Ballyshannon, County Donegal

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Forty-seven miles from Derry
Market Town and Seaport on the Erne.
Has a Railway Station and Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Noted for its Salmon Fisheries, and carries on an extensive trade in Timber, Grain, &c

Market Days—Thursday and Saturday
Fair Days—Second day of each month.
If date falls on Sunday, the fair is held on following Monday


—H. Mitchell, postmaster

Town Commissioners—The town is under the control of Town Commissioners, elected under the Towns Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854. The names are as follows:—Michael Maguire (chairman), Michael Gillen, C. J. Kelly, P. M'Gurran, Andrew Anderson, Michael Flanagan, J. M'Keown, J. Mohoan, Edward Stephens, Sproule Myles, M. Gavigan, John Daly; Edward Lynch, clerk

Harbour Commissioners—Henry Stubbs, D.L., Danby, Ballyshannon (chairman); Robert Crawford, J.P., Stonewold; Michael Maguire, Ballyshannon; James D. Condon, M.D., J.P., Ballyshannon; Sproule Myles, William Neely, Robert Neely, Edward Stephens, and J. Swan; Edward Lynch, secretary

Local Magistrates—Thomas J. Atkinson, D.L.; C. J. Tredennick, Camlin Castle; Robert Crawford, Stonewold; J. D. Condon, M.D.; Henry Stubbs, D.L., Danby; A. N. Reid, James A. Hamilton, Bundoran; Dr. Flood, Bundoran; Michael Cassidy, Erne View; Henry Coane, Higginstown; W. M'Vitty, Bundoran; Patrick Conlan, Bundoran; John Daly, Thomas M'Intyre, Major White, and Dr. J. Gordon, Ballyshannon

Public Officers—Commissioners for taking Affidavits in the Superior Courts of Common Law and High Court of Chancery in Ireland—R. A. Hamilton, Robert Myles, Ralph H. Reid, solicitor; T. Orr, solicitor. Coroner—Mr. Boyle, solicitor, Ballybofey. Petty Sessions Clerk—Robert Myles. Sub-Stamp Distributor—Hugh Mitchell, postmaster. Churchwardens—Alfred Stubbs and Andrew Anderson

Constabulary—District Inspector Vere Gregory

Literary Institutions—Mall News Room—H. Allingham, president; Finlay N. M'Cready, secretary
Reading Room—The Mall .

Clergy—Church of Ireland, Rev. William Hardy Holmes, LL.D.; Rev. A. Leeper, curate.
Presbyterian, Rev. Jackson Wright.
Methodist, Rev. J. Rooney.
Roman Catholic, Very Rev. B. Kelly, P.P., V.F.; Rev. C. Cunnningham, C.C.; Rev. J. O. Daly, C.C.; Rev. Joseph F. Rodgers, C.C.

Solicitors—Dane & Todd, Main street; P. M. Gallagher, Michael Maguire, R. H..Reid, Main street; Alfred Stubbs, LL.B.,. The Mall; Lewis R. Lipsett, LL.D. Main street; Thomas Orr, Mall; W. Ramage, The Mall

Chemist and Dentist—J. M'Clelland, Main street; Condon's Medical Hall, East Port

Auctioneers—Robert Lipsett & Co., Main street; Joseph Sweeney, Market street; James M'Nulty, Messrs. Moore & Anderson, Charles Furey, Nixon Anderson

Bank Agents—Belfast, Ernest Pentland; Provincial, Hugh Allingham

Emigration Agents—R. Lipsett & Co., P. M'Nally, stationmaster, G. N. Railway

Hotels—Commercial, J. Sweeny; Railway, P. M'Gloin; Temperance, — Graham, Main street; Royal, Henderson & Co.; M'Gurran's, Market street; Imperial Hotel, T. Evans

Newspapers—The Vindicator, John M'Adam, proprietor, published weekly

Registrar of Marriages—J. B. Chism

Physicians and Surgeons—J. D. Condon, J.P.; A. Flood, Bundoran Lodge; Fredk. W. Condon, F.R.C.S.I.; J. Gordon, M.B., F.R.C.S.I.

Bakers—George White, The Barrack; Robert Lipsett & Co., Dan M'Nulty, R. Davis, J. Gillespie, Miss M'Gowan

Builders and Carpenters—Jas. Monahan, J. Monahan, jun.; Michael M'Intyre, Wm. & David Coleman, John Kelly, G. Cummings, Peter M'lntyre, Brown Bros., A. Nelson, D. M'Mullan, J. M'Intyre, J. Kildea, Joe Kildea, M. Gallagher, R. Anderson, A. deary, P. Courtney, A. Galbraith

Boot and Shoe Shops—Chas. Campbell, E. Stephens, Peter Campbell, James Moohan, John Daly, Robert Sweeny, T. Munday, Messrs. Nyhan & Co., J. Sadd, J. M'Gonigle, James M'Gonigle

Boot and Shoemakers—P. M'Nulty, R. M'Dermott, J. Gallagher, E. Gillespie, P. Dolan, W. Stephens, Patrick Lally, J. Burns

Butchers—P. Holland, M. Cassidy, W. Gallagher, Campbell & Co., John Anderson

Butter and Egg Merchants—Michael Gavigan, James Moohan, William Johnston, Samuel Hanna

Car and Cart Maker—A. Nelson

Cooper—M. Fox

Coal Merchants—J. Myles, W. Neely, E. Stephens, R. Lipsett & Co.

China and Glass Warehouses—B. P. Stephens Castle street; D. V. Stephens, Main st.; Mrs. Clarke, John Gillespie

Drapers—Robert Sweeny, Edward Stephern, M. Flanagan, Jeffrey White & Co., J. Daly, J. Stephens, J. Moohan, J. M'Gonigle, Terence Munday, B. J. Nyhan & Co., James M'Gonigle

Fishing Tackle Makers—Michael Rogan & Sons

Grocers and Provision Dealers—John Rice, Daniel M'Nulty, Michael Gavigan, Miss M'Gowan, James M'Nulty, Mrs. James Lipsett, J. Myles & Co., C. Nelson, Patrick Lyttle, W. Ward, Anderson Bros., Robert Anderson & Co., William Patterson, W. B. Currie, D. Vaughan, Miss M. A. Mullin

Hardware Merchants—J. Myles & Co., P. B. Stephens, W. Neely

House Painters and Decorators—Reynolds Bros., G. Keenan, F. Daly, J. & A. M'Dougall, J. Gillespie

Hide Dealers and Marine Store Keepers—P. M'Gloin, John Anderson, Campbell & Co., Michael Cassidy, John Cain

Leather Cutters—Charles Campbell, James Moohan, P. Campbell, J. Daly

Manures and Seeds—J. Myles & Co., Anderson Bros.

Masons—Peter Keon, Patrick Keon, J. Downey, Brown Bros., J. Daly, D. Doherty

Millers—Campbell Bros., Abbey Mills; Wm. Neely, Erne Mill

Newsagents—D. Vaughan, Miss M'Quade, Miss M'Creadie

Posting Establishments—John Sweeney, Commercial Hotel; P. M'Gloin, Railway Hotel; W. Melly, Hugh Barren, Bartley Loughlin, W. J. Henderson, F. Melly, D. Taylor, P. Connolly, T. Munday, T. Connolly

Printers—John M'Adam, Vindicator Office, The Port; Edward Byrne, Market street

Publicans—Patrick M'Gloin, John Kerrigan, Michael Cassidy, Charles M'Gloin, Mrs. M'Ginley, J. M'Phelim, H. Mulrine, Miss M'Keown, J. Ivers Kelly, P. M'Gurran (2), E. Mulhern, J. Sweeney, Mrs. Breslin, James Cassidy, B. J. Nyhan & Co., Patrick Kerrigan, W. Ward, M. M'Gonigle, P. Mulrine, J. J. Woods, J. M'Ardle, W. M'Menamin, E. Sweeny, E. Kelly

Pawnbroker—Fanny Daly

Smiths—John M'Shee, P. Lyons, M. Moloney, James M'Cabe

Stationers—P. B. Stephens, Miss Johnston, Miss M'Creadie, Ferinand M'Fadden, Miss M'Intyre

Saddlers—T. Mullan, J. Gillen

Tailors—W. Coane, E. Kelly, John Higgins, Mall; E. Dugan, J. Cleary

Timber Dealers—J. Myles, William Neely

Undertakers—Edward Stephens, H. Lipsett

Watchmakers—Charles Kelly, Main street; C. Gallogley, Market street

Kilbarron National School—Teachers, S. Freckelton, male; Miss I. White, female

Ballyshannon Boys' National School—J. Doherty, teacher; M. Quigley, assistant

Mullinashea National School—Miss Watson, teacher

Carrickboy National School—Teachers, D. Nyhan, male; Miss Gillespie, female

Ballyshannon Catholic Club—Rev. B. Kelly, P.P., president; Rev. J. O'Daly, vice-president; D. V. Stephens, P. H. Daly, secretaries

Insurance Agents—J. M'Ardle, Irish Provident; T. Crowell, Prudential

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