Vance (No. 2.) family genealogy

Of the County Dublin

Arms: Same as “Vance” No. 1.

We can trace this pedigree down from Joseph Vans, of Wigton, in Cumberland, England, who was born about A.D. 1590.

1. Joseph Vans, of Wigton.

2. George: his son; baptized at Wigton,[1] 21st June, 1640; married his cousin Grace Vans, in Scotland, about the year 1660, and settled in Terryscollip (or Derryscollip), near Benburb, county Tyrone, about A.D. 1676. This George lived to be 119 years old; and, strange to say, cut a third row of teeth at 90 years of age; he died in 1758. He left two sons—1. William Vance, of Terryscollip, who died in 1774, leaving no male issue, but had one daughter named Grace, who married a Mr. Holmes, and whose surviving male descendants still live (in the name of Holmes) in the neighbourhood of Benburb; 2. John Vance, of Drumhirk, county Tyrone, who died in 1759.

3. John Vance, of Drumhirk (b. 1677): second son of George Vans; married Eliza, daughter of Andrew Oliver, of Latakeel, near Cookstown; she lived to be 100 years of age; he died 29th October, 1759, aged 82 years: both he and his wife were buried at Castlecaulfield.

4. John Vance, of Drumhirk: his son; married Jane, daughter of John Young, Esq., of Annahilla, county Tyrone: died 29th April, 1793, leaving eleven children, three of whom died young. This John had a brother named Oliver, who had four children, three[2] of whose names are recorded—1. Jane, who was married to a Mr. Graham; 2. Grace, to a Mr. Walker: 3. Anne, to a Mr. Barrett, all of whom died without issue surviving, except Mrs. Barrett, who left issue.

5. Andrew Vance, of Rutland-square, Dublin: the eighth son of John; born in 1773; married Mary, daughter of James Falls, Esq., Aughnacloy; died in 1849, leaving eight children. Of the brothers and sisters of this Andrew, who left issue, we have ascertained the names of only—1. Mary, 2. George, an elder brother; 3. James, a younger brother, but some of the other children also have left issue. This (1) Mary (who was born in 1763, and died in 1847) married a Captain Donaldson, by whom she had two sons and four daughters, all of whom died without issue, except Maria, who married a Mr. Dowse, and d. in 1825, leaving issue the Rt. Honourable Richard Baron Dowse (living in 1888), who had four children—1. Mary-Catherine, 2. Charlotte-Anne, 3. Sophia-Elizabeth, 4. Rickard-Dowse. George Vance (2) here mentioned, as an elder brother of Andrew, was an eminent surgeon in London; he was born in 1769; married Elizabeth-Brabridge (who died in Dec., 1876, aged 86 years), only daughter of John Sheppard, Esq., of Coombe, Fishaere, Morton Abbott, Devonshire; and, in 1837, was killed by a lunatic whom he was professionally attending. This George had ten children, eight of whom died without issue: the two surviving children were—1. Lieutenant-Colonel H. P. Vance, 38th Regiment; 2. Elizabeth-Louisa Vance, both living in London, in 1887. James (3) a younger brother of the said Andrew Vance, was born in 1775; was an officer in the 57th Regiment; and, unmarried, was, in 1811, killed in a duel by a brother officer, at Newry.

6. John Vance: son of Andrew; was M.P. for Dublin, and, afterwards, for Armagh; died in 1875, leaving only two daughters—1. Adelaide-Sidney Vance, married to Richard Francis Keane,[3] eldest son of Sir John Keane, Bart., of Cappoquin House, Cappoquin, co. Waterford; 2. Florence, who died unmarried, in 1877, This John Vance had four brothers and three sisters: the brothers were—1. James-Falls Vance (no issue); 2. Thomas Vance, J.P., Blackrock House, Blackrock, county Dublin, and living in 1881; 3. Andrew Vance, barrister, who died in 1862, leaving two children—Mrs. Fanny Twigg and Mrs. Mary Stein, both of whom were living in 1887, and have offspring; 4. William Vance, of London, living in 1887. The sisters of John Vance were—1. Mary, who died of cholera in 1832; 2. Jane-Eliza; 3. Anne, married to Richard Harte, J.P., Coolruss, Limerick,[4] who died in 1842.

7. Eustace-John; only surviving son of Thomas Vance, J.P., Blackrock House, Blackrock, county Dublin, the third son of Andrew Vance, above mentioned: married to Alice, daughter of Alfred Harding, Esq., of Salisbury, England, by whom he had (living in 1877) two sons—1. Algernon-Eustace, Henry; 2. Claude-Edward. This Eustace-John Vance had seven sisters—1. Emily, married to Fielding Scovell, of Ryecroft, Bray, co. Wicklow, by whom she had two sons (living in 1877)—1. Charles-Thornton Scovell, 2. George-Vance Scovell; 2. Helena, 3. Kathleen, 4. Edith, 5. Janetta, 6. Georgina, 7. Florence—all living in 1881.


[1] Wigton: In the Register of Baptisms solemnized in the parish of Wigton, in county of Cumberland, England, A.D. 1640, the following entry occurs:

“June. George the sonne of Joseph Vans baptiz. 21st.”

[2] Three: There was a fourth daughter Elizabeth, who mar. William Vance, son of William, second son of William Vance, of Aughavea, Ballyclog, county Tyrone (Will dated 19th April, 1713). This William was third son of George Vance, of Raneel (d. 24th Feb., 1711-12), who was son of Patrick Vance, son of Rev. John Vans, who is No. 13 on the “Vance” (No. 1) pedigree. Other children of John Vance, No. 4 on this “Vance” (No. 2) pedigree, were: 1. John, who went to America; 2. William; 3. Oliver of Dungannon (b. 1765, d. 1823), who mar. his first cousin, Jane Vance (born 1774, d. 1867), and left a daughter, Jane, who mar. Henry Speer, who is No. 24 on the “Speer” pedigree.

[3] Keane: See No. 130 on the “Keane” (of Cappoquin) genealogy, p. 496, Vol. I.

[4] Limerick: See the “Harte” (of Clare, Limerick, and Kerry), pedigree, p. 480, ibid.