Ballynahinch, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Thirteen miles from Belfast
Market Town.
Has a Railway Station and Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments
Market Day—Thursday


—Miss Maguire, postmistress.
Arrivals—4-20, 9-45, 10-50 a.m., 3 and 7-30 p.m.; Sundays, 4 a.m. and 7-35 p.m.
Despatches—5-10, 10 a.m., 2-50, 3, 6-50, and 7-45 p.m.

Courthouse—Petty sessions, third Wednesday in each month. Hugh Rea, clerk of petty sessions
Local Magistrates — W. J. Hurst, J. M'Robert, H. A. Campbell. James Silcock, James Jennings, James Murray, John Gill, and Lieutenant D. Ker
County Down Railway Station—Matthew Scott, stationmaster
Constabulary—Sergeant Phillips
Commissioner for taking Affidavits—R. F. Walker


Church of Ireland—Rev. T. M'Creight, rector
First Presbyterian Church—Rev. Noble Huston, B.A.
Second Presbyterian Church—Rev. R. G. Milling, B.D.
Third Presbyterian Church — Rev. S. English, B.A.
Spa Presbyterian Church — Rev. J. M'Adam, B.A.
Methodist Church—Rev. Robert Jamison
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. John Doyle, P.P.; Rev. A. F. Gallagher, C.C., B.D.
Independent Church—Rev. John Morris


National School (Rev. R. G. Milling)—John Mathers, F.T.S.C., principal, and Miss Simpson
National School (Rev. J. Doyle, P.P.)—H. Graham, B.A., and Miss M'Closkey, teachers
National School (Rev. S. English)—R. Bell and Miss Porter, teachers
National School (Rev. R. Jamison)—Thomas Matchett, teacher
National School—(Rev. Thos. M'Creight)—W. W. Dobson, teacher
County Down Staghounds—Captain Hugh Montgomery, master; George Woodman, huntsman
Northern Banking Company—W. M'Cammon, manager; R. I. Douglas, cashier; Thomas Small, accountant
Coffee Stand—Butter Market
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages—George Browne, M.D.
Dispensary and Sanitary Officer—Dr. Geo. Browne
Public Weighbridge—Matthew Crail, weighmaster, and agent London and Lancashire Fire Assurance
Courthouse—Market square
East Downshire Steamship Co., Ltd.


Arnold, Miss, Belfield, Spa
Bruce, W. J., Harryville
Carse, Rev. William, Magherahamlet
Colligan, Mrs.
English, Rev. S., B.A.
Evans, R. A. E., solicitor
Feneran, Mrs.
Graham, J. Forde, Ballymaglave
Greer, S. R., Myrtle cottage
Hurst, W. J., J.P., Drumaness
Hurst's, Ltd., Drumaness mills
Kerr, Miss, Tara cottage
Ker, Richard W. B., Montalto
Lemon, Mrs. R., Woodside
Mathers, John, Edna Vadie
Milling, Rev. R. G., B.D.
M'Adam, Rev. J., B.A.
Ross, Rev. E. F. Vesey, Magherahamlet
Shaw, Joseph H., solicitor
Skelly, Mrs., Myrtle cottage
Taylor, Rev. D., The Cottage, Spa
Walker, R. F.


Brown, Mrs., refreshments
Cranney, Mrs. P., drapery
Davey, Mrs., confectioner
Davey, Patrick, mason
Davidson, James, grocer, spirit merchant, and posting establishment
Doak, Mrs.
Earls, John, saddler
Edgar, J., horseshoer
Green, Mrs., temperance restaurant
Hamilton, Thomas, Church road
Hamilton, Thomas W., boot and shoe warehouse
Madine, Joseph, grocer
Mooney, Bernard, publican and grocer
M'Ilwaine, Miss, sewing agent
Orr, Mrs., confectioner
O'Donnell, W., publican
Rogan, John, publican
Walker, The Misses
Whiteside, Henry, grocer


Armstrong, Miss, grocer
Barr, James, shoe warehouse
Bell, William, tailor
Boyd, Patrick, publican and aerated water manufacturer
Brannan, John, grocer
Coulter, John, butcher and cattle dealer
Fishbourne, Wm., grocer and seed merchant
Hamilton, S., M.D.
Henderson, E., grocer
Kirk, James, butcher
Leaghey, R. J., publican
Lundy, J., watchmaker
Mack, Robert, clerk
Maxwell, Robert, grocer
M'Alea, Mrs., publican
M'Clements, Mrs.
M'Dowell, James, painter
M'Dowell, Miss S.
M'Gibbney, Joseph, blacksmith
M'Kelvey, Thomas, builder and carpenter
M'Vey, Hugh, mechanic
Newell Bros., silk mercers, drapers, outfitters
Newell, Mrs., grocery and china merchant
Noad, Thomas, cardriver
Paterson, T., tailor
Patterson, James, shoemaker
Patterson, Miss, dressmaker
Reid, William, publican
Russell, Francis, V.S.
Russell, Miss, millinery and dressmaking
Scott, Robert, shoemaker
Tate, J. J., grocer and provisions
Verner, John, cardriver
Watson, James, gas manager
Weir, Thomas, grocer, coal and hardware merchant


Bailie, R. B., watch and clock maker, grocer, hardware merchant, news and shipping agent
Bailie, The Misses, dressmakers
Barr, William James, boot and shoe warehouse
Bell & M'Cartan, solicitors; office every Thursday
Bradford, Miss, tobacconist
Bradford, M. & E., milliners, &c.
Carmichael, Henry, grocer and draper
Croskery, John, hardware
Cry, James, cardriver
Davey, B., tobacconist
Dickson, David, merchant tailor
Fitzpatrick, P., bootmaker
Graham, James, painter and decorator
Heanan, Arthur, merchant tailor
Lamont, Charles, watchmaker and jeweller
Lilley, Miss, dressmaker
Lilley, William, chandler
Maguire, Miss, draper
Martin, W., solicitor
Mooney, Bernard, publican
Moorhead & Wood, solicitors
Morrison, James, watchmaker and jeweller; offices, Railway street, Ballynahinch
Murray, James, & Co., wholesale and retail woollen drapers, hatters, haberdashers, silk shawl men, milliners, wedding outfitters, &c.
M'Callister, H., draper
M'Cartan, Miss, draper
M'Clean, James, cattle dealer
M'Connell, Hamilton, leather merchant and grocer
M'Kelvey, James, saddler
M'Murray Bros., drapers
M'Neill, Robert, lodging house
Owens, Hugh
Owens, J., butcher and cattle dealer
Poole, W., publican
Reid, Robert, hardware merchant
Rogan, Daniel, publican
Short, Alex., labourer
Smiley, James, leather cutter
Sturgeon, John, fruiterer
Thompson, A. M., grocer
Walker, James, The Medical Hall, pharmaceutical chemist
Wallace & Co., grocers
Watson, Robert, hardware and tinsmith


Bailie, Samuel, cooper
Davis, Miss
Duffield, William, blacksmith
Morrow, Samuel, grocer
M'Aleanen, Mrs., confectioner
M'Cann & Co.
M'Connell, Robert, grocer and blacksmith
M'Ilwaine, John, tailor
M'Robert, Hugh R., woollen draper
Scott. James, shoemaker
Synnett, J., tailor and publican


Bailie, Hugh R., carter
Blakeley, William
Crail, H. P., assistant weighmaster
Duffield, William, grocer
Gourley, James, labourer
Graham, Martin, labourer
Green, William, billposter
Hall, Mrs.
Howard, Robert William, publican
Irvine, Robert, painter
Killen, Miss
Kinghan, Margaret
Kinghan, Matthew, carpenter
Lawthers, J., V.S.
Maguire, Nurse, dispensary
Martin, Robert, tailor
M'Conell, Miss H. & S., milliners
M'Ilroy, John E., coal & timber merchant
M'Keown, James, carpenter
Pollin, Robert; grocer and seed merchant and posting establishment
Savage, Thomas, bootmaker
Smylie, H. H., publican and horse dealer
Stafford, John, shoemaker
Sweeney, William, horse trainer
Watts, A., Travellers' Rest


Anderson, George, engineer and millwright
Anderson, Samuel, Montalto Cycle Works
Armstrong, E. P. B., woollen draper and shoe warehouse
Barr, Matthew, draper
Barr, Thomas, grocer
Bell, Henry, Singer sewing machine agent
Bell, James
Browne, George, M.D.
Burns, Patrick, publican
Campbell, Hugh A., woollen draper and shoe warehouse
Cherrie, Miss
Esler, Hugh, grocer
Gordon, Henry, hairdresser
Gordon, Thomas, grocer
Greese, J., painter
Hanna, John, shoe warehouse
Heanen, William, teacher
Herron, Samuel, & Sons, painters
Johnston, A. B., draper
Johnston, Mrs., temperance hotel
Kingham, John, tailor
Lilley, R. J., labourer
Madine, T.
Martin, Robert
Martin, William, publican
Moag, Miss, milliner
Moffett, Mrs. John, sewed muslin agent
Moore, Matthew, tailor
M'Dowell, Mrs. H., sewing and embroidery agent
M'Grillan, Denis, hairdresser
Nesbitt, John, hardware merchant
O'Neill, Bernard, publican
Rice, Lizzie, publican
Robinson, Samuel, hardware and leather merchant
Scarr, E., & Son, fishmongers
Shaw, Joseph H., solicitor
Thompson, Mrs. J., grocer
Unsworth, Jonathan, photographer
Unsworth, Thomas, druggist


Bailie, Mrs. S.
Beattie, Hugh, grocer
Bell, Mrs. E.
Bell, Robert, teacher
Bogan, Mrs. K.
Brown, Hugh, Ellenvale
Campbell, James, labourer
Carvill, Miss, mantlemaker
Cleland, W. J., grocer and posting establishment
Crothers, M., postman
Cunningham, James, labourer
Davey, Patrick, fowl dealer
Dick, Samuel, mason
Donnan, Mrs.
Duff, Mrs., Crossgar road
Duffield, John, carter
Ellis, John H.
Gelstains, Daniel, labourer
Giilespie, John
Graham, Hugh, B.A., teacher
Graham, Mrs. A.
Graham, W. J., breadserver
Greer, James, painter
Hall, W., railway porter
Hanna, William, labourer
Hazard, Miss
Jackson, Miss
James, Mrs. John, grocer
Kinghan, C. B., railway porter
Kinghan, David, painter
Kinghan, James, tailor
Kinghan, Samuel, tailor
Lucas, George, R.I.C.
Martin, Miss, dressmaker
Martin, Mrs.
Maxwell, P., postman
M'Callister, Mrs.
M'Cauley, James and Patrick, flax buyers and millowners
M'Clements, Mrs.
M'Cormick, Mrs. J., marine store
M'Dowell, Hamilton, plumber
M'Kee, Miss
M'Kinney, John, pork buyer and dealer
M'Neilly, T., printing establishment
Neill, J., mechanic, Crossgar road
Nolan, Robert, enginedriver
Patterson, Dobbin, fowl dealer
Patterson, Mrs.
Phillips, sergeant R.I.C.
Pollock, Miss, bonnet maker
Reid, George, railway guard
Rice, Arthur, cattle dealer
Rice, John, cattle dealer
Robinson, J., labourer, Crossgar road
Roy, John, labourer
Russell, Mrs., Cottage
Scoon, Fergus
Scott, John, tailor
Smith, Robert, shoemaker


Baxter, T., tinsmith
Bell, Hugh
Black, John, carpenter
Burns, P., jun., cardriver
Carlisle, James, publican
Carlisle, John, farmer
Cleland, John, tailor and cutter
Dunlop, Margaret, washerwoman
Fitzsimmons, John, labourer
Flannagan, Michael, hairdresser
Glover, Robert, coachbuilder
Gordon, Mrs. James, dressmaker
Greer, John, blacksmith
Hart, Mrs., refreshments
Johnston, John, shoemaker
Magee, Charles, cardriver
Majurey, Charles, summons server
Morrison, Frank, drover and grocer
M'Alea, Hugh, publican
M'Grillen, William, cardriver
M'Robert, Isabella
Owens, Hugh, mason
Rogan, Daniel, publican
Scott, James, shoemaker
Shanks, John, grocer
Short, Robert, labourer
Smith, John
Watson, A., hem maker
Williams, James, farmer, cattle dealer, civil bill officer, contractor


Bailie, Robert, cardriver
Bell, Thomas, cardriver
Branny, James, labourer
Carvill, Richard, cardriver
Carvill, James, cardriver
Chase, James, labourer
Flanagan, John, cattle dealer
Grant, W. J., labourer
Hanvey, J., engineering millwright
Madine, Jane
Mooney, James, cardriver
M'Grillen, William, cardriver
Vage, William
Watson, James, cardriver


Barr, John, Ballykine
Barr, William, Ballykine
Bell, John, Ballynahinch townland
Brown, James, Ballymacarn
Burns, Hugh, Ballylone
Burrows, Thomas, Ballynahinch townland
Campbell, Robert J., Ballymacarn
Clarke, A. T., J.P., Lakeview, Ballynahinch
Coulter, Hamilton, Clintagooland
Coulter, James, Raleagh
Coulter, Robert, Clintagooland
Cromie, Alex., Ballymacarn
Cromie, Richard H., Ballymacarn
Cromie, Thomas J., Ballymacarn
Currie, Hugh, Drumaness
Davis, John, Ballymaglave
Davis, Thomas, Ballylone
Dick, John, Raleagh
Dickson, John, Ballykine
Douglas, Hugh R., Glassdrummond
Dunwoody, Andrew, Ballynahinch townland
Ervine, William, Begney
Flynn, James, Ballylone
Gordon, William, Magheratimpany
Gordon, William James, farmer and auctioneer, Magheratimpany
Hanna, R. S., Drumaness mills, Drumaness
Hanna, Robert S., Ballymaglave
Harpur, D. J., Clintagooland
Harpur, John, Ballylone
Harpur, W. T., Clintagooland
Harrison, William, Ballylone
Heron, John P., Ballykine
Hunter, David, farmer & auctioneer, Ballymaglave
Johnston, Mrs., grocer, Drumaness
Johnston, Mrs., Comber
Johnston, William, Magheradroll
Lightbody, Hugh W., Ballynahinch townland
Long, Samuel, Ballymaglave
Mack, J. R., Ballymacarn
Mack, Samuel, Ballymacarn
Martin, Samuel, Ballylone
Martin, William, horse dealer and farmer, Ballykine
Meharry, William, Ballymacarn
Murdock, Hugh, Ballymacarn
M'Alea, James, Magheradroll
M'Carthy, Andrew, Ballymacarn
M'Carthy, William, Ballymacarn
M'Cauley, James, Ballymacarn
M'Cauley, William, Ballymaglave
M'Coubrie, Louden, Ballymacarn
M'Coubrie, James, Ballymacarn
M'Coubrey, James, Ballymaglave
M'Cullough, James, Ballylone
M'Ewen, Robert, Raleagh
M'Kenny, Patrick, Ballymacarn
M'Namara, Thomas, Glassdrummond
M'Robert, John, Raleagh
Nelson, Alex., grocer and farmer, Drumaness
Nelson, William, Drumaness
Orr, John, grocer and farmer, Magheralone
Patterson, George, Ballynahinch townland
Patterson, John, Raleagh
Paterson, Samuel, Magheradroll
Peak, William, Ballymacarn
Poole, Thomas J., Munnibane
Rainey, Robert, Ballymacarn
Reid, Wm. S., auctioneer, Ballymacarn
Robinson, Edward, Raleagh
Robinson, James, Ballylone
Rodgers, T. J., Clintagooland
Russel, Samuel, Raleagh
Scott, Martin, Ballylone
Scott, William, Ballynahinch townland
Smith David, Magheratimpany
Smylie, John, Glassdrummond
Smylie, Thomas, Glassdrummond
Smyth, William, Ballylone
Thompson, David, Comber
Walker, Samuel, Begney
Younge, James, Magheradroll

SPA RESIDENTS who have houses or apartments to let to visitors

Arnold, Miss, Bellfield
M'Auley, William, Rose cottage
Cooper, John, Echo hall
Palmer, Miss Maria, Mount Sandy
Meharry, William. Broom hall
Kelly, Miss Anna, Labyrinth view
Stead, Miss, Spring hill
Palmer, Thomas, Dobbinstown
M'Coubrey, John, Prospect cottage
Bell, Miss Isabella, Spa cottage
M'Coubrey, Mrs. S., Mount Caper
Bailie, Hawthorne, Mount Caper
M'Coubrey, Mrs. Wm., Mount Pleasant

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