wm., car owner, Muckno street
Casey, James, carter, West street
Clarke, Dr. J. P., J.P., York street
Clinton, Rev. F., York street
Coleman,. J., publican, West street
Connolly, Patrick, tailor
Cooney, Mrs., Castle square
Corrigan, Peter, general merchant, West st
Coyle, Mary F., publican, West street
Craig & Co., grocers, West street
Crozier, Thomas, publican, Muckno street
Crozier, Thomas, hotel proprietor and auctioneer, West street
Daly, John, baker and spirit merchant, West street
Daly, P., baker and grocer, West street
Donnelly, Rev. Frank, York street
Donnelly, T. C., law clerk, Church street
Drum, Ruddy, painter, Church street
Duffy, Catherine, publican, West street
Duffy, Francis, coal merchant, West street
Duffy, John, West street
Duffy, Miss Mary Ann, West street
Duffy, P., baker and grocer, Muckno street
Ennis, Hugh, carpenter, York street
Farnan, Bernard, baker and egg merchant, West street
Farrell Bros., fowl merchants, York street
Flanagan, Miss, baker, West street
Fleming, Miss A., boot warehouse and hotel proprietor, West street
Fleming, Wm., watchmaker & hairdresser, West street
French, A. J., excise officer, Market square
Gorman Bros., boot merchants, Market sq.
Gray, James, grocer, West street
Gray, Mrs. E. J. ladies' tailor, West street
Hanratty, Ed., publican, Muckno street
Hardy, Hugh, publican, York street
Hartigan, John, sen., York street
Hawthorn, W. R., town postman
Hayden, Patrick, R.I.C., York street
Henderson, Mrs., Henry street
Higgins, George, butcher, Market square
Hopkins, Mr., Castle square
Hughes, Patrick, Muckno street
Irwin, Dr. E., Market square
Jones, Patrick, Singer's machine agent, Market square
Keeley, E., Market square
Kelly, A., publican, West street
Kelly, J. J., J.P., Post Office, West street
Kelly, Miss, publican, Muckno street
Lamie, Mrs., draper, Market street
Laverty, Charles, solicitor, West street and Market square
Laverty, Teresa, Muckno street
Leathern, James, coachbuilder, Muckno st.
Leavy, James, draper, Muckno street
Lennon, Edward, stationer, &c., West st.
Livingston, William, grocer, Muckno street
Longhead, F., butcher, West street
Lynch, Bernard, blacksmith, Church st.
Marron, Mrs., publican, Market square
Maturin, H., manager Belfast Bank, West street
Maxwell, J., bootmaker, Muckno street
Maxwell, W., C.B.O., West street
Miller, Miss, Castle square
Molloy, Henry, general merchant, West st.
Mooney, William, china merchant, West st.
Moore, Charles, cooper, Church street
Morrison, William, draper, Muckno street
Mulligan, John, saddler, West street
Mulligan, Patrick, printer, West street
Murray, Patrick, publican, Muckno street
Murphy, J., grocer and boot merchant, West street
M'Ardle, Bernard, publican, Market square
M'Ardle, James, entertainment, West st.
M'Ardle, Mrs., Market square
M'Aree, Patrick, car owner and newsagent, West street
M'Bride, Edward, grocer, West street
M'Carron, Ann, York street
M'Clelland, J., coachbuilding and china warehouse, Muckno street
M'Donnell, Mrs., grocer, West street
M'Elearney, Bernard, nailor, West street
M'Eneaney, James, West street
M'Gahan & Co., drapers, West street
M'Geough, B., draper, West street
M'Ginn, Syl., publican, Henty street
M'Grath, Mrs., draper, etc., West street
M'Guire, F. C., plumber, gasfitter, and cycle agent, Muckno street
M'Ilhenny, J. G., Church street
M'Intosh, Wm., Bank of Ireland, West st.
M'Kenna, Hugh, carter, West street
M'Mahon & Co., publicans
M'Morran, Mrs., West street
M'Quaid, Michael, blacksmith, West street
M'Quillan, Miss, Castle square
Orr, F. A., solicitor's clerk, York street
Orr, W., teacher, Market square
O'Brien, John, publican, West street
O'Neill, Mrs., publican, Muckno street
O'Reilly, J., watchmaker, West street
O'Rorke, Patrick, car owner, York street
Pedlow, T. G., draper, West street
Quinn, Man A., confectioner, West street
Ralston, Misses, West street
Reid, J. G., solicitor, West street
Rooney, James, publican, West street
Rooney, John, publican, Muckno street
Rudden, Joseph, publican, West street
Sheridan, Thomas, publican and car owner, West street
Sloan, John, printer, stationer, and stamp distributor, West street
Smith, Patrick, T.C., J.P., publican, West street
Spence, Robert, grocer, chemist, and druggist, West street
Stewart, David, C.B.O., Muckno street
Stoker, Henry, Church street
Turner, Thomas, draper, &c., Market square
Ward, J., shoemaker, Henry street
Watson, Robert, builder and contractor, Muckno street
Wells, Mrs., Castle square
Whyte, Thomas, carpenter, Muckno street
Wilson, A., provision merchant, Muckno st
Wilson, Dr. J., Market square


Adair, Robert, Carrickaslane
Adair, Robert, Corragartha
Ballagh, James, Killycracken
Browne, Alexander, Tullycollive
Browne, William, Tulhcollive
Callan, Mrs., Frankford
Callan, Rev. Canon
Carville, Edward, Lurganmore
Carville, Mrs., miller and farmer
Clark, William, Carracloghan
Cromie, James, Tullycollive
Cross, James, Churchill
Gault, Rev. S., LL.D., Drumacrib
Hamilton, William C., Drumillard
Hamilton, William, C.P.S., Sunnyside
Harrison, Hugh, Carragartha
Harrison, Robert W., Drumleek
Harvey, Mrs. John, Annyart
Hunter, Edward, Conabury
King, Rev. M. W., Broomfield
Lewis, Rev., Hopefield
Lundy, John, Drumacrib
Martin, John B., Drumacrib
M'Birney, Samuel, Killycard
M'Bride, William
M'Cully, Rev. James, Broomfield
M'Donald, Sergeant, Conabury cottage
M'Kean, Fitz. J.
M'Mahon, Rev. George, Tomacrow
M'Mahon, Thomas. J.P., Bree
O'Reilly, H.
Pollock, T. J., Longfield
Rudd, Rev. T. J.
Rudden, Thomas, Modeece
Smythe, Rev. R. H., The Manse
Taylor, J. A., J.P., Conabury House
Tweed, Rev. R. J., Altnamackin
Wiley, John, auctioneer, Market square
Windrim, Samuel, Errybane


Anderson, B., gatekeeper
Beggs, Robert, carpenter
Bolton, Mrs., housekeeper
Matthews, James, gardener
Meegan, Andrew, head gamekeeper

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