Bushmills, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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69 ½ Miles from Belfast and 2 Miles from Giant's Causeway.
Market Town—Nearest Railway Station, Coleraine.
Has a Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Market days—Tuesday and Friday
Fairs—15th of each month


—Alexander Park, postmaster.
Mails arrive at 9-50 a.m., 1-45 and 6-45 p.m., and despatched at 5-30, 10-50 a.m., and 4-5 p.m. Sundays—Arrival, 10-30 a.m.; despatch, 2-55 p.m.
Belfast Bank, Limited—T. D. Turpin, manager
Courts Petty Sessions—First Wednesday each month, 12 o'clock noon.
Charles Forbes, C.P.S.
Huey, David, M.D., J.P., dispensary doctor, Bushmills
R.I. Constabulary—Sergeant, Ritchie; constables, Moonan, Clarke, Sweeny, and Farrell
Magistrates appointed for the district or who attend Sessions are—Sir F. E. Macnaghten, Bart., H.M.L.; the Right Honourable Lord Macnaghten, Anthony Traill, LL.D., Provost of Trinity College, Dublin; James Boyle, Ballymacrea House; R. M. Douglas, Portballintrae; Hugh Lecky, Beardiville; John Huey, Coleraine; Patrick Mains, Coleraine; Dr. Watson, J.P.; H. C. Holmes, R.M., Ballymena; Captain F. H. Watt, Portrush; N. W. Grimshaw, Portrush; Q. J. Brownrigg, Portrush; David Huey, M.D.; Allan Mill, J.P.; and Hugh R. S. Wood, J.P.
Commissioner for Oaths, Charles Forbes
Masonic Hall—One lodge meets monthly, and one Royal Arch Chapter quarterly; Samuel Dean, caretaker
Orange Hall—Three lodges meet monthly, and one Royal Black Preceptory, second week of each month; caretaker, Wm. Halliday
KANE'S ROYAL HOTEL, Giant's Causeway—F. & G. Kane
Causeway Hotel—W. A. Traill, C.E.
Church of Ireland—Rev. F. Medcalf
Presbyterian Church—Dunluce, Rev. John Bell; Bushmills, Rev. F. J. Paul, M.A.; Rev. H. B. Henderson, Croaghbeg Manse
Methodist Church—Rev. Young
Reformed Presbyterian Church—Vacant
I.O.G.T.—"Holdfast" Lodge, No. 162, meets every Tuesday evening in Dunluce Lecture Hall
Men's Club—Every evening in the club-room from 6 till 10 p.m. President, Rev. F. Medcalf; vice-president, Rev. John Bell; honorary secretary, Hugh M'Kay
Young Women's Christian Association—Meets every Thursday evening at 8
Cottage Hospital—President, Lord Macnaughten; treasurer, Miss Atkinson; nurse, Miss Stubbs


Adair, James, posting establishment
Allen, James, grocer and posting establishment
Anderson, Miss
Biggart, John, grocer, delph, and fowl merchant
Black, John, flesher
Boyd, Miss, postmistress, Portballintrae
Boyle, James, J.P., Ballymacrae
Boyle, Misses, dressmakers
Brown, Miss, N.S., Eagry
BUTLER, P., Spirit Merchant, Central Bar
Callaghan, Miss, grocer
Callaghan, Mrs., spirit merchant
CAMPBELL, MRS., Scotch Bar
Carson, W., ex-sergeant R.I.C., caretaker Giant's Causeway Syndicate
Carson, Mrs., manageress Giant's Causeway
Chestnutt, Thomas, stonemason
Cook, Archibald, nailor
Currie, Thomas, posting establishment
Currie, A., spirit merchant
Curry, James, corn and flax mills, farmer and merchant
Dean, Samuel, builder
Dewar, Robert, Dunderave, gamekeeper
Dinsmore, James, spirit merchant
Dogherty, Samuel, fishing tackle maker
Dougherty, Wm., landsteward, Dunderave
Douglas, Mrs., grocer
Dunlop, Joseph, M.D., Straidkillen
Elliott, John, N.S. teacher, Castlecatt
Esdale, John, baker
Everett, Mrs., Antrim Arms
Forgie, R. J., tailor
Forsythe, Samuel, watchmaker
Frances, M., photographer
Fulton, R., grocer
Gilmour, Samuel J., N.S. teacher, Croaghbegg
GLASS, WILLIAM, Cycle Manufacturer
Hale, Miss Rose Ann, draper and tailoring establishment
Hale, Miss, N.S. teacher, Dunluce
Halliday, Mrs., spirit merchant
Halliday, Wm., carpenter
Halliday, Wm., temperance hotel
Hatty, J., butcher
Hatty, Joseph, head gardener, Dunderave
Houston, James, saddler
Huey, David, M.D., J.P.
Hunter, Mrs., car proprietor
Hunter, Mrs., commercial hotel
JAMIESON, DANIEL, Bush Glen House, Holiday Home
Kane, John, grocer, fruiterer and hairdresser
Kane, W. & S., blacksmiths
Kennedy, James, grocer and joiner
Kennedy, Mrs., boot shop
Kilpatrick, W., N.S. teacher
Laverty, Miss, grocer
Liken, S., posting establishment
Macnaghten, Lord, Runkerry
Macnaghten, The Right Hon. Sir Francis, Bart., His Majesty's Lieutenant for Co. Antrim, Dunderave
Magee, Thomas, agent
Marshall, T., spademaker
Matson, Dr., J.P., Main street
Medcalf, Rev. F.
Meek, Miss, dressmaker
Meek, John, baker
Malone, photographer
Montgomery, D., carpenter
Moore, John, Priestland
Moore, J. S., J.P., Ballydivitty
Moore, Samuel, Ballyhemlin
M'Alister, John, carpenter
M'Allister, William, shepherd, Dunderave
M' Bride, Samuel, mason
M'Bride, Wm., carter and coal merchant
M'Conaghy, D. G., N.S. teacher, Giant's Causeway
M'Cullough, P., chimneysweep
M'Curdy, Archibald, boot shop
M'Curdy, C., tailor and draper
M'Curdy, William, stationmaster
M'Echrane, P., distiller
M'Ilreavy, D., carpenter
M'Kenney, W. J., grain and butter merchant
M'Laughlin, D., saddler
M'Laughlin, H. R., grocer
M'Laughlin, John, gardener, Runkerry
M'Laughlin, Mrs., restaurant
M'Laughlin, M., clerk of markets
M'Michael, John, flesher
M'Mullen, Daniel, carter
M'Neill, Daniel, grocer and auctioneer
M'Neill, James, spirit merchant and emigration agent
M'Neill, John, mason
M'Neill, Mrs. M. J., grocer
M'Neill, William, mason
M'Ninch, D., bootmaker
O'Neill, Miss, Cyclist and Tourist Hotel
Palmer, William, miller
Park, Alexander, draper
Patterson, George, spademaker
Patterson, Thomas, spademaker
Patterson & Kennedy, hairdressers
Paul, Rev. F. J.
Pollock, Mrs., grocer
Pollock, Richard, gardener, Sharvagh
RAINEY, JOHN, Bush Cycle Works
Rankin, John F., blacksmith
Rankin, R., grocer
Rice, W. & J., steam sawmills and joinery
Rice, Miss, N.S. teacher
Simpson, James, saddler
Sinclair, James, N.S. teacher
Sinclair, Miss, Temperance Hotel
Sinclair, Mrs., N.S. teacher
Steele, The Misses, drapers
Steen, Mrs.
Stewart, Miss, N.S. teacher
Taggart, John, sen., corn miller and merchant
Taggart, L., grocer and ironmonger
Taggart, Mrs. M., grocer
Templeton, William, flesher
Thornbury, W., N.S. teacher, Lisnagunagh
Torrens, James, tailor
Traill, A., J.P., S.F.T.C.D., Provost of Trinity College, Dublin, Ballylough house
Tumelty, Peter, grocer
Tweed, David, carpenter
Tweed, Mrs., fruiterer
Vernon, James, painter
Walker, N.S. teacher, Ballytober
Hughes, Rev., B.A., Dunseverick Rectory
Watt, Wm., manager Old Bushmills Distillery Company, Ltd.
WHITE, W. J., Bush Bar
WILKINSON, JAMES, Merchant, Posting Establishment and Ironmonger
Wood, Hugh H. S., J.P., R.D.C., ironworks and manufacturer of agricultural implements
WORKMAN, W. R. & R., Grain Merchants, Market Square


Acheson, John, Ballyloughbeg
Alexander, Matthew, Feigh
Blair Brothers, Aird
Booth, Samuel, Townend
Boreland, James, Lisnagunagh
Brookes, Arthur, Clougher
Brown, William, Ballytober East
Brown, Charles, Ballylikan
Chestnutt, James, Carronreagh
Christie, Stewart, Leeke
Clarke, Robert, Cozies
Cochrane, John A., Revallagh South
Cochrane, Samuel, Ballyclough South
Craig, John, Ballyallaught
Currie, Dan & James, Gortnee
Currie, James, Magherintendry
Currie, William, Lisnagunagh
Dallas, James, Carnside
Dallas, James, Ballyloughbeg
Drain, Robert, Ballyness
Dunlop, William, Ballyness
Forgie, John, Mallindober
Forgie, Samuel James, Aird
Fullerton, Mrs. E., Ballyness
Fullerton, Mrs. G., Ballyness
Givin, B., Cavanmore
Glass, William, blacksmith, Ballyallaught
Hatty, Hugh, Feigh
Haughey, George, Bushfoot
Hill, William, grocer, Croaghbegg
Hunter, David, Lismoreluss
Hunter, Hugh, West Park
Irwine, John, Calhame
Johnstone, J., Castleagree
Mill, A., Ballylough
Mill, A., J.P., Portmoon
Moore, James, Cairnbilly
Mogey, D., postmaster, Straid
M'Alister, James, Ballymoy
M'Alister, corn and flax mills, Dunseverick
M'Allister, Alexander, Gortnacapple
M'Allister, Robert, Cairnkirk
M'Bride, H., spirit merchant, Lisnagunagh
M'Bride, John, R.D.C., Lisnagunagh
M'Conaghy, William, postmaster, Giant's Causeway
M'Curdy, Alexander, Billy
M'Curdy, Alexander, Ballylinney
M'Curdy, Daniel, Feigh
M'Gowan, John R., Leeke
M'Killop, P., blacksmith, Drumnagesson
M'Kendry, James, Lower Ballynarry
M'Laughlin, John, postmaster, Dunseverick
M'Lean, John, East Park
M'Mullan, Andrew, grocer, Drumnagesson
M'Neill, Charles, Carncolp
M'Neill, James, carpenter, Lisnagunagh
M'Neill, James, R.D.C., New Buildings
M'Neill, W., Ballyallaught
M'Quigg, Samuel, Islandcarragh
Mitchell, Edmund Charles, Stranalane
Patterson, William, joiner
Pollock, Daniel, Lisnagunagh
Pollock, W. J., Clougher
Quigg, James, Carrowreagh
Quigg, Jeremiah, grocer, Tonduff
Ramsey, Thomas, Carnkirk
Rankin, Wm. John, Carrowreagh
Reynolds, Wilson, Billy
Richmond, Mrs., Ballylough
Steele, John, Ballytober
Steele, Samuel, Eagery and Ballyclough
Steele, William, Glentask
Stewart, Alexander, Ballynarry
Stewart, John, Eagery
Stewart, John, Rock
Stirling, John Reid, Ballytober
Taggart, John L., Craigaboney
Todd, James, Carnside
Wallace, William, Feigh
Wilson, Hugh, Craigaboney
Wallace, James, Carncolp
Wilkinson, Daniel, grocer, Lisnagunagh
Butler, Jane, grocer, Straid
M'Farland, Rose, grocer, Drumnagee
Forsythe, David & John, Turfahun
Eliott, Elias, Turfahun

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