Caledon, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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A Market Town 42 miles from Belfast
The staple industry is Woollens and the famous Caledon Tweeds
Market Day—Every Saturday
Fair Day—Second Saturday in the month


—Money Order and Telegraph Office & Savings Bank—Mrs. Williams, postmistress.
There are three arrivals and four despatches daily
Royal Irish Constabulary—Sergeant Magee
Dispensary Medical Officer—Robert Dixon Patterson, J.P.
Clogher Valley Railway—Mrs. E. Dennison, station agent


Aghaloo Parish Church—Rev. Thos. Carey, rector
Caledon Presbyterian Church—Rev. George Faris, B.A., minister
Minterburn Presbyterian Church—Rev. S. D. M'Kee, minister
Wesleyan Church—Rev. John Murphy, minister
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. J. Ward, P.P.


Henderson's Row N.S.—Jas. Ferne, teacher
Church Street N.S.—Chas. Brewster, teacher


N. L. Townsend, Esq., R.M.; Colonel the Hon. Charles Alexander; Wm. Mercer, Esq.; C. R. Hearn, Esq.; Edward Magee, Esq.; Robert M'Kean, Esq.; R. D. Patterson, Esq., F.R.C.S.I. Petty Sessions are held on the second Friday of each month at 11-30 o'clock a.m.—-Wm. C. Brown, clerk; Wm. Hughes, summons server


Alexander, Colonel the Hon. C., J.P.
Alexander, Colonel the Hon. Walter
Allen, Alexander, farmer, Tulnashane
Allen, John, farmer, Dyan
Allen, Robert, farmer, Ards
Anderson, Wm., grocer, &c., Lismullydown.
Anderson, W. T., farmer, Ards
Archer, Edward, farmer, Culligan
Barber, Wm., farmer, Mullaghmore
Barbour, W. J., farmer, Dyan
Beatty, Robert, weaver
Beatty, W. J., hairdresser
Bell, John, factory manager
Bennett, Thomas
Bloomer, M., Finglush
Bloomer, M. & J., dressmakers
Bloomer, William, letter carrier
Bowman, James, farmer, Dyan
Brady, William, weaver
Brennan, M.
Brown, Thomas, farmer, Tannaghlane
Brown, William, farmer, Tannaghlane
Brown, W. C., clerk petty sessions
Bryars, William, mechanic
Bunton, Robert, labourer
Burns, Patrick, labourer
Burton, Edward D., warehouseman
Busby, Isaac, coachman
Caddoo, Hugh, farmer, Minterburn
Caddoo, James, farmer, Tullygiven
Cairns, John
Cairns, Mary
Cameron, Alexander, land steward
Campbell, E.
Campbell, F., grocer
Campbell, H.
Campbell, James, carter
Canavan, M.
Carbary, Lizzie, post office assistant
Clarke, James
Colbert, James, warehouseman
Craig, David, carowner
Craig, Henry
Crawford, James, farmer, Dromore
Cull, James, farmer and cattle dealer, Mullamossa
Cullen, James, farmer, Drumess
Dawson, James, tweed finisher
Dawson, Robert, tweed finisher
Deacon, John, constable, R.I.C.
Dennison, Thomas, railway porter
Devlin, Thomas
Digby, William
Dillon, John, weaver
Dillon, Thomas
Donnelly, John, farmer, Ramaket
Doran, F., lodging-house keeper
Donnelly, James, carpenter
Donnelly, M. & A., grocers and drapers
Doran, Thomas, weaver
Dowdles, Thomas, carowner
Downey, Mrs.
Drum, George, farmer, Ards
Drum, Robert, farmer, Ards
Duncan, T. H., grocer, newsagent, and ironmonger
Farrell, M., grocer
Ferguson, David, farmer, Tulnashane
Ferguson, Joseph, saddler and draper
Ferguson, Robert, farmer, Guinness
Forbes, John, estate clerk
Forde, John, tailor
Ferguson, James, farmer, Tannaghlane
Forsythe, Robert, grocer, Dyan
Gardener, James, carpenter
Garmany, John, farmer, Drumess
Gaskin, John, butcher
Gawley, Andrew, farmer, Tannaghlane
Gillespie. Wm., farmer, Dyan
Gilliland, John, mason
Gordon, William, farmer, Ramaket
Graham Bros., hotel keepers
Graham, J. C., Caledon Arms Hotel
Graham, John, painter
Gray, William, blacksmith
Gray, William, butcher
Hadden, Robert, grocer, Curlough
Hadden, William, farmer, Dromore
Hamill, Patrick, farmer
Hamill, Thomas, farmer, Balliboy
Harper, William, fireman
Hart, Peter, wool sorter
Harvey, Bernard, beamer
Hawe, Robert, miller
Heaney, E., marine store
Heaney, John, weaver
Heaney, Stephen, carder
Hearn, C. R. O., J.P.
Henderson, J., lodging-house keeper
Hoey, W. G., farmer, Dyan
Hoey, W. J., farmer, Dyan
Hoey, Miss, grocer, Dyan
Houston, William
Hughes, James
Hughes, W., process server
Hughes, Bernard, weaver
Hurlock, William, labourer
Inglis, Mungo, carder
Irwin, James, farmer, Larrykeen
Johnston, E. & M., dressmakers
Johnston, Robert, letter carrier
Kelly, George, wool drawer
Kelly, William
Kieghery, Peter, weaver
Lavender, John, R.I.C.
Macklin, James, miller
Macklin, Michael, weaver
Magee, Edward, J.P., farmer, Glenarb
Magge, Charles, butcher
Magge, Charles, horse dealer
Magee, Joseph, farmer, Glenarb
Magee, Sergeant, R.I.C.
Mallon, K.
Marshall, Benjamin, R.D.C., farmer, Tannaghlane
Marshall, W. J., farmer, Guinness
Mehaffey, Robert, farmer, Tannaghlane
Mercer, Abraham, farmer, Finglush
Mercer, William, J.P., grocer, draper, newsagent, and ironmonger
Mercer, Henry, farmer, Dromore
Mercer, Robert, draper
Morrow, George, farmer, Dromore
Morrow, John, butcher
Morrow, Matthew, grocer, Curlough
Morrow, William, carter
Mulholland, Robert, tuner
Murphy, James, railway porter
Murphy, Samuel, farmer, Balliboy
M'Bride, Robert, spinner
M'Cann, Jane
M'Cartney, A., lodging-house keeper
M'Clean, Samuel, gamekeeper
M'Cleery, Robert, miller
M'Coy, James, farmer, Dyan
M'Dougall, George, gamekeeper
M'Goldrick, Patrick
M'Gregor, James, dyer
M'Guigan, James, carowner
M'Ilwaine, William, carter
M'Keown, Francis, millowner, Dyan
M'Kenna, William, shoemaker
M'Kenna, Charles, publican
M'Kenna, Frank, weaver
M'Kigney, John, farmer, Dyan
M'Keown, Robert, coachman
M'Manus, John, mason, Curlough
M'Menemy, James
M'Millan, David, carder
M'Ivor, Henry, railway clerk
M'Mullan, Henry, tailor
M'Mullan, John, farmer, Derrygooley
M'Sorley, Thomas, weaver
M'Veigh, James, publican
M'Vey, M. A., grocer
Nelson, A. G., farmer, Ards
Oliver, Samuel, farmer, Dyan
Oliver, James, farmer, Larrykeen
Oliver, Samuel, farmer, Stragane
Orr, Tobias, farmer, Tynan
O'Connor, Edward, wool sorter
O'Connor, Miss, school teacher
O'Hare, M.
Patterson, R. D., J.P.
Potter, James, weaver
Potter, Thomas, farmer, Ards
Pringle, Alex., farmer, Bolton's Walls
Pringle, Mrs., school teacher, Dyan
Quinn, C., letter carrier
Quinn, William, weaver
Robinson, Henry, grocer and newsagent
Robinson, John
Ross, F. R., cashier
Rutherford, Robert, labourer, Dyan
Sanderson, John, designer
Scott, Robert, carpenter
Shannon, T. H., R.D.C., farmer, Annacramp
Sherlock, Miss K., school teacher
Sherry, F.
Sirnpson, J. W., solicitor
Sloane, Joseph, warehouseman
Small, John, gardener
Stewart, Miss, draper
Stringer, George, shoemaker
Strutt, William, farmer, Cumber
Teasey, M., hotel keeper
Thompson, Samuel, postman
Thompson, W. J., farmer, Dyan
Trainor, James, shoemaker
Treanor, James, shoemaker
Verner, George, farmer, Dyan
Walker, John, boot and shoe maker
Walsh, William, shoemaker
Watson Bros., blacksmiths
Watson, George, road surveyor, Lismullydown
Watt, Robert, farmer, Finglush
Weir, James, school teacher, Minterburn
Westerman, C., rug and mat manufacturer
Westerman, Rhodes, tuner
Whitelock, E.
Wilkin, John, farmer, Tannaghlane
Wilson, Robert, farmer, Curlough
Wilson, Thomas, farmer, Dyan
Williams, Mrs., postmistress
Wilson, James, farmer, Dyan
Wilson, M., dressmaker
Wilson, Robert, farmer, Dyan
Wilson, William, farmer, Dyan
Wilton, E. & L., drapers
Woods, Patrick, publican
Woodhead, Samuel, weaver
Wright, Andrew, farmer, Milberry
Wright, David, farmer, Dyan
Wright, Samuel, farmer, Ballyboy


Brown, Thomas, Tannaghlane
Brown, William, Tannaghlane
Caddoo, John, Kilmore
Darlington, Richard, Mullynaveigh
Donnelly, John A., Ramaket
Ferguson, James, Tannaghlane
Gordon, Benjamin, Ramaket
Knox, Robert, Enagh
Mercer, William, Derrycantone
M'Gee, Edward, Glenarb
M'Gee, Joseph, Glenarb
M'Kenna, Joseph, Anacramp
M'Kigney, Patrick, Knockaginney
M'Kigney, William J., Mullynaveigh
M'Manus, John, Ballagh
Strutt, John, Dyan
Swan, Mrs., boarding house
Wilson, Robert, Curlough
Wright, James, Kilmore, Dyan

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